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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 1; FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 4 is a
cross-sectional view showing a partially disassembled state of FIG. 1 ...... resin, 1a · · · · · Tsukuda Rino supporting portion, the mounting portion of the 1b ...... diaphragm mounting guide portion
1C ...... diaphragm 1d ········ Guide part of magnet, le, if
······················································································································· Diaphragm, 4
························································ Ring yoke.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone unit
(which is easy to obtain stable unidirectionality while facilitating the positioning of components.
Microphone a phone unit having unidirectionality, (1), a bowl shape with a 21 s s7 8 annular
yoke and a cylindrical magnet (A diaphragm with a voice coil attached to the front of the
magnetic circuit configured is attached , And this voice coil is formed of the magnet and the yoke
to form a nine ring 9! In general, it is located within the gap and provided with an acoustic path
on the front of the diaphragm for guiding a part of the incoming sound pressure. And as a sound
passage of the unidirectional microphone having such a configuration, generally, the magnet is
formed in a cylindrical shape, and a central hole of the magnet is used as a sound passage to
make a part of the incoming sound pressure back surface . In the unidirectional microphone of
this configuration, the distribution of back sound pressure is symmetrical with respect to the
central axis of the microphone unit (they are easy to obtain directivity characteristics, but the
magnet becomes expensive (divided by the coil), There is a disadvantage that the coil outer part
of the diaphragm (the back surface sound pressure is difficult to reach). In general, the
diaphragm of the microphone is required to have a large number of axial contrasts (2) ′ 1 °,
particularly from the requirement of reproduction in the low frequency range. It is known that in
order to increase the compliance in the axial direction, it is sufficient to increase the shape of the
diaphragm and the corrugation portion provided in the outer part. In the case of such a
diaphragm, that is, a diaphragm having a larger area of the outer peripheral portion compared to
the area of the central portion, good directivity can be obtained in a unidirectional microphone
using a cylindrical magnet. It becomes difficult. This invention is a book which solves such a
problem and provides a unidirectional microphone unit which can easily obtain stable
unidirectionality. An embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. 1 is a resin, and a supporting portion 1M of the yoke 2, a mounting portion 1b of the
diaphragm 3, a mounting guide portion IC of the diaphragm 3, and a magnet 4 are illustrated.
The guide portion 1d, the acoustic passage 1e passing through the hole 2aK on the side surface
of the brow 2 and the acoustic passage 1f passing through the hole 2b on the bottom are
separately and integrally molded. It has a yoke 2Fi cup shape, holes 2a are provided on both side
surfaces (3), and a bottom surface 1c is provided with holes 2b and 2b in a direction orthogonal
to the holes 2m 12m. Attached to the inner center of the Therefore, the passage from the back
surface of the diaphragm 3 to the both sides of the coil 50 is provided independently of the
acoustic passage 1e leading to the hole 2a and the acoustic passage 1f leading to the hole 2bK.
6 is a damper attached to the outside of the hole 2a, and 7 is a damper attached to the outside of
the hole 2b. The hole 2b functions as an acoustic passage when the air existing in the room
forms a damper when the room having an appropriate volume is formed (not shown) in the lower
part of the shown microphone unit (not shown). . 8 is a ring-shaped yoke. A notch 8 a is provided
in a part of the ring-shaped yoke 8 so that the acoustic passage 1 e communicates with the inside
and the outside of the coil 5 of the diaphragm 3. In this microphone unit configured as described
above, the yoke 2 and the magnet (4) 11 can be easily positioned busy by the resin 1. After that,
when the ring-shaped yoke 8 and the diaphragm 3 are mounted (see FIG. 4), these are also
guided to the correct position and mounted. Further, since the dimensions of the notch 8m
formed in a part of the ring-shaped yoke 8 and the acoustic passage 1e can be arbitrarily set
irrespective of the acoustic passage 1f, the back surface pressure introduced through the hole 2a
can be Since it can be properly added to the entire inside and outside of the coil of the diaphragm
3 through the slits and the notches 8at, good directivity can be easily and stably obtained.
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