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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional
example. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing a first embodiment of the present invention, and
FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing the second embodiment. Further, in the reference numerals
used in the drawings, 11 is a speaker cabinet, 12 is a buckle plate, 13 is a tweeter, 14 is a
midrange, 15 is a woofer, 16 is a tapered surface, and 17 is a passive radiator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system comprising a loudspeaker cabinet provided with a loudspeaker '1-4A. The well-known ul
(speaker system with patch radiator) makes the pressure of the disturbance in the cabinet by the
sound wave of the low frequency range emitted to the side of the speaker into a l l l l l l l l l , It is
something that is what to make the low IT writing band Buddha Zhang (strengthening). In
addition, it is necessary to make the area of this passive passive Fuji eta larger than the shoulder
effectiveness of the woofer [surface al [a] [a-[f], and if it is not 7 謡 il + ζ 5- ya Qol & & width of
the passive lageta The width is larger and the swing type is not good. By the way, Fig. 1g1 shows
the general structure of a conventional speaker system with a passive radiator, but in the prior
art, a baffle + 2K on a baffle + + 21K of a speaker system with a slip + cabinet (3 (, mid range (4 I
+ wide end + 51) Squid rattan skewers, woofers (5: under that woofers) 51 and -1 had umbrellas
of passive radiator 161 on one plane. Therefore, conventionally, it is necessary to increase the
size of passive radiator (51 in order to throat the machine. As a result, the entire size of the
cabinet is very large, and the size of the cabinet is limited. Also, it is impossible to increase the
size of the pants flare radiator 161 q− + area in consideration of downsizing. Because of that
passive rageta (6; woofer (5: す る 巾 十分 十分 振 振 出来 出来 出来 出来 出来), 振 出来 、 、 振
1). pvcy * 5 5f: 6 Hanfuru (2) is a large one-sided structure, so the sound wave (2111
transmission =, + break occurs, sound quality? There is a serious decline and there is a defect.
The present invention has been devised to correct the defects as described above, and it is
possible to miniaturize the cabinet and prevent the diffraction of sound waves, and the speaker
system is excellent even though the area of the passive radiator can be made sufficiently large. Is
to provide. The examples of the present invention are attached to the drawings below! I mention.
FIG. 2 shows the embodiment of the present invention. In the speaker cabinet αυ, the
loudspeakers a ′ ′ vc are tweeters u in the order of Kamisujima et al. There is l-11 'L' c. By the
way, for example, the left and right 1TIi] end face vch table Illnu of the baffle 'Miuz' is affected
over the entire length of the pan full @II.
And the said meat taper surface 11bIVC, for example, a pair of passive radiator (171) is provided.
According to this speaker system, the presence of a pair of tapered surfaces, which are provided
on the end face of the baffle plate q, prevents the diffraction of 11 branches of the speaker
cabinet 11] I from being prevented (3) n, the sound quality is improved Do. In addition, the
effective area of the baffle #IiO can be significantly expanded W by the presence of the pair of
tapered surfaces 0 (to), and the pair of tapered surfaces u1 and n2 are passive radiators α 71?
Since it is provided, a large effective area tube with a number U of baffles can be effectively
Wagyu and the large area passive radiator α n can be umbrellad. So the speaker cabinet 11: all
14? In addition to the remarkable miniaturization W, it is possible to easily make the area of the
passive radiator αD sufficiently larger than the area-size (effective vibration l'fI of 1 system)
product. In order to expand (reinforce) the bass band sufficiently for ζ-, make the amplitude of
the one-band radiator [17) smaller than that of the F- (151 U). Come, m, vc reduction enough.
Sound IjiI can be significantly improved. In addition, the common cost of the system is shared,
and one example is shown in Fig. 2. In the example shown in Fig. 2, it is necessary to attach the 1
VCi 6 strokes 1 passive masker 1111, etc. If it becomes possible, the existence of a tapered
surface ubl will allow a non-N unique design to be produced. Fig. 3 is an example of the @ 2
embodiment, and in the case of C, in the case of the above-mentioned baffle device, the tweeter
t13 and the midrange (14 scale etc. have a midrange and are effective in the small speaker
double chest (1) A pair of front surfaces are provided only on the upper P direction side, and a
pair of passive radiators α71 vr is provided on the n-theverber surface U and the fC ones It is. In
this case, the same effect as in the first embodiment can be obtained, and a large diameter
woofer a and C s attached to C can be effective in increasing the diameter of the woofer u5 +. In
the present invention, even if the tapered surface 1bj is formed into a curved surface such as a
circular surface, the entire surface of the baffle @ 112 is curved in a cylindrical surface or a
spherical surface or the like [jO It is great to configure. In addition, it has a tapered surface 1
circle. The layering of the spherical wedge is not limited to the H right decoration of the baffle
machine, but may be the upper and lower wedge ends. The present invention is the abovementioned 1h + (a tapered surface or a turn (51h) h at least at the end Ifl of the baffle plate of
the speaker cabinet?
Provided to prevent the diffraction of sound waves in the speaker cabinet, 10,000 significantly
increase the effective area of the baffle plate, and install passive radiators on the tapered surface
or white surface portion, so the entire speaker cabinet is extremely small. To 1. Among them, a
large-area passive radiator can be attached to the customer easily Vc, and sufficient expansion
(reinforcement) of a low mass band can be achieved, and reduction of amplitude φ can also be
achieved, and sound negative is significantly improved. There is abolition of C and W coming. 4
、 Attachment of the plane of the drawing is a diagram of the conventional $ 1 celebration.
Figure 2 shows the second embodiment of the present invention, and the third figure shows the
second embodiment of the present invention. Also used in the drawings, the symbol t denotes the
former, the speaker cabinet-1171U baffle plate, αj the tweeter, u41 the middle range, (I> the
woofer, (1 (to) the tapered surface, [+ the It is a passive radiator. 地 地 土 Tsuchiya 敢 秦 61 61
ζ type "a", ": pa · jiri · ° ... ('と e と 、 、 、 、 、 、!!! !! N2. (They are 法, 法 0 · · · · 5 °. Lu Xun·-□ @ (1 '. 1 ': to 1'1 to -16 Applicants and applicants for utility model registrations and agents
(1) Applicants (2) applicants for utility model registrations (3) agent 11 wards 11 Shinjuku
Miyako Building telephone 7 + 7 Tokyo 7 + 3) 371-7800 (representative) (7235) attorney in law
Iihan Taitai (→ the same office (7605) Q-profit # # # in-law # 2-sf 弁) lci-Sci. Image-La, 2 'β
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