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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view for explaining the
operation principle of the conventional electromagnetic transducer, and FIG. 2 is a perspective
view of an essential part of one embodiment of the electromagnetic transducer according to the
present invention, 3 is an explanatory view for explaining the operation principle, and FIG. 4 is an
explanatory view showing a relation between displacement of the cantilever and magnetic flux of
each magnetic circuit. 1
·························································································································································································· − 16
······ Yoke, 17-20 · · · · · · · · · · ·
The present invention relates to the present invention for converting the sound groove signal of a
record into an electrical signal, and in addition to the improvement of the electromagnetic type
conversion belonging to the so-called moving iron type O There are many kinds of grace of the
species, but in the case of the zero-zero business, the form shown in @ 1- is regarded as the
conventional one and is intended to improve it. First of all, the conventional method will be
described with reference to FIG. 1. In the drawing, 1 (one is a cantilever)-the styler 8 (2) is fixed
at the front and the magnetically conductive material (3) is fixed at the rear There is. The canna
lever (1) is vibratably attached to the conversion base main body by a supporting portion @ (4)
made of an elastic material such as bunal rubber and the like which is placed in the center of the
magnetic conductive material (3). (5) and (6) are yokes, whose life is through the conductive rJIi
material (3) and at the center of the magnetic conductive material (3), while the fine vJ fulcrum
of the straw (1) is lit They are facing each other in relation to the center of the cup. Then, the
core legs (M) and (56) connected to the yokes (5) and (6) respectively embellish the S pole with
the N pole and the S pole of the magnet (7). ! A coil (8) is wound around the core legs p, '3 (屡) to
form a solid magnetic circuit which projects the conductive material (3) into the air gap.
Promptly, if it vibrates by tracing the sound groove of the inner lever (1) cord, the magnetically
conductive material (3) or the vibration fulcrum (vibrates around the center, the inside or the
yoke (5), (6J Scratching 俊 Soon to leave. As a result, the magnetic resistance of the magnetic
circuit changes, and the magnetic flux (Φ1) flowing through the magnetic circuit changes, and a
voltage which is improved to improve the magnetic resistance is visited at the coil (8). However,
it is generally difficult to vibrate the magnetically conductive material in the air gap between the
case where it passes # through the magnetically conductive material or the yoke and the case
where it retracts from the yoke. ! It is known that the bad balls of the magnetic resistance change
in l noodles are not equal. Even in the case of the rice-rice PI, when the canna lever (1) is
machined upward and when it is machined in one direction, it becomes a villa of resistance
resistance change of the magnetic first shell, Since the improvement of magnetic flux is not
symmetrical with respect to the middle point (0) of vibration like the oil taste shown by the
fourth bad symbol (Φ), the distortion is generated in the output, and the delicate Nisoi It has the
drawback of not being able to make The purpose of the P- rate field industry is to provide an
electronic transformation type tree that removes the above-mentioned point X, can reduce
distortion, and can obtain a high output voltage. The first picture & F'J will be described with
reference to the figure. In FIG. 2, (11 is a hammer, and a stylus (2) is used for 70 dead as in the
above-mentioned prior art, and a rod-shaped J-shaped or via-like magnetic conductive material
(3) is used for cutting. A fixed support member (4) made of an elastic material is inserted at the
center of the magnetically conductive material (3).
And the canna lever (4) is vibratably fixed to the main body so that the center of the isomagnetic
material (3) is the fine movement fulcrum (9 scream, U υ, (b), C13, C11, μs, Oo is a yoke, and
the front yoke 1 (9), cries, C1 四, four squeezes the opening angle of 90 ° each other so as to
surround the IFJ body of the magnetic guide and the upper material (3), and the magnetic guide
material (3) Similarly, the rear yoke α 4, ◆ ◆, (6), and 4 face the temporary yoke of the
magnetic conductive material (3). The above-mentioned yokes: (9J to qfj, rear yokes (9), (E, old,
(G)) located above the magnetically conductive material (3) are all recore legs <9a), (++ a ), (131),
(+51 L) and is Ci stone (7) or Nm1S , and is located at Ti of the conductive material (3), Y ,
P- 屯 Q, α barrel , Qe are magnetically coupled to the S pole of the magnet (7) via the core legs
(IcXZ), (l boiling), (I dream), and (1φ), respectively. B, 1 N pole-core leg (9 α)-yoke (9)-lead Iia
material (3)-3-ts-r N (14 G)-8 pole, (1) N pole-core leg ( 1 漱)-Yoke Q3-Magnetic conductive
material (3)-Yoke shout-Core leg (10a)-8 poles, (1311 pole-Core leg (11α)-Yoke mill-4 magnetic
material (3)-Yoke α0-core leg (+ 6a) -8 poles-[] V) N pole-core leg (+5 d) -yoke (15-conductive
material (3) -yoke α-one core leg (1 person) 4 poles having a route of 8 poles A magnetic circuit
will be formed. Here, αη, 翰, f ′ ′ L (I) are coils wound around each magnetic F 2 J 鮎. Next,
the operation of the embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. FIG. 3 only shows
10,000 channels of the left e right channel, and the parts corresponding to the 2I and iI are
assigned the same-sign. As shown in the figure, in this power supply, two magnetic circuits are
provided per one channel C, and when the stylus (2) moves upward around the vibration fulcrum
[F] of the canna lever (1), As for the first magnetic circuit, the magnetic flux material (3) is: + +-=-)
yoke (9), approaching a4 and the magnetic flux (1 1) gradually increases, and -10,000 second +
In the air circuit, the magnetic conductive material (3) recedes from the yoke CI0, and the
magnetic flux (Φ2) gradually decreases. The state of the former province is shown by a symbol
(Φ,) in FIG. 4 and the state of the rear right is represented by a symbol <Φ (Φ2). In addition, the
vertical axis is the magnetic flux flowing in the air movement results, and the horizontal axis is
the displacement amount of the canna lever (1). 【, Center point (the center of 01 is the canna
lever (1) upward, left Are the same (see below (I shows the meeting).
(1) As shown in Fig. 4, coil α power and α peak shown in Fig. 3 are made conductive or
visitable respectively by the change of magnetic flux accompanying displacement of the clamp
par (1), but the 1 iE pressure is Because they are opposite to each other, they are followed by
coils αη, α 埋 embedded #, and at each coil, the induced electrical conductivity of the bet is
added to be met. Therefore, the change of the magnetic flux flowing per channel is as indicated
by the sign (Φ, ψ2) at the fourth rAU. -Since the operation of one 不 不 ヤ ン ヤ ン 全 く 全 く is
also identical, the description is omitted. According to the above real & Fj, the magnetic circuit of
21 gangs P7 is formed per one nannel, and the induced voltages applied in each magnetic circuit
are added to each other. The straightness can be improved and improved like a curb edge, and it
is possible to obtain a faithful yayoi sound with less distortion. : I, the air gap of the magnetic
circuit, the yoke pair of the P conductor of the conductive material (3), ie the yoke (9) and the
yoke, the yoke (B) and the yoke, the yoke C13 and the yoke CI4 and the yoke ( G) and the yoke
CIQ are arranged so as to be different from each other, the displacement of the conductive IE
material (3) can change the magnetic flux flowing through the magnetic circuit with good
response, and hence the response is excellent You can Furthermore, since the coils are provided
for each of the two magnetic circuits per one channel, there are various effects that the output
voltage value becomes superior to the conventional one. Like a savior, according to the seasonwinter room, it is possible to perform faithful reproduction with less distortion, and to
manufacture an 11 L magnetic-type transformation tree that can obtain high output power a. In
addition, the home business is not limited to the above-mentioned 4II construction and shape in
the boat, and it is not even possible that various stylistic changes can be made without departing
from the scope of the registered water supply .
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