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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a composite speaker
showing one embodiment of the present invention. A ······ bass speaker, B ······ treble for speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of composite speakers. A composite speaker incorporating a high sound spill force and a low Ii
speaker integrally has a great influence on the accuracy of design and assembly, the later
problems, etc. depending on the positional relationship and positioning of the two speakers. So,
in the case of book * next, positioning the threshold of the inner speaker t ♂ 7-? The purpose of
the present invention is to provide a composite speaker which is easy to design, assembles easily,
and prevents subsequent problems. Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. Reference numeral 1 is a ring-shaped magnet, and the
magnetic flux from there is given to the gap where the voice coil 4 is located via the yoke 2 and
the gray 3) ft with the center pole 2a 1 and this voice coil 4 is attached Bobby 75 vcw drive plate
6 or 9 is attached. The diaphragm 6 cartridge 1 is pressed against the frame 8 by the packing 9,
and the frame 8 is screwed to the plate 3 by = V. 10 is a terminal plate from which a-system 11
sews the diaphragm 6, but the drawing m4 & from the voice coil 4 is soldered to the cocoon
thread 11 in the front part of the diaphragm 6 ing. Reference numeral 12 denotes a damper for
positioning the voice coil 4. Thus, the bass loudspeaker is configured. Next, the center ball 2a of
the yoke 2 is formed with its axial center VCM through hole 2b, and is pushed through the
through hole 2b and the high-pitched speaker B via the spacer 14 by the wedge long screw 13.
Yoke 15 is attached. The spacer 14 is a convex of the rt. 14 & 14 is fitted in the four portions 2
m of the center ball 21, and the recess 14 b of the yoke 15 of the high-tone speaker B is
metallized with the projection s 15 & of the yoke 15. And, at least the peripheral blowing of the
spacer 14 is black. A damper 16 doubles as a dustproof cap. 17 is a ring-shaped magnet of the
high-pitched speaker B, 18 is a plate, 19 is a frame, and 2G is a diaphragm. Then, the voice coil
VC of the speaker B for sound n1 ^ is connected to the thin cotton thread edge 22 of the rusty
zakizaki 11a frame 190-child 211C) 1) in which the diaphragm 6 of the low frequency sound
cam is sewed twice. Reference numeral 23 is a dustproof cap, 24 is a damper, and 25 is a grill
which is lowered on the outer periphery of the frame 19.
Note that although the caps 9 for the bassy sub-cam cam and the outer periphery of the frame 8
and the upper VC of the frame 8 are covered, their illustration is omitted. From the above,
according to the present invention, the four-sound speaker is attached via the vC spacer on the
pole piece of the low-f speaker vc, and the relationship between the spacer and the magnetic
circuit of the tweezers I7 B force is uneven Since the fitting is performed, positioning of the
threshold of both speakers is facilitated, which allows a delicate design, assembly is facilitated,
and there is no possibility of occurrence of subsequent troubles.
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