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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of a conventional stereo plug, and
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing the connection state of the stereo terminal when the
above plug is inserted into a stereo output terminal (jack) Fig. 3 is a side view of a conventional
monaural plug, and Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view showing the connection state of the stereo
terminal when the above plug is inserted into a stereo output terminal (jack). FIG. 5 is a side view
of the two-pole single-head plug (monaural plug) of the present invention, and FIG. 6 is a crosssectional view showing the connection state of the stereo terminals when the above plug is
inserted into the stereo output terminal (jack). FIG. Also in the code used in the drawings, 21 ......
2 Gokutan'atama plug (mono plug), knob 22 ......, 23 ...... plug body, 24 ... ... chip, 25 ...... sleeve, 26
...... insulating collar, the length of 11 ...... sleeve is the total length of 1 □ ...... plug body . Fig. 3
[Detailed description of the invention] A 2-pole JIL head plug which can be used also for a stereo
il recorder such as a stereo tape recorder and a stereo radio receiver according to the present
invention, which outputs monaural directly from a stereo output terminal (jack). It relates to the
double stack head plug which was made small. Recently, a stereo tape recorder for exclusive use
of the A, == A live has been released, rather than listening to the Suareka shoulder, and the
Suareo output exclusively with a headphone, etc., and is popular among manias. This kind of
stereo depot tl + KIv N 0 0 mm = "= 3-pole single-effect plug for headphone connection used in
cogs (J2 is described as a plug for lower stereo) and stereo output terminal (jack for its insertion)
] Is developed to the size which can be used in common with +2 pole single head plug ζ
described as monaural plug). Therefore this moth Areo table recorder Techa. It is possible to
obtain a monaural output by plugging into the above-mentioned stereo output terminal by means
of a monaural earphone t plug for monaural or there is a first order inconvenience, that is, the
figure shows the stereo plug (1) (A plug body projecting from 21 (3+ is composed of a tip (41, a
ring (5), a sleeve (6) K, 1111 following 1 from the front) Insulating collars +71 + 81 are arranged
between the tip (4) and the ring (51) and between the ring (5) and the sleeve (6) respectively.
Then, when it is inserted into the stereo output terminal (jack) (9) into the stereo plug tll 'of + O
as shown in FIG. 2 as not shown, the chig (4; is brought into contact with the L channel insulator
fi1m and the ring +51 is R). The channel terminal (11 IK is in contact, and the root portion (21 b)
of the ring (6) is connected to the end terminal 03 is an error. Fig. 3 shows a plug for monaural
(Fig. 3). The plug body αe which is projected from the v; has a tip aη, a ring 08 and a K, and an
insulating collar 09 between them. There are n placed. Then, as shown in FIG. 4, when this
monaural plug a # is inserted into the stereo output insulator (9), the chip (In is in contact with
the L channel terminal Q1 but the sleeve α 樟 is the R channel terminal Both i and a-and a
terminal terminal αt are touched by one and one. As a result, the R channel signal of the stereo
output is grounded and 1 + L channel signal (one channel signal) 2: 1) can not be heard and 1
can not be heard by mixing both L and R channel signals. Inconvenient.
By the way, in the past, in the case of listening with an ear phone or a headphone for stereo
coming out monaural of a stereo sound apparatus, a fifth method has been used as a king. ■ On
the device side, in addition to stereo output camera (jack + 3 + tsuk), monaural output masco
(jack) Y converted to stereo out can monaural output: A method of connecting to monaural
output maze using earphones such as earphones. (2) A method of connecting to a stereo output
terminal (jack) using a stereo-monaural switching switch for converting to a stereo output Y
monaural output on the device side and using a plug for earphones and so on or a plug for
monaural plug. ■ Stereo-monaural conversion adapter use. (−? -A method of connecting a
stereo output terminal (jack) K with a plug for stereo through a conversion adapter and the like.
However, in this conventional method, the stereo and monaural conversion circuits on the device
side must be provided with a stereo to monaural conversion circuit on the device side, and in the
case of n, the monaural output mas It was necessary to provide it, and in ■, it was necessary to
provide a stereo-mono switching switch. In 1y: ■, it was necessary to use a stereo-mono
conversion adapter + 41-in 1 in new y :. Therefore, in these conventional methods, the structure
is multi-axial, and the cost is extremely high, and particularly in {circle over (1)} and {circle over
(2)}, there is a defect that handling operations such as switching of switches and use of
intermediate adapters are troublesome. This proposal is to provide an improved rTS 2-pole
single-head train (monaural plug) in order to correct the defects as described above. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to FIGS. 5 and 6.
First, FIG. 5 shows a double-headed plug L described as a monaural plug), and the plug main
body (V) having a protrusion v) is at least a tip 3 and a sleeve (b). And an insulating collar (n) is
disposed between them. But then sleeve (ha) length l! Is the full length of the plug body! ! Is set
up below y7. The length of this sleeve sleeve is ↓! If the monaural plug QllK of the present
invention has been installed, the monaural plug R11 v mentioned above (5) Leo output squirt
(jack LJ 91 when inserted into the process shown in FIG. 16). The sleeve terminal is in contact
with both the terminal 11tl and the channel terminal [Illt is in common contact j, and the sleeve
is in contact with only the terminal 12+.
As a result, as a plug output, both the L channel signal and the R channel signal in stereo output
are mixed (mixed) ny: a monaural output is cast out. Therefore, if you use the monaural plug olIv
according to the present invention to connect a monaural earphone or a headphone, etc. with a
stereo output terminal + 91K and listen to a stereo output, it can be heard by mixing both L and
R channel signals of the stereo output. It is convenient to In the above actual mfll, it is made to
constitute the plug main body (C) by the step 3, the sleeve (C) and K. For example, various
modifications can be made, such as a device in which a ring is connected integrally with a chip.
As described above, the present invention is a two pole single retrofit plug in which the length of
the sleeve is tty-less Ke or less added to the total length of the plug body, and this pluggage
stereo output terminal (ja (6) hook) K inserted As a plug output, a monaural output obtained by
combining both blades of a stereo output L channel signal and an R channel signal is taken out.
Therefore, by using the dual-headed plug-phone according to the present invention, the monaural
earphones and headphones are connected to the stereo output ladder and the stereo output 't'
1141 <in the case where the stereo output L and R channel signals are mixed thoroughly You
can listen to it and get something very convenient. And there is no need to use stereo-monaural
conversion circuit, stereo-monaural changeover switch on the device side, or stereo-monaural
conversion adapter in the prior art, and it is possible to achieve a large cost reduction X X co-VC,
bothersome Since it is not necessary to switch the switch or use the intermediate adapter at all, it
is very convenient also in handling operation.
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