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Description of Invention
Diaphragm edge part for electroacoustic transducer
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an edge portion
for a diaphragm for electro-acoustic transducer, and although paper quality has usually been
used for an edge portion for a diaphragm, its thickness gradually increases over the edge portion
K from the central portion. Decrease the edge thickness to the minimum thickness. And, it is
necessary to form a waveform to obtain a flat frequency characteristic in each frequency band,
and to hold a waveform for absorbing the vibration. If the waveform is not appropriate, physical
properties such as Young's modulus and internal loss will be uniform throughout, causing
reflections to the slope of the diaphragm, etc. and causing dips at certain frequencies due to the
influence of the edge. Therefore, in high-grade, high-sensitivity speaker systems, etc., it is
necessary to make the edge base material of a material having high internal loss such as skin and
having high flexibility, which is expensive, and unsuitable for mass production. The present
invention provides an edge portion having stiff failure, provides a frequency response
comparable to that of a high sensitivity speaker or an electroacoustic transducer with a small
aperture and a large aperture, and is a flame retardant electroacoustic transducer It is possible to
create. The present invention is characterized in that the above flame retardant compound is
impregnated in the edge substrate with a polyurethane resin containing 1 to 20% by weight of
inorganic filler and a flame retardant compound having bromine or phosphorus in the molecule
and not impregnated. The present invention relates to a working / soji portion for a diaphragm
for an electroacoustic transducer which is impregnated with a contained phenolic resin and
subjected to heat and pressure molding. In the present invention, a cotton cloth is used as the
edge substrate. A woven or non-woven fabric such as a synthetic fiber cloth is used. As the
inorganic filler, silicon oxide, aluminum oxide EndPage: 1 or the like is used. As the flame
retardant compound containing 4-bromo or phosphorus, hexabromobenzene,
hexabromodiphenyl oxide, tris (2,3-dibromopropyl) phosphate, tris (dibromophenyl) phosphate
or the like is used. Example 1 A cotton cloth was used as an edge substrate, and an impregnating
agent was applied to one side of this cloth to cure a polyurethane resin (N-5029 manufactured
by Nippon Polyurethane Industry Co., Ltd.) as a curing agent, tolylene diisocyanate, silicon oxide
powder 100: 5: 5: 10. Parts by weight of tris (33-dibromopropyl) phosphatra as a flame
retardant. Use a mixture of ethyl acetate and methyl ethyl ketone as the solvent, adjust to the
viscosity required for impregnation and coat. From the viewpoint of not impregnating the
polyurethane resin after drying, 100: 5 is coated and dried with 1 part by weight of a phenol
resin (VPIIN manufactured by Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.) flame retardant Nidris (dibromophenyl)
phosphe-to adjust the stiffness.
The impregnated substrate is placed in a mold at 180 ° C., and heat and pressure molded at a
pressure of 10 kg / cli. The molded edge portion is adhered to the sloped conical portion of the
diaphragm and assembled into a speaker. EXAMPLE 2 A cotton fabric used as an edge substrate,
a substrate impregnated with tris ('23 dibromopropyl) phosphate, and the coating resin of
Example 1 are prepared in the same manner as in Example 1 to prepare an impregnated
substrate. , Assemble the speaker. As in the prior art, when a substrate is impregnated with a
thermosetting resin such as a phenol resin or a melamine resin, if it is impregnated to such an
extent that the air permeability is lost, the stiffness increases and the low frequency resonance
rises. If the stiffness is reduced to the required level, the air permeability will be increased and
the 9 frequency characteristics will be distorted. In addition, polyurethane resin alone is easy to
control stiffness 9 permeability, but it is inferior in moisture resistance after molding, which
causes dimensional change of edge part and affects 9 frequency characteristics. Honorable etch,
sty 11 people Funness · Breathability · Humidity resistance book Excellent in flame retardancy.
Table 1 Table 1 is a comparison of air permeability, moisture resistance and flame retardancy
when the lowest resonance frequency is fixed as evaluation of stiffness. Stiffness is the lowest
resonance frequency measurement 9 Permeability is JISP 8117. # The flammability was
measured according to the UL flammability (vertical method) test. Agent Patent Attorney
Kunihiko WakabayashiEndPage: 2
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