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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a cable holder, and FIG. 2
is a cross-sectional view taken along the line AA 'of FIG. FIGS. 3 and 4 are perspective views of
the state of use, and FIGS. 6 and 1 are perspective views showing modifications of the cable
holder. Description of symbols, 1 ··· · · · Microphone insertion hole, 2 · · · · · Cable insertion hole, 3
· · · Annulus, 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ... Cable holder. Figure 7 Figure 7
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cable holder,
and more particularly, to a microphone cable 7-11 "-2tJftlil E # of the microphone body? The
present invention relates to a cable holder which can form the loop in a fixed manner when
grasped with a Tr (/ o * y $ body. When using a hand microphone on a stage etc., attach an
accessory separate from the microphone such as a bouquet to the microphone body, or hold the
microphone cable so as to form a loop by attaching it to the @ surface of the microphone body. It
is done as an accessory. When forming a loop on one side of the microphone body with the
microphone cable in this way, there is a limit to the ratio of the size of the microphone body and
the loop, and if the loop is too large, there will be no interference. If it is small, its utility as an
accessory is lacking, and when the ratio of the size of the microphone body and the loop on the
stage is not determined at one time when the microphone body is removed from the microphone
stand, it is also lacking in utility as an accessory. There is a drawback that it looks rather
unfriendly. The present invention aims to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and is
characterized in that a microphone cable is attached to the side surface of the microphone body
in an elastic annular portion which is elastically fitted to the outer diameter of the microphone
body. A cable holder provided with a cable hold portion for fixing, and a microphone cable fixed
to the side surface of the microphone main body, and an eroop fixed to "a form of a place like a
microphone cable holder" is provided. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in
detail with reference to an embodiment shown in the drawings. The cable holder for holding the
cable of the present invention in the microphone body is a natural or synthetic elastic member as
shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, and the microphone having a diameter substantially equal to the
diameter of the case of the microphone body to which this holder is attached. Both holes are
located at positions where the case insertion hole 1 and the cable insertion hole 2 which is
approximately the same as the diameter of the microphone cable are separated by the sum
dimension of their respective radii, and with continuous fi grooves approximately equal to the
diameter of the cable insertion hole. The annular capital 3 having one hole delayed between the
two holes and the overhanging portion 4 are formed in a substantially pear shape in plan view.
As shown in FIG. 2, this cable holder has such a thickness that the microphone cable for forming
a loop does not twist when fitted into the microphone case, and is configured by casting.
In use, as shown in the figure, 11) people are shown in the 11 ° section as shown in a section of
a plating where the microphone case city 6 and the microphone cable 7 are connected via the 7
Yλ-1 nectar 9 such as a canon plug. Through the connector 9II11 through the microphone
insertion hole 1 of the microphone 3 of the cable holder A from the bottom as shown by the
arrow B, and further the microphone from the top to the bottom in the direction opposite to the
direction of the arrow B When pushing in the case part 6, move the microphone cable 7 into the
cable insertion hole 2, then insert the case part 6 of the microphone main body into the
microphone insertion hole 1 and connect the case part and the cable by the connector 9 The
microphone cable can be installed by arranging the cables at a distance l necessary for gripping
the cable extraction end of the case section. The loop 7 is formed along the case portion of the
microphone body. Also, when the microphone case and the cable are configured integrally in one
piece, first, as shown in FIG. The microphone insertion hole 1 of the cable holder A of the cable
holder A is passed twice in the direction indicated by the arrow C in the direction indicated by
the arrow C, and the cable 7 passed for the second time is transferred into the cable insertion
hole 2 and then the microphone insertion hole In FIG. 5, a loop 8 of the microphone cable is
formed along the case portion of the microphone main body as shown in FIG. By defining the
loop 8 to be a loop of the most preferable size with respect to the size of the microphone body,
the loop 8 continues to be formed in a fixed manner. Therefore, if the user grips the cable on the
plug side and the case portion 60 to the pull-out end one from the position held by the cable
holder A, the cable holder A also becomes a finger hook k, and a gripping mode different from
the conventional one Can be made. FIG. 6 shows a modification of the present invention, which is
made of a synthetic resin or the like) to form a cable holder A of the same shape as described
above, and also to form a hinge 4a on the overhanging portion 4; By providing the chuck 3a at
the same time and removing the chuck, the loop described above can be easily formed regardless
of the shape of the microphone body. Furthermore, although the above describes the case where
the microphone insertion hole and the cable insertion hole are communicated, it is not necessary
to communicate, for example, as shown in FIG. It is clear that the purpose can be achieved.
It is apparent that the holder A may not necessarily be a synthetic resin and the material may be
changed. As described above, this invention is a cable holder formed of a member having a hole
for inserting a microphone case portion and a hole for inserting a microphone cable, and the
microphone cable derived from the microphone is attached to the microphone body to form a
loop. Since the cable is formed in a fixed manner, the loop of the cable can be fixedly formed, and
the size of the loop can be easily adjusted. This loop formation makes it difficult to apply an
external force that bends the cable at the cable outlet end. When the microphone is placed on a
desk or the like, the microphone can be prevented from rotating, and the loop can be used as an
accessory. Further, since the cable holder can be used as a finger hook, it has effects such as
being different from the conventional gripping pose.
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