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Item: Fresh 1 Name of invention
Small sounding body for watch
(3) Detailed Description of the Invention For a small sounding body for a watch, requests for
small size, thinness, high efficiency, low cost and the like are often made. Furthermore,
waterproofness is required by a simple structure. In conventional methods, there are many points
that require improvement such as increasing the number of parts and increasing the cost when
trying to increase the efficiency. The present invention relates to a structure for a compact
sounding body for a wristwatch which has high space efficiency and high efficiency while
eliminating the above-mentioned drawbacks and achieving downsizing and thinning with a
simple external structure. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described based on the
drawings. In FIG. 1, symbol ■ denotes a cap-shaped diaphragm made of titanium, stainless steel
or the like. Nickel to increase efficiency. Cobalt-based, nickel-iron-based O amorphous magnetic
materials may be used therein. An electromagnetic plate 2 is fixed to the inner center of the capshaped diaphragm 1 by welding or the like. An upper yoke 3 is made of a magnetic material, is
concave, has a hole 3b at the center, is electromagnetically coupled to the electromagnetic plate
2, and can vibrate the cap-shaped diaphragm 1 in the vertical direction by the air gap 3α. . A
permanent magnet 4 is formed in a cylindrical shape, and a stepped portion 4α is provided on
the outer peripheral portion. It is preferable that the permanent magnet be a cuttable aluminum
or manganese magnet. A lower yoke 5 is provided with an electromagnetic boss 6 of a magnetic
material at its central portion. Numeral 7 is an excitation winding, and 8 is a QIJ song, which is
engaged with a watch case 9 to achieve waterproofness. The magnetic circuit is closed by the
permanent magnet 4, the upper yoke 3, the electromagnetic boss 6 and the lower yoke 5.
According to the present invention, permanent magnets can be used with full outside diameter
and EndPage: 1, so space efficiency is good, and part of permanent magnets can be directly
waterproofed. In particular, it is more effective to use a material excellent in mechanical strength
and 41 resistance such as aluminum and manganese magnets. In addition, since the magnetic
circuit is well closed by the lower yoke and the upper yoke, the magnetic circuit efficiency is
good, and the excitation winding wound around the electromagnetic boss can also carry a large
number of thick magnet wires. In this structure, if a part of the cap-shaped diaphragm is made
extremely thin, the primary resonance frequency can be reduced, and it can be used merely for
an alarm and also for a melody. In the experimental example, 1.5 V and 8 mA with 10 crn
microphone recording at 3QX2t (mm) or less. Sound pressure of 2 to 4 KH7, 70 CdB) or more
was obtained. As apparent from the above-mentioned eyebrows and lights, according to the
present invention, since the small sounding body for a small, thin and highly efficient watch can
be obtained with a small number of parts and the structure of a small number of parts, its
practical effect is remarkable .
A simplified illustration of the four drawings is the main cross section j of the embodiment of the
present invention. 2 i magnetic L epsilon 3 upper yoke 4 cylindrical permanent magnet 5 lower
yoke 6 electromagnetic boss 7 excitation winding 8 O ring 9 Watch Case Patent Applicant Citizen
Watch Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorneys Kanayama Sanon, · EndPage: 2
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