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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of the prior art, FIG. 2 is a front
view of the same, FIG. 3 is a side view of an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 4 is a front
view of FIG. Is a perspective view similarly illustrating a manufacturing process. 1) one electrode,
2: another electrode, 3: piezoelectric vibrator, 4: backing member, 5: acoustic matching layer.
The present invention relates to an ultrasonic probe used in an ultrasonic transducer, and more
particularly to a matching layer for matching acoustic impedance. An electronic water dropshaped ultrasonic probe generally used in the prior art is opposed to form ninety-one iiK
electrodes (1), (2) and separate and mutually separate nine or more piezoelectric vibrators (3), ...
from each other And the other electrode (2), etc., to cover the top of each other, so as to cover
the acoustic matching layer 5) will be provided. 9th piezoelectric vibrator (3), ... (7) 7 /. The same
material as the acoustic matching layer (5) is also filled in the gaps (6). A lens (7) is bonded onto
the matching layer (5). When the human body is targeted as an ultrasonic radiation object, the
sound wave matching layer (5) is a conventional epoxy resin mixed with a filler, a fused quartz
plate, a single plastic or a general plastic, or a mixture thereof. It is formed by union. In general,
in the ultrasonic probe, the acoustic matching layer (5) is formed under the following conditions:
tl) 1/4 wavelength thick in order to obtain good ultrasonic characteristics, (2) loss of ultrasonic
wave 13) In the case of four-quadrant scanning, each pressure 賛 vibrator 音響 3) · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · 13 13 13 13 13) 子)) 13)))))))))) · 13 · · · · · · 鴫 場合) 13) 4) 賛 賛; However, conventional
fused silica glass and filled epoxy resin etc. can not satisfy the conditions of rounding and
mechanical processing which are very poor in mechanical strength and difficult to process with
high precision, and are a large bottleneck in mass production- The epoxy resin containing filler
has a large ultrasonic loss and causes the sensitivity to be reduced, and it has good machinability,
and (2) an ultrasonic probe having a small ultrasonic loss / zr acoustic matching layer There is a
demand for a feeler. The present invention has been made in order to eliminate the above-
mentioned disadvantages, and the matching layer is formed of a machinable member having a
fluorine metal mixed with a borosilicate glass to improve processability and ultrasonic
characteristics. In particular, it is an ultrasonic probe having good ultrasonic characteristics in
which both the bonding layer and the piezoelectric flame / frame separate and independent.
Hereinafter, the details will be described according to an embodiment shown in the drawings. In
FIG. 2, a plurality of pressure-oscillators (3), having electrodes (1), +2) formed on two faces in
question, are rubber via one polarization (1),. The two backing members (4) are bonded to each
other at a distance from each other. The acoustic matching layer (5) on each of the other
polarizations (2),. A plurality of piezoelectric vibrators (8),... Are formed.
A lens (7) is bonded to the upper surfaces of these acoustic matching layers (5),... Further, the
acoustic matching layer I 5),... Is a mixture of borosilicate glass and fluorine phlogopite (in this
example, (3) Corning Inc., trade name Mako, 7-stW impedance 1.5 × 10 ′). % And m / sec), and
each pressure area transducer (3),... And each matching layer t5). A gap (6) is formed between
the two. The manufacturing method of this is briefly described, as shown in FIG. 3, by providing
polarizations (la), (2a) on opposite sides of a long piezoelectric member (3a) having a rectangular
cross section, and polarization (2a) The acoustic matching layer (5a) t-forms on top. Next, this is
cut as indicated by a two-dot chain line to obtain a plurality of piezoelectric vibrators (8),. In this
cutting, the matching layer (5 m) is borosilicate glass dispersed and mixed with borosilicate glass
so that it is excellent in machining and easy to cut to an accurate size and finish. next! @ As
shown in FIG. 2, a plurality of piezoelectric vibrators (8),... With a gap (6) are bonded to the
backing member (4), and an acoustic matching layer (5), A lens (7) is deposited on the top to
complete an ultrasonic probe. As described above in detail, the ultrasonic probe of the present
invention is composed of a sound (4) echo-matching layer made of a material obtained by mixing
fluorine phlogopite with borosilicate glass having good machinability and little ultrasonic loss.
Since the acoustic matching layer is easily separated and separated, not only the piezoelectric
vibrator but also the acoustic matching layer can be separated accurately, so it is extremely large
to benefit the mass production of high-performance ultrasound probes. . 4, Fig. 1iIO Brief
description 1st Ill is a side view of the prior art example, FIG. 2 is a positive view of the same, FIG.
3 [1 is a side view of an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. The figure is a perspective
view similarly explaining the manufacturing process. (1) One electrode, (2): the other electrode.
(3): Piezoelectric vibrator, f41: Passing member. (5): Acoustic matching layer. Attorney Attorneys
General Attorney General Kenichi (1 other) (5) 1st District 20i 1VJ 3 Figure 4-R himself! "" F '35
district 痴? aftb21 Li'J) 1705, list of attached documents 7 (1) 1 letter of attorney 1 ((2) 1
statement / (3) 1 drawing (4) application copy 1 copy 6 other than the above 0 inventor, utility
model Registered applicant or agent, 41. . ˜ 11 · E → 1 · · '(υ agent 1-1-6 Uchiyukicho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Tokyo office / 1 in: 1: Hand (7568) "one person Takehana
Kikuo motion W / · · /.
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