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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention, in which 10 is a conical reinforcing diaphragm, 11 is a
through hole, and 12 is a breathable center cap.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the speaker's frequency characteristics and natural sound due to the loss of stiffness of the
reinforced diaphragm and the air permeability of the center cap. Due to the small drive source,
cone paper exhibits rigidity and vibrates together at low frequencies due to its small drive source,
but does not exhibit rigidity according to obstacle (1) 3 with high frequency and Yago ≠ / 3. It
causes bending motion without vibration and causes excessive vibration, which is
characteristically causes peaks and dips in the high range of the speaker. In order to improve the
above-mentioned drawbacks, the center cap itself is made hard and rigid, but with such a
method, natural resonance is assumed and frequency characteristics are newly disturbed and the
sound quality is also deteriorated. It was very difficult in terms of performance. 0 This device
made the rigidity near the top of the cone paper annularly by the action of the reinforced
diaphragm, strengthened against bending, and generated peaks and dips in the high-pitched area
. In addition, the internal vibration resonance is prevented by the through hole of the reinforced
diaphragm, and the inherent pre-radiation is suppressed by the ventilation loss of the center cap
to improve the above problems. The following is an explanation of the example embodiment. fl>
is a speaker yoke, (2) is a center pole integrated with the yoke, (3) is a permanent magnet, and
(4) is a plate. [0 0] (5) is a frame fixed to this plate, (6) is a voice coil, (7) is a spider supporting
this voice coil, (8) is cone paper, (9) is this outer peripheral part Edge supporting a, aQ is a
reinforced diaphragm that makes the area near the top of the cone paper to be rigid in an
annular shape, at + is a through hole that allows the air inside to flow out to prevent air
resonance, and 0 is a vent before this inherent radiation It is a center cap that suppresses loss. As
described above, this invention has a large practical effect in terms of performance because the
characteristics and sound quality of the high range of the speaker are stabilized by the conical
reinforcing diaphragm and the center cap of the ventilation loss.
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