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1. A diaphragm according to the invention, in which two or more diaphragms for sound are
arranged concentrically. The acoustic vibration characterized in that the space facing the sound
wave radiation or incident direction is filled with the foamed resin. Board.
2, the scope of claims
5 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a speaker, a microphone, etc. The
present invention relates to an acoustic transducer or a diaphragm of an acoustic-electrical
transducer. An electro-acoustic converter that converts an electrical signal to an acoustic signal
comprises a diaphragm made of paper, metal or the like, and a voice coil is attached to the center
of the diaphragm, and a voice coil is placed in a DC magnetic field Arrange the voice coil. An AC
signal is supplied to the diaphragm to vibrate the acoustic signal. You are getting Also, acousticelectricity that converts acoustic signals into electrical signals. A gas converter is a vibration
made of metal, synthetic resin, etc. It is equipped with a board, and this diaphragm is an external
acoustic signal-,,. It was vibrated and this vibration was placed in a DC magnetic field. Transfer to
moving coils, moving iron pieces, piezoelectric elements, etc. The acoustic signal is converted to
an electrical signal. And the diaphragms used in these transducers The conical shape of the
transducer is because the diaphragm is open toward the radiation side or the incident side of the
sound. This radiation side or incident side is surrounded by a diaphragm · A space is generated,
and this space, that is, the diaphragm is surrounded. The resonance of the room causes a peak in
the frequency characteristics. Foam is filled with synthetic resin such as Styrofoam in the space
of the conical diaphragm to fill it with a cone, and at low frequencies, the cone is made rigidly to
perform a pistoning motion, and at high frequencies, Boy. Transmits the motion of scoil as an
elastic wave in the cone. Let the acoustic radiation surface vibrate back and forth to make an
acoustic signal. There is a speaker that radiates. A vibrating plate like a bead is foam synthetic in
the space of a cone. Because it is filled with resin, the effectiveness of the foamed resin. The
resonance frequency determined by the mass and the effective stiffness is! 19 ° EndPage: 1
fixed, high frequency around the resonant frequency of the diaphragm. There is a drawback that
it can not be moved to the wave number band. る。 The present invention has a resonant
frequency in a high frequency band. It is an object of the present invention to obtain an acoustic
diaphragm which does not have a front chamber on an acoustic emission surface or an acoustic
incident surface. The diaphragm according to the present invention is paper, metal or synthetic
resin. -Make a conical diaphragm with a tip or the like, and one or more from the top to the
bottom of the conical diaphragm. A diaphragm 2 is provided, and the space surrounded by the
conical diaphragm and the second vibration plate is filled with the foamed synthetic resin, and
the foamed synthetic resin is formed on the top of the conical cone and the bottom of the
phantom. It is filled up to the end to make a cone, and the base of this cone is the sound emission
surface i, which is the sound and reflection incidence surface. The acoustic diaphragm according
to the present invention is conical.
By a second diaphragm provided inside the diaphragm. The foam composite is filled inside the
conical diaphragm. The number of resin can be adjusted, and foam synthetic resin. The resonant
frequency of the diaphragm, which is determined by the effective mass and the effective stiffness,
can be set to a high frequency band at a high frequency. A wide diaphragm of several bands can
be obtained. Hereinafter, the acoustic diaphragm according to the present invention is shown in
the figure. This will be described by way of examples. FIG. 1 is the present invention. 1 is a first
diaphragm made of paper, metal, synthetic resin or the like in a conical shape, and a bobbin 4 is
attached to the top of the groove by an adhesive or the like. A voice coil is wound around the.
The inside is surrounded by the first diaphragm 1 and vibrates. A second diaphragm 43 is
disposed concentrically with the plate 1 and is attached to Povin 4 Vc. The diaphragm 2.5 has a
conical shape like the diaphragm 1, the top of the diaphragm "2" is connected to the bobbin 4,
the diaphragm 3 is disposed opposite to the diaphragm 2, and the top is vibrated The space at
the position of the virtual bottom surface of the plate 1 and the space surrounded by the first
diaphragm 1 and the second diaphragms 2 and 5 is filled with the foamed synthetic resin 8. The
foamed resin 8 is, for example, a hard urethane resin and preferably has a foaming ratio of about
100 times. The resin is tacky, which makes it possible. The foamed synthetic resin 8 can be
bonded to the diaphragms 1 and 2 ′ ′ 3 without using an adhesive. Foam synthetic resin 8 'is
filled up to the edge portion of the diaphragm 1, and the bottom 5 of the diaphragm 1 is made,
and this bottom 5 is an acoustic radiation surface. Or it becomes a sound entrance plane. The
acoustic diaphragm thus formed is foam synthetic in the spaces 6 and 7 surrounded by the
conical first diaphragm 1. 7 of this space to be filled with resin 8. There is no resonance. The
peak on the frequency characteristic by K can be removed. Further, since the spaces 6, 7 are
divided by the first diaphragm 1 and the second diaphragm 43, the amount of the foamed
synthetic resin 8 filled in the spaces 6, 7 can be reduced, so that the foam synthesis is performed.
The mass of the resin 8 can be reduced. Further, the foamed synthetic resin 8 is divided by the
second vibration plate 2.3, and the foamed synthetic resin 8 is divided into the first one. Second
diaphragm 1.2.5. Because there are near K, the equivalent stiffness is also large. The high-pass
resonant frequency of the foam synthetic resin 8 is high. くなる。 Also, the divided foam
synthetic resin 8 is that. It is combined with the first and second diaphragm 1.2.5 respectively.
Therefore, the vibration of the foamed synthetic resin 8 itself disappears: The disturbance of the
frequency characteristic due to the vibration of the foamed synthetic resin itself.
Can be prevented. In the above embodiment, the diaphragms 1, 2 and 5 are both fired. However,
even if the shapes of the diaphragms 2 and 3 are slightly changed and the diaphragms 1 and 2
are adhered to the diaphragm 4. ま。 Alternatively, instead of the diaphragm 5, the bobbin 4
may be extended to the sound wave emitting surface or incident surface 5 to be substituted. At
this time, it is preferable to fill the inside of the bobbin 4 with a foamed synthetic resin. In each
of the embodiments described above, the diaphragms along the circumferential direction are
used as shown in FIG. 2 and FIG. · Bond 14 to diaphragms 1 and 5, 1 · Fill space 1 surrounded by
these diaphragms 1 to 17 and 18 with foam resin 1 (16: 1 y, 'ts') . In the above example, in
principle, the space facing the sound field is filled with the foamed resin sufficiently, for example,
in the case of FIG. EndPage: 2 may be filled with a foamed resin only in a portion close to, for
example, in FIG. Vibrators 1, 2 and 5 do not necessarily emit sound. It does not have to reach the
incident surface 5. The above example relates to an electrokinetic electroacoustic transducer, but
regardless of the principle of electroacoustic conversion, all electroacoustic transducers K with a
diaphragm. Applicable Furthermore, the invention can be applied not only to an electroacoustic
transducer having a diaphragm symmetric about an axis but also to an electroacoustic transducer
having a symmetric diaphragm with respect to a plane. Also, the sound wave radiation or the
plane of incidence is a convex but a convex. As described above for the concave surfaces and
their combinations and surfaces, etc., two according to the present invention. Arrange the
diaphragms more concentrically and also emit sound waves. Since the space facing the incident
direction is filled with the foamed resin, the resonant frequency of the foamed resin can be made
relatively high, so that it is possible to obtain a foamed resin light / actual diaphragm of a wide
band electroacoustic transducer.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a front view of an example of an acoustic moving
plate according to the present invention, and FIG. S is a cross-sectional view of FIG. . 1、! i, 4:
diaphragm, 4: bobbin 5: bottom, to 7: space. 8: Foam synthetic resin. Attorney lawyers 1) interest
'4 r ::-' 'j-,, 7 + o I figure 2 figure 2; +-3' EndPage: 3
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