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Description / Invention Stereo sound field variable device L Input sound of one channel No. 1 and
the other hand, the manual sound signal of Yannel are supplied to the first phase differential
circuit and the sum of those input sound signals Forming a signal and a difference signal,
supplying the sum signal to the first phase differential circuit through the first variable
attenuator, and the difference 1 eye through the delay 1 gl path and the first variable attenuator
And the sum output signal and the difference output fμ of the first phase differential circuit are
respectively output from the one channel and the output signal component from the other
channel. A stereo sound field fi ■ changing device characterized by being.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an example of the
configuration of a conventional stereo sound field variable device, FIG. 2 is a block diagram
showing another example of the configuration as well, and FIG. Block diagram 1 showing an
example of the configuration of Machiga-1 Block 1 showing the same as another example It is a
characteristic curve figure to show. /, 2 ... phase differential circuit · 3, 4 A ... fiJ variation
attenuator, 5 ... phase intensity correction circuit, 6 ... reverberation generation circuit 17 ... AR
controller, Ir, / / ... Delay circuit-9 ° lθ ... Mix 0 patent applicant Japan Broadcasting
Association-Age. Attorney Attorney Sugimura 1 Attorney Attorney, ..., EndPage: 4
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