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Specification 1 and title of the invention diaphragm for electroacoustic equipment The elastic
modulus of the diaphragm is made of woven fabric of carbon fiber fineness of 15000 kg / mm or
more, and it is integrally formed without breaking of woven fabric and made integrally
Diaphragm for electroacoustic equipment.
2, the scope of claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a diaphragm used in an
electroacoustic apparatus. There are various types of diaphragms of electroacoustic devices, but
in particular, cone-type and dome-type speakers have a mechanism that vibrates the diaphragm
to emit sound. The material of the diaphragm is extremely important 2 paper (pulp). Although
materials such as metal foils, bakes, and cotton cloths have been studied, there is still nothing
completely satisfactory in terms of acoustic characteristics, and improvements and improvements
have been continued in one building. There is a frequency characteristic as an important
characteristic representing the performance of the diaphragm, and as the material p
characteristic, the smaller the contribution is, the smaller the contribution is, the more
concentrated it is to the buying m and b ((ρ: specific gravity, E: elastic modulus) It is considered
that the frequency characteristic is better as the value of p- is larger. On the other hand, carbon
fiber reinforced plastic with thermosetting resin such as epoxy, unsaturated polyester, and
phenol resin as matrix has a very large specific elasticity (E / ρ) of 15 to 30 X 10'am as
compared with other materials, so It can be said that it is an optimal material as a diaphragm. As
a diaphragm of a speaker using carbon fibers which has been rejected up to the present, there is
one in which cut fibers of carbon fiber are mixed with pulp, and β 10,000 of this diaphragm is
1600 (m / m) with a carbon fiber mixture of 10%. There is no big difference between + qec) and
1300 m / sea of pulp alone, and it is only for reforming the pulp. In addition, a diaphragm of a
semi-spherical dome type speaker is also made by cross-laminating resin-impregnated
unidirectional zoripreg after arranging 2 g fibers as an intermediate base material of carbon fiber
in parallel. According to this vibrating plate, assuming that the fiber axis direction is 0 ° and the
three-layer area No configuration of 0'-30 "-60 ° C. where quasi-isotropic physical properties
are squeezed, the r film has a thickness of 5320 (mEndPage Is about 15 g // cm, and the
characteristic of carbon fiber is utilized. However, since the binding between fibers of the
unidirectional prepreg is due only to the uncured resin, when it is laminated in a shape having a
cubic curved surface such as a hemispherical shape or a circle m shape, the fiber disorder occurs
and the fibers are irregularly arranged, A diaphragm having uniform physical properties can not
be obtained, and product variation increases by one step. As a result of repeated research to
obtain a conical or hemispherical shaped article in a form of carbon fiber application, by
developing a carbon fiber fabric with excellent drapability, acoustic conversion with excellent
reproducibility in physical properties is achieved. Conical and hemispherical structures were
obtained. Hereinafter, a diaphragm for a cone type speaker will be described as an example of
the diaphragm for an electroacoustic apparatus according to the present invention.
In the case of a cone type speaker, the carbon fiber fabric 1 cut out in a circle slightly smaller
than ff1d in the voice coil hovin in advance in the center of approximately one container is
circularly cut out in a desired male mold of speaker diaphragm shape. Place the center to fit the
center axis of the mold, apply the uncured oropolis dell resin or epoxy resin with a curing agent,
apply the female mold, press cure, and remove the molded product from the mold Is obtained by
cutting into a predetermined size with a diamond cutter. When densely woven, less draped
carbon fiber woven fabric is used, if the woven fabric on a plane is bent into a conical shape, the
warp yarn of the woven fabric 3. 2. At the crossing point 5 of the weft yarn 4; in the rich carbon
fiber woven fabric, the two structures are in the shape of a cone, so that they are 14-inch, and are
in the shape of a straight yarn 3. Since the weft yarns 4 have the same density and the same
fineness, as shown in the second group, symmetry planes (AA ', BB') including the central axes of
the cones. A cone-shaped diaphragm 2 having four Co ′, DD ≦) and regularly arranged fibers
can be obtained. Also, as shown in the second group, in the case of one fabric, the direction of the
fibers in the radiation direction is not necessarily the same, so the physical properties are not
necessarily the same, but these may be corrected acoustically with an electrical amplifier. The
sheet fabric may be made to be quasi-isotropic by laminating it at 0 °, for example, when the
warp direction is 0 °. In the case of a dome-shaped speaker, since it has a hemispherical shape,
it can be obtained by conveniently using a carbon fiber cloth cut to a size larger than a
predetermined size. In addition, these are used to place a woven fabric prepreg impregnated with
resin on the mold by a predetermined method, the viscosity of the resin is lowered by the heat of
the mold heated in advance, resistance to mutual movement of woven fabric yarn by resin is
reduced, and pressure curing This also makes it possible to obtain a conical, hemispherical
shaped article free from wrinkles. As described above, according to the present invention, by
using the carbon fiber woven fabric which is excellent in the material characteristics f and f7 乙
of the diaphragm and which is excellent in the drapability. It has excellent formability and
regular fiber arrangement. Accordingly, the diaphragm for the electroacoustic apparatus having
excellent stability and reproducibility of physical properties and having stable wrinkles can be
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a diaphragm for a cone type
speaker made of a warp / horizontal carbon fiber fabric according to the present invention, and
FIG. 2 is a front view of the diaphragm for a cone type speaker. Patent applicant Higashishi Co.,
Ltd. EndPage: 2O correction procedure (method) 52. % Formula% (Investigator's code code 1;
display of case Patent No. 134944 2 name of invention 2 name of invention 2 related patent
applicants with case for diaphragm correction for electroacoustic equipment Address · Name 2nd
chome, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2nd (315) East Japan Co., Ltd. Ibaraki role
Fujiyoshi second president · President 4, date of correction instruction · January 25, 1995 (date
of delivery: Z correction Correct all drawings as per attached sheet. EndPage: 3
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