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Description 1, title of the invention
Shooting body
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an imaging body
comprising a foam material or a balloon composite. Conventionally, as a vibrating body used for
a speaker, a vibrating body in which a foamed resin is formed, for example, in a shape shown in
the drawing (a weir is known. A bobbin (3) around which a voice coil (2) is wound as shown in
the figure is attached to the moving body (in a basket. Generally, such a moving body (1) is weak
in heat resistance and mechanical strength, and this is a defect peculiar to the foamed resin
vibrator. In order to cover this defect, conventionally, the vibrator (-S of 11 is covered with
aluminum foil, Ili oil, etc., or the periphery is hardened with a polyester resin reinforced with
glass fiber, etc. to reinforce and dissipate the heat). I was trying to be superior to. However, when
the shape of the vibrating body (1) is complicated or when the heat resistance of the impulse
body casing is increased, this method is difficult to implement. The present invention has been
made in view of the above-described actual situation, and an embodiment thereof will be
described below. In order to lighten the weight of the vibrator and make the resin more foamy
and to obtain a homogeneous and hard one, gas mixing, foaming agent decomposition, bath
scraping, chemical reaction, sintering, and dissolution are conventionally performed. There are
various methods, etc., but here, the above characteristic II: fine body (bead-like) forming
performed by in-mold foaming centering on solvent air dispersal method easily obtained with
satisfying vibratory body gold I will explain by example. The main cut oils used in the bead
foaming method are polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, and acrylic
epoxy temples, but it is possible to miniaturize the cells, make the homogenization easy, and use
versatile polystyrene. Using a-foaming-> ripening-> secondary foaming-> drying, a foamed
styrene vibrator with a predetermined high specific salt of 0.05 F or more (stirring. The surface is
roughened by blasting EndPage 1 to a non-abrasive end page, and then subjected to sensitising
(functionalization) and activation (activation), followed by copper or nickel tl- The coating is
applied to a thickness of, for example, 4 to 6 μm by electrolytic plating. By providing the plating
layer, it was possible to improve the heat resistance and the rigidity of the peristaltic body
obtained by this method by several steps as compared with the conventional foamed polystyrene
alone. In addition, the high frequency band is also expanded, and Q can be reduced compared to
a normal metal plate made of aluminum foil, titanium or the like on a rough surface, and auditory
characteristics can be written out. The following table shows various data of the vibrator
according to the present invention and the conventional foam polystyrene casing.
The above is the case where a copper or nickel layer is provided by electrolytic plating, but other
gold-free, gold-free, inorganic members such as carbides, nitrides, and boron-free noni [4 elastic
substances, electrolytic plating, no It may be made to sink by ion engineering methods such as
electrolytic plating and fish scraps. In addition, a peristaltic body (one treasure body may be
covered, but it may be partially covered if necessary. Further, in addition to the above-described
naive body using the foamed resin, il, for example, a balloon such as an alumina balloon, shirasu,
carbon, a plastic balloon or the like may be used. The present invention can also be applied to a
body consisting of a body. In the present invention, since the surface of the foam body made of a
foamed resin or a barnino compound body has been coordinated by the method of ion
engineering in the inorganic fee elastic substance prize, such heat resistance, rigidity and Sound
'i! Can be improved.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings The drawings are perspective views showing an example of a
foam bond casing which can be used in the present invention. In the reference numerals used in
the drawings, (11....... Vibrator (2)... 3) ............ It is a bobbin. Agent Takaya Katsu Iihan Hiroshi
Tsutomu Itada Matsuda Osamu (EndPage: 2
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