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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are structural views of a conventional
vibration pickup, FIG. 4 is a structural sectional view of one embodiment of the vibration pickup
according to the present invention, and FIG. It is structure sectional drawing of an Example. Lv
······ voice coil, 11 ... ... voice coil bobbin, 13 ... ... feeling the vibration part, 16,16a ······ pickup
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Name of the invention Vibration pickup 2 Practical
fi industry request for recording 1 Range of speaker diaphragm gJ to give feedback and feedback
feedback -AiFB speaker vibration pickup is also poor, voice coil hohin's cone At the bottom of the
end of the wing side, cast a pedestal with a rigid body and a wide base and a wide skirt obtained
above the natural vibration frequency with a base lower than the natural vibration frequency,
and on the base of this pedestal smaller than I + it voice coil hohino and no hammer Diabetic
vibration part of the diameter! Z ピ ッ こ 打 @ @ ピ ッ ア. 8.4 Easy, small blue-handed Akiramoto
to the speaker A speaker diaphragm and-) detects the movement and applies the feed-path · The
negative feedback method MFB (posionalfe @ dback) s) Regarding the power, its purpose In the
place where it is assumed that there is provided a vibration pickup capable of detecting the
movement of the voice coil without losing the characteristics of the speaker, among the MFB
speaker vibration method, the simplest Q4 /, , 42. . The method is to detect the pickup of the
voice coil inside the vibration pickup Z ,. However, withdraw bite correctly detects = m = of the
voice coil and is a tl turtle so as not to reduce the efficiency of the speaker 1 J) Required 1-Figure
1 is a conventional vibration hinoku "Nov" G 〃 is an MFB speaker Q] voice coil 1 ホ イ ホ イ ホ
イ ホ イ ホ イ ホ イ ホ イ L L L L 巻 巻. IIJ is a light circle ˜ shaped pick anoff table i? -Q, voice
coil ヒ ン Hin 1D cone paper side end) Congested 1st, Hinaku Asop Right at the center part of the
four seats Voice coil (Lv) finger motion of the voice coil (Lv) feeling vibration part αJ or provided
tl In this transmission Bitter-Up, when the voice coil is charged, the resonance occurs at a low
river wave number, which is lower than the specific bite of this charge and the Be-sofa 2 I-B
capital (B). Voice coil (Lv) (1) has the disadvantage of being able to detect finger movement
properly, and Oki 2 shows another conventional example different from that of FIG. The ringshaped hino cup-up dust 141 is blue, and it is mounted on the pickup base (good) at @. In this
case, the compliance is reduced in the case of FIG. 1 because it is in the form of a round-up
pedestal '1' or a circle, and the base layer is not generated at a low frequency, and it is a J-shaped
light ant. However, because it is not an internal quantity distribution or axial symmetry, it is an
abnormal upper motion, such as the buildup of voice coil (Lv).
In addition, it is also possible to make the mass distribution axisymmetric by the counter weight
(or 111 Fig. 8 shows another conventional example, in which a thick circle shaped pink amplifier
pedestal (d) is bonded to a voice coil soldered d, and a banded copy wound portion 93 is
provided in the center S S of the Viruct knob pedestal α 9 ing. Doku-ku! "Because of 7 seats, 6 or
1 seats, the resonant frequency of the pink amp pedestal + 3 and the vibration 1fl: part 14 is
high, and the turtles are axisymmetric. However, because the seat is very heavy, the efficiency of
the speaker is low or large, and the mass of the pickup 100 and the voice coil bobbin a
compliance are shared at a low frequency, and the speaker characteristics (3) is the one to make
Forty-fifth is a hollow, thin-walled conical pick-up stand 1%; ill having a bottom end of cone
paper (C) side of a voice coil bobbin ll]) provided with a hollow, thin-walled conical pick-up stand.
The diameter of the voice coil (Lm) is smaller than the diameter h of the voice coil (Lm) coaxially
with the pedestal, J, and the front leg external reconnaissance [one axis]. -Wow, in the case of
Kijima, the voice coil diameter 6 = 45 [酊], B .. Qu'8'J'Q6 has a length of 1 (, Q'i, made of
aluminum with 45 ° angle of inclination, 1 seat (lLl is a large rigid cone with a conical shape
and a sufficient resonance point In order to bamboo in the same frequency band · · · 音-Cj), 9 :,
the pickup pedestal 1, IO is thin and lightweight t 闇 ツ ク ツ ク 台 座 台 座 台 座 台 座 t m t
voice coil Ohin 1 ull JZ darkness The number of resonances per lap is not low, and the efficiency
of the sneaker is small. FIG. 5 shows another embodiment according to the present invention, and
in FIG. 4 the shape of the pickup pedestal OfJ is conical, but the pickup stand! ! (16a) is a hollow,
thin-walled hemispherical τ of the end of cone paper 11 [9] of voice coil bobbin J υ, and 11r-W
of core visou anobu pedestal (16 m). (4) If it is 1f spring slight vibration ust in the same cap-like
shape with the outer tilt 11, or if it is a single letter, Since the bit-up pedestal (16 m) is
hemispherical and rigid, it is possible to bring the resonance point to a sufficiently high
frequency band. i (J-: 1 to 4 in 1- implementation C. C1 pickup pedestal (11% (lem) has a hollow
toll with a circle of tome and a hemispherical shape with the cone end of voice coil H vime I
being I 1 The same is true even if there is a hyperbolic rotation.
That is, it is preferable that the pickup base Q4 (16a) has a tail which is regarded as a rigid body
and is superior to a natural vibration cylinder wave number within the hollow Wk having the
bottom of the Heuss coil upper pin IlD. Also, in Fig. 4, in Fig. 5, the vibration and vibration proofs
3 are located on the side opposite to the pick-up base d @ (16a) Q Heuss coil upper pin · lI + @. 4
and 5, if it is provided coaxially on the pickup right u1 M (16 m) so as to reduce the broken line
(A) Q, even if it is provided on the voice coil terminal a.eta. In addition, the sense and vibration
part [+3 is the head of Bemek's Asub ['l'LIL] (16a! According to this Article 8 as described above,
the speaker vibration (5) motion plate's 1 w 1 l l signal is detected and the-C feedback is applied
according to the above-mentioned. In the vibration pickup of the MFB speaker, a hollow thinwalled bottom with 1 mm of cone paper mmg of the voice coil hovin, a rigid body and a
prefecture 7) L, 7 g of sword spread pedestal with 7 g, The voice coil hovin's slightly hl small
leather V → 倣 怜 ヤ ナ 同軸 同軸 同軸 黴 蜘, 黴 蜘 ・? The efficiency of the speakers is small due
to the provision of each In addition, (→ the resonance between the WR moving part and the base
can be attached to a sufficiently high frequency range and the members of the vibration big amp
are divided into axisymmetric with the voice coil) ", voice coil · 05 vibration If the axis is IF
(detected by A), do-1 doo). 4 fig. 1! Explanation of blood in 1 in Fig. 1-3 The skin of the
conventional vibration pickup, α section, you 4 (· p of the vibration big amp by wooden leather, i
51! · F +% small cross-sectional view 6 figure of the invention of the present invention 11 of the
invention according to the invention; "Example structural break Fr diagram (1, v: 1 · small chair
coil, @ voice coil hobin, r3-feeling vibration part, uf 3 (16m)-e'j adv 'upland. (6 'FIG. 12' □ '' lv1 ''', 7:' = 1 white FIG. 4 ° j FIG. Division 5.1? Deputy me, j ,: To de n ゴ 1 6 Invented address other
than the above address Osaka 附 市 1006 1006 1006 address 7 ラ シ タ 中 during sashi f 11 松
岨 岨 株式会社 内 Address 1 ■ "10 name island 1) Touzumi Sumiya To the turn Taka to
Shikeishiichi name Shinbashi Bridge Ken-address improvement name Kakiyama Tate husband 6(/ r Gu Q 2
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