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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway sectional view of a
loudspeaker diaphragm according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a partially cutaway
sectional view of a molding die. 1 ... voice coil, 2 ... core material, 3 ... sealing portion, 4 ... dome
portion, 5 ... edge portion, 9 ... raising brush
[Detailed Description of the Invention] In this invention, the voice coil is made of synthetic resin
and the mall (1) (-? -斧, 1 ', relating to the Tosita loudspeaker diaphragm. Conventionally, in order
to hold the voice coil in a true circular state at a precise central position in the cylindrical mold
body corresponding to a hob / bi as a loudspeaker diaphragm molded with a voice coil, Japanese
Patent Publication No. 3'7-16629 As shown, a number of ridges for centering are provided on
the outer surface of the mold located inside the voice coil, or another row is molded with the
auxiliary winding for centering attached to the whiss coil. Things are known. All of these require
a special mold or winding frame for centering the Heuss coil, and merely molding the Heuss coil
with a synthetic resin will add 5 parts in strength and insufficient heat resistance, making it
suitable for adulthood. On the other hand, there was a drawback that he could get out of
business. This invention solves the prior art defects by squeezing a reinforcing fiber material
which also serves as centering between layers of a multilayer voice coil, and will be described
based on an embodiment shown in the drawings. FIG. 1 shows a partially cutaway cross-sectional
view of a loudspeaker diaphragm according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 similarly shows a
partially cutaway cross-sectional view of a molding die (2). The laminated whistle coil l is a thin
non-woven fabric made of a plurality of turns of insulated wire, wound (laminated, between
which a glass fiber 'Nrmm * m and a light seven-character amount, a strong t and a fiber
excellent in heat resistance) Alternatively, the woven fabric is drawn in as a core material 2, and
the whole is integrally molded with a thermosetting resin such as a phenol resin, an epoquino
resin, a polyester resin, etc., to form a cylindrical voice coil sealing upper portion 3. The core
material 2 extends to both ends in the axial direction wider than the winding width of the Heuss
coil 1. One end opening 8 of the cylindrical body 3 is covered with the dome portion 4 and the
edge portion 5 is continuous. If this dome part 4 and the edge part 5 are also integrally molded
using the core material ↓ 6 and resin of the same quality as the sealing part 3 simultaneously
and without joint, a homogeneous and strong mold type loudspeaker diaphragm can be obtained.
Alternatively, after being separately formed of the above materials, it may be combined with the
sealing portion 3. The core material 2, 16 ha, non-woven fabric 2 in which short fibers (fitsment)
of critical level are bonded with a binder, or woven fabric f52 woven by twisting micro 7 units of
fine fibers, the surface circumference is stretched in all directions It is covered with innumerable
brushing 9 or flocking 9. The thickness of the entire core material 2 (3) body including the raised
portions 9 is slightly thicker than the thickness of the cylinder 3. The lead wire 6 which forms
the winding start and the winding end of the whiss coil 1 is connected at one end opening 8 of
the sealing portion 3 and is drawn to the outside by being bathed in the reinforcing core material
The molding die is not shown in FIG. 2. The Heuss coil chamber upper 3 is located between the
inner die 10 and the outer die 11, and the dome chamber 14 is located between the inner die 10
and the upper die 12. However, an edge chamber 15 is formed between the outer mold 11 and
the L part mold working 2 by being connected to each other. When forming the diaphragm, first
remove the upper mold 12 and apply a little force to the voice coil chamber 13 by winding the
voice coil l which is wound in advance by sandwiching 7) the punch 2 between layers in advance.
When dropped down, the raised 9 of the core material 2 or the tip of the flocked hairs 9 acts to
hold the wall ml of the Heus coil chamber 13 and the voice coil l maintains its true circle, and the
exact center position of the Heus coil chamber T3. Will be held by Next, a circular core material
T6 is applied from above, and the tinsel wire 7 connected to the lead wire 6 is drawn out of the
entire outer mold 11, and then the upper mold 12 is set. Then, press in the liquid synthetic resin
in the voiceco (4) (le chamber 13, dome chamber 14 and edge chamber 1hK liquid form, and cool
and harden it to open the mold, completing as shown in Fig. V1. -A moving plate is obtained. In
order to facilitate mold release during molding, a mold release agent is used, the wall of the voice
coil chamber 13 is tapered, and the resin solution is applied to countless raised hairs 9. Use
water)). Since the surface of the core material 2 is finely fluffed, the centering can be accurately
performed only by dropping the Heus coil l into the voice coil chamber 13 because the surface of
the core material 2 is finely fluffed as described above. Since the core 2 and the raised surface 9
of the seedling also act as an aggregate for reinforcement, the mechanical strength is high, and
the heat generated in the Heus coil 1 during use is a core 2 having excellent thermal
conductivity. And, along with the innumerable occurrences of L9 on this surface, they are quickly
and nailly released from the surface of the voice coil seal 3. As described below, according to the
present invention, centering can be easily performed while maintaining the perfect circle of the
voice coil without using a special mold or the entire auxiliary support frame (5), moreover, the
machine The target strength is sufficiently high, the heat radiation is also performed well, and a
strong molded type loudspeaker vibration rod which is hard to break against a large input can be
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