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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an embodiment of the
device of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an example of a state in which a
speaker of the device shown in FIG. The figure is a sound pressure-frequency characteristic
diagram. 1
······································································· − Sound pressure regulator 7 Front door 8 Instrument panel.
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a jk1 whistle ti + device. Recently,
along with the improvement of the habitability of the vehicle and the shore freak of acoustic
enthusiasts, it is one time to seek the excellent acoustic effect in the listening room also in both
rooms, and the sound effect in the car room It is hoped that further improvements will be made.
By the way, the characteristic of the conventional vehicle 音 碇 was set so that the reproduction 8
power over the entire frequency band would become a so-to-ji temple, as in the case of the
acoustic 截 book of the house 11 # 4. For this reason, such narrow-row 9 is narrow in this 4th
grade, 2 mainly in middle-order 6 in J1 which is provided with 2 sheets and carpets, and 4
frequency 1 in the upper grade letter 1: As the crew actually listened to the sound, the mediumhigh frequency internal sound pressure was insufficient, and it was a muddy sound of a muddy
voice. Book s! The pair has been made to the above points and the% imperial room and a special
ring J-4, 'F lacking in medium and high scrap wave number Fluorine region reproduced sounder
vll II as a supplement to make a good sound It is an object of the present invention to provide a
blue paper writing apparatus for I [l [lij, which is designed to read iir. Below is a note on this
book? Il- will be explained using the sounding surface. 粥 1 は 装置 總 プ ロ H professional! Show
the @ In the river, 1 is a sound source generator such as a receiver or a cassette recorder, and in
this case, the left and right hands of both left and right both hands R and LV from Blue か ら 諌
−1 −1 @ T T T: 3, 3 is the increase of 4iJ and the JIR width of the 12. stacked signal. , A band-
pass filter that passes the medium-high cycle 1 ma-fluorinated area over 250 psi, that is
increased by 4 @ 4 J by 11 TA ◆ The main speaker to produce the sound number V of the dark
wave number band, # is the band filter '1? -An auxiliary speaker that reproduces a wave-shaped
sound signal in the middle cylinder frequency band, and generally 4 is a pre-pressure regulator
for manually adjusting the reproduction sound pressure of the auxiliary speaker. From the main
speaker's gauze, all the number bands are so uniform 1fEL''t'4 * i sale sptuax hi-Ants et al. The
sound pressure in the medium-medium range, which has been collected and attenuated by the
vehicle interior components, is enhanced by the reproduction sound pressure from the auxiliary
speaker, so a uniform load pressure V-pel is obtained in the *-convergence position. . The
arrangement of each speaker is the order number that can be embroidered from the east-how to
speak, and it is desirable to set it in a room, but with the space of room # 1 ,! ! Since the t-sbi
Kada is a large M + = at the entrance, the accommodation with a space-entrance is at the end of
the @ -kaibu section, for example, as shown in FIG. , Auxiliary speakers!
Can be miniaturized, so it can be installed in the vehicle room or in the case of the 7-way
instrument panel 4 right side. As the number position of the pond Wang Loudspeaker Da 'l'n Yu
side (Nta and Ler inside the auxiliary speaker is the roof front roof rail, front pillar, sun visor J!
There is an inside. During the above period, each speaker 亭, 5 medium-sized kan's rear seats 1 +
i left of j suspected of being attached to j. If the sound pressure-1 wave number characteristic is
subtracted at the 10i portion hlk of-, a special feature such as 承 and 承 in Fig. 43 can be
obtained. In the same issue, the point indicated by-indicates that the seeding B of Ti 性 is 250H,
and the above Nakashiji & a 惜 area is largely damped, compared with the case of the
characteristic example in the case of 中 ^, the medium ^, iI wave number The sound pressure
level and the band are the same as those of the silk 摩 a band, and the oil movement speaker I:
according to ^^ 周 aa 慢 増 増 鴫 i i. Depending on the position of the JII member's agility, or the
number of ears, the middle four-shoulder brow characteristics may become f, but this meeting,
sounding! 1Ill round up to the point 4 arbitrarily and set it as a re- 4: f pressure V warmth-like
layer of 4 auxiliary speakers. As described above, according to the vehicle ill apparatus according
to this J # plan 2, * M is absorbed by the internal members and reduced by the medium high
frequency 41jL band auxiliary speaker so as to be covered in a multi-story manner ^ Therefore,
the self-injection is the whole skin ll11 of sound-issue d! 帯 域 亘 り 量 量 量 量 量 ま た ま た ま
た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た im im im im im im im im im im im im
im im im im im im ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま た ま
た also ま た 再生 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 ま たIt has special mourning such as being able
to listen to re-sounding with good sound quality with ms in the first state which is dissipative
physical property. Brief description of the 4th surface '@ 1 Figure 1 is a probation cause of one
embodiment of the device of the present invention, 2nd embodiment is an example of a state in
which the speaker of the device shown in FIG. The 44 negative and 3 negative factors are the
sound pressure-frequency characteristic. l ... sound # i generation V device, 1 ... amplifier, I ...
band buoy, reference ... main speaker,! ... Auxiliary speaker, 4 ... Sound pressure 1% 4% V ... Plot
door, t ... Instrument balance. Proxy buying 轟 Shikanmaru: p! y′! @ L Figure 2 3.655 @ 2
Plan to 874 No. 1 '((=, 77 Pa · ー ー ー L---5153 jl "0 b 2 agent valve Shiga Fujiri -3 @ upper daily
pressure dB \ "" "'-?, -7, on. ゝ>-4 '-1-(5, + door' \. 50 \ 040010025040010 G
040001000000002 round number (Hz) "" 3 "X attorney patent attorney Shiga Fushiyama) Noro,
creators of other than the above, utility model registration applicant creator 考 案 Kanagawa
Prefecture ^ 港 4 日 Hinocho 3 999 y!
f11 菫 -1: 動 4 県-貞 週 叶 3-68 叶 5 町-3 夛 37 f
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