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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of the prior art, FIG. 2 is a
perspective view of an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view
thereof. 11 ······ Translucent piezoelectric plate, 12a, 12b ········· Transparent electrode, 13 ······ Metal
diaphragm, 14 ··· Through hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a partially seethrough unimorph piezoelectric sounding body, and more particularly to a piezoelectric sounding
body suitable for producing sound from those requiring sealing properties. . In general,
piezoelectric sounding bodies are produced by sticking a piezoelectric ceramic plate on a
vibrating plate and converting its spreading vibration into bending vibration to generate sound,
which can be miniaturized and thinned, and thus, has been applied to various devices in recent
years. 0 Conventional, partially transparent and sealable (1) I! ′2′−7,I? Force 4? In the
case of a device that wants to make a sound from something that requires an alarm, for example,
in the case of a watch with a waterproof alarm, as shown in Fig. 1, the glass plate 1 for dial
protection installed in the front of the case The conductive portion 2 is formed on a portion of
the back surface of the piezoelectric ceramic plate 4, and the piezoelectric ceramic plate 4 mainly
composed of lead, titanium, zirconia, etc., on both sides of which the electrode 3 is applied is
fixed. An alternating voltage is applied between the two electrodes to vibrate the glass plate 1 to
cause sound generation 1, and the piezoelectric ceramic plate 4 is attached so that the dial plate
can be seen through from the strong portion 5 b. However, if it is attempted to make the seethrough area as wide as possible, the area of the piezoelectric ceramic plate 4 is inevitably
limited, so it is inevitable that the piezoelectric ceramic plate 4 is divided and fixed as shown in
FIG. The configuration was taken. However, when the piezoelectric ceramic plate is divided as
such, the resonance frequency becomes extremely high due to the shape effect of the sounding
body, and it becomes an audible b sound. (2) If this is done, the equivalent capacitance C of the
piezoelectric sounding body becomes smaller, and when this equivalent capacitance C and the
inductance L form an LC, [Q-row overlap circuit, L− (2πf) 2C1 determines the value of the
inductance L. However, in the case of a wristwatch or the like, since the frequency f is a constant
value such as 2048 Hz, 4096 Hz and so forth, the inductance when the equivalent capacitance C
is small is We must not increase L. In the end, a large coil is required, and the space occupied by
the sound producing mechanism becomes large. Furthermore, the conductive portion 2 must be
formed in advance in order to draw a glue line from the electrode attached to the glass plate 1
among the electrodes 3 on both sides of the piezoelectric ceramic plate 4. Furthermore, since the
components of the piezoelectric sounding body are glass and piezoelectric ceramics, they are
easily broken during handling, and the shape of the transparent window can not be complicated
due to the fragile nature of the piezoelectric ceramics. was there.
(3) The purpose of the present invention is to solve such drawbacks of the prior art, to
miniaturize the sound producing mechanism, to have a simple structure, to have an extremely
high mechanical strength, and to be suitable for waterproof equipment. To provide a transparent
unimorph piezoelectric speaker. Immediately afterward, the present invention integrally forms a
translucent piezoelectric plate having transparent electrodes formed on both sides on a metal
diaphragm provided with a through window locally, and is generated by an AC signal applied
between the two electrodes. It is a locally visible unimorph piezoelectric sounding body that
converts the spread vibration into a bending motion and generates it. Hereinafter, the present
invention will be described in detail based on the drawings. 2 and 3 are respectively a
perspective view and a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the present invention. A
translucent and conductive thin film electrode 12 a on both sides of the translucent piezoelectric
plate 110. Form + 2b. As the light transmitting piezoelectric plate 11, for example, lithium
niobate (LiNb 0.), potassium dihydrogenphosphate (KH 2 PO,), lithium tantalate (LiTaO 3),
strontium barium niobate ((sro,? 5 Elao, 25) Nb2O6) + gadolinium molybdate (4) (ca2 (Mo04)
03), PLZT ((Pb, La) (Zr, Tl) Os) or the like can be used. The light-transmissive and conductive
thin-film electrodes + 2a and + 2b are, for example, films of tin oxide (5 n 02) and indium oxide
(InO □), and these films can be formed by sputtering, plating, etc. it can. The translucent
piezoelectric plate 11 in which the transparent electrodes 12a and + 2b are formed on both sides
as described above is attached to the non-piezoelectric vibrating plate 13 to constitute a
unimorph piezoelectric speaker. The non-piezoelectric diaphragm 13 is made of a thin metal
plate such as brass or stainless steel, and a perspective window 14 which is penetrated into an
arbitrary shape is provided in advance. Such a unimorph piezoelectric speaker is set so that the
metal diaphragm 13 comes to the outside as a part of the container wall so as to be located in a
transparent position, for example, right above the time display panel of a watch. When an
alternating current signal is applied between the two electrodes + 2a and + 2b of the
piezoelectric plate 11, the spreading vibration of the piezoelectric plate 11 generated thereby is
converted into bending vibration and generated. That is, sound can be emitted from the sealed
container, and can be viewed through the through window 14 (5). Therefore, the unimorph
piezoelectric sounding body according to the present invention configured as described above
has the following excellent effects as compared with the conventional one. First, since the nonpiezoelectric diaphragm is made of metal, it is strong against impact force such as external stress,
and it is hard to be broken, and it is possible to pull out the reel from the electrode attached to
the diaphragm through the diaphragm. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide a conductive film
in advance on the diaphragm side as in the prior art, which is easy.
Also, the shape of the through window can be freely changed to some extent. Furthermore, the
area of the piezoelectric plate can be made larger than that of the conventional one, and the
equivalent capacitance is large. In the case of driving as the oscillation circuit, the value of the
inductance L becomes small and the shape of the coil can be made small. -A decorative effect can
be added by subjecting the outer surface of the diaphragm to a treatment such as coloring,
painting and finishing, electroplating and decorating, and etching. It can be used as the title of
the device. (6)
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