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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker of the
present invention. 1 is a reinforcing plate, 2 is a passive diaphragm, 3 is a diaphragm, 4 is a
frame, 5 is a plate, 6 is a magnet, 7 is a center pole, 8 is a voice coil, 9 is a through hole, and 10
is a dustproof cap.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker having
a cap-like passive diaphragm crowned on the L side of a center pole. 6 DEG -1 Conventionally, in
a speaker system incorporating a panonob diaphragm, a baffle plate In order to attach a drive
speaker and a passive diaphragm speaker to the disc, the area of the bath-yO's full board became
large, and it was necessary to increase the capacity of the sneaker bonox. The present invention
was devised to eliminate the above-mentioned necessity, and to describe the embodiment shown
in the drawings, as shown in FIG. 1, a magnetic circuit is constituted by a plate 5, a magnet 6 and
a center pole 7, Attach an edge to the frusto-conical diaphragm 3 that forms the C magnetic gap,
positions the voice coil 8 at the center of the magnetic gap, and centers the voice coil 8 between
the plate 5 inner wall and the center pole 7 tip outer wall In a structure in which the outer
periphery of the edge is pasted on the outer periphery of the frame 4 and the bottom of the
circular river frustum-shaped frame 4 is connected to the upper portion of the plate 5, the center
penetrates the through hole 9 in the central axis direction. Attach the lower part of the bellowslike round-and-seal leg that expands and contracts vertically to the upper part of the pole 7 and
form the upper part of the cylindrical leg on the disc-like diaphragm board 2 and use W Tsume :,
7.. わ、。 It is a speaker that sticks 0. The reinforcing plate 1 is a disk made of Al, '1, mini-lam,
etc. or a metal or synthetic resin or rubber, and the pan / bump diaphragm 2 is formed of soft
synthetic resin // 3 or a comb or the like. Since the present invention is configured as described
above, the air vibration generated by the driving diaphragm 30 is propagated through the
through hole 9 and resonates with the air vibration to be a disc, a power disc / a vibration The
board vibrates and miners the low range 1 @: 1j. According to the present invention, the area of
the baffle plate can be small, the capacity of the speaker box can be small, and the number of
parts is small, so the material cost can be small, the assembly Y number can be shortened and
connected, and the panoknob diaphragm is driven Since the diaphragm 2f is in the direction of
the central axis of the gear, the sound source is core coil)), which is a device with excellent
resonance efficiency.
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