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Description 1, title of the invention
Electronic clock
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electronic watch
made as a sound-producing body by forming a thin film having transparency and a honesty on a
cover glass. In electronic timepieces, there has been widespread use of a system in which a sound
insulator is incorporated to notify of the elapse of a predetermined time or a predetermined time.
In this method, two types of sounding bodies, an electromagnetic type and an honest type, have
been used. These systems are widely used in fields other than adult clocks, such as electronic
desk calculators. When using such a sound generator for the magnet watch, it is necessary to
take care of the load because an air hole is necessary to extract the sound from the sound
generator. In the case of an electronic watch having a severe use environment, there is a
possibility that moisture or the like may intrude from the air hole and destroy the internal
mechanism, except in the case of a single watch. Conventionally, various attempts have been
made for these, but no definitive method has been found. In the present invention, a child watch
is completed completely by waterproofing by forming a thin film of transparent pressure and
proboscis on a cover glass. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present
invention to provide a waterproof, sound producing electronic watch with a long life. Another
object of the present invention is to provide an electronic watch equipped with a sound generator
with high sounding efficiency. Usually, barium titanate or PZT is used as a proboscis. In practice,
they are used in the form of a sintered body. Make them transparent ・ ° (do not
monocrystallize or do a hot press. EndPage: 1 There are examples of barium titanate single
crystals and transparent hot pressed bodies of l'f and ZT with L (1 added to PZ'v, but for the
purpose of the present invention it is too expensive, It is difficult to handle. The inventor of the
present invention focuses on the fact that when the normally opaque material is a thin film of
100 microns or less, it is applied to an electronic watch, with a view to the appearance of light
transmission. Various parts can be considered as a part for forming the sounding body of a child
watch using a piezoelectric material, but a cover glass is particularly effective. The reason is that
in other parts, for example, a metal case etc., it is pressed by the arm etc. and sound production is
not sufficiently performed. Since the point cover glass is only held down by the backing, sound
can be generated in a form close to free vibration. However, since the cover glass must be
transparent in nature, the piezoelectric material is also required to be transparent. The present
invention solves this point. Used! The pole for pivot 11 is also required to be transparent.
As the thin film pressing material, a pressure material based on an ordinary metal oxide is used.
For example, lead IIF oxide, titanium, barium, PZT, t'LZ'J "and the like. There are various types of
cover glass materials, such as organic resin, glass, and sapphire, and therefore, a method of
forming a piezoelectric thin film is also used in combination. Although a metal salt is sprayed and
baked on a highly heat resistant cover glass such as sapphire, a low temperature sputtering
method is used for a cover glass using an organic resin. Since various methods are performed,
this sputtering method can be applied for any combination. In the case of zinc oxide, in
particular, by using magnetron sputtering, a naturally oriented film is obtained without the need
for polarization. Barium titanate, PZ'J ', PJ. Also in the case of ZT, a highly transparent
piezoelectric film is obtained by magnetron sputtering. It was also possible to obtain a highly
transparent pressure MrIi'A by application of other ions / platings. One embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to FIG. The cover glass 3 is fixed to the case 1
via the backing 2. Transparent exclusively on the inside of the cover glass 3! d4 and 5 VC are
formed with sandwiched piezoelectric thin film II. The pressure thin film may be a single layer, or
may be a double layer to increase the output. The piezoelectric thin film and the conductive layer
may cover the entire surface or only a part of the cover glass. Also, the application is applicable
to any type of watch, whether analog or digital. According to the present invention, not only the
waterproofness is improved but also the sounding efficiency is improved because the sounding
body comes out directly on the surface. In addition to the materials listed above as piezoelectric 4
models, lead titanate, Ta / TalN'J lithium, niobium lithium, etc. and titanium + 17-* +-zircon lead
lead magnesium. A composition in which niobium, antimony, manganese, cobalt, tungsten,
lithium, 4 and the like are mixed is also effective.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a view for explaining an embodiment of the present
invention. 1... Case 2.・ IfE @ i4i is over 6-EndPage: 2
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