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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing the speaker of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a top
view of a diaphragm used for the speaker, FIG. Is a cross-sectional view of the leader line of the
voice coil. 15 ··· Field field, 20 · · · · · Frame · 22 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · voice coil, 25 · · · · · · · Yump, 26
······································ Resin film, 29 ········································ Relay lead wire.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention uses a flame retardanttreated diaphragm, 1 '"-" 1 "" C "7 N (X: z / # (7)" l IBM & j (7) A resin bond which is resistant to
chemicals, water, and flame retardancy is interposed on the contact surface with the tc2 moving
plate in order to prevent disconnection due to corrosion of the lead wire. In general, the speaker
is configured as shown in FIG. That is, the frame 6 is coupled to the field portion 6 constituted by
the plate 2 provided with the center pole 1, the ring-shaped Macnet 3 and the ring-shaped upper
plate 4, and the gasket 7 and The peripheral portion of the diaphragm 8 is adhesively bonded,
the voice coil 9 is coupled to the central portion of the diaphragm 8, the middle portion of the
voice coil 9 is supported by the damper 10, and the magnetic gap 11 of the field portion 5 is
Make sure that the voice coil 9 fits in correctly, further attach a dust cap 12 on the upper surface
of the central part of the diaphragm 8, pull out both ends of the coil of the voice coil 9 to the
middle of the diaphragm 8, and then middle the diaphragm 8 The relay lead wire 14 which
consists of -1 gold thread wire by which one end was connected to the termina 1v13 of the flame
¦ frame 6 is connected to the part, and the structure 29 is comprised. (3) In such a speaker,
recently, a large input is applied to the voice coil 9 to be heated and ignited to cause a fire, and
the bobbin of the voice coil 9 is formed of metal foil. It is strongly required that the diaphragm 8
be subjected to the treatment for the incombustibility as well, and the speaker corresponding to
the request is also started to be realized. As a flame retardant treatment of the diaphragm 8, the
diaphragm 8 is mainly impregnated with a phosphoric acid-based flame retardant. However, the
phosphoric flame retardants have the property of corroding metals, and this tendency is
particularly remarkable for copper, in particular. Therefore, it is possible that the lead wire of the
coil of poiskoi v9 is closely drawn to the diaphragm 8 and that the connection portion with the
relay lead wire 14 is positioned at the middle portion of the diaphragm 8 by the phosphoric acid
flame retardant As a result, the lead wire and the connection portion are corroded, the possibility
of causing a break is very strong, and the reliability is poor. The uninvention eliminates the
above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. No J'T "1"? : Io 'will be described with reference to
FIG. First, in FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, reference numeral 15 is a field section, and this field section 15
comprises a plate 17 having a center pole 16, a ring-shaped It is configured. Although the field
section 16 shown here is called an external magnet type, it is an internal magnet type configured
by incorporating a columnar macnet or a laminated body of a columnar macnet and a pole piece
in a wedge shaped yoke. The field section of the
A frame 20 is connected to the field portion 16, and a peripheral edge of the diaphragm 220
which is subjected to a flameproofing process together with the gasket 21 is connected to the
peripheral edge of the frame 20 by an adhesive. A voice coil 23 is coupled to the center of the
diaphragm 22. The middle portion of the voice coil 23 is supported by the tamper 24 and the
lower portion of the voice coil 23 is biased to the magnetic gap 26 of the field section 16. It is
embarrassing without you. ♂1! The lead wires 626 at both ends of the coil of the voice coil 23
are drawn upward along the coil bobbin of the poscoy v23, and are drawn to the middle along
the upper surface of the diaphragm 22. On the surface of the diaphragm 22 from which the lead
wire 26 is drawn, a film 27 made of a synthetic resin rich in chemical resistance, water
resistance, and flame retardancy, for example, a fluororubber resin, is formed in a fan shape.
Direct contact between the lead 22 and the lead wire 26 is prevented. The lead wire 26 is
connected to the relay point 28 provided on the synthetic resin film 27, and the other end of the
relay lead wire 30 formed of a gold wire or the like is connected to the terminal 29 provided on
the frame 20. It is done. Further, the upper surface rtc of the central portion of the diaphragm 22
is attached with a tight cap 31. As another embodiment, instead of forming the synthetic resin
film 27 on the diaphragm 22, as shown in FIG. 4, a copper wire 32 is provided with an insulating
film 33 such as enamel as a lead wire 26, and further thereon. What provided resin films 27,
such as fluororubber resin, may be used. ノ°O1+Ii[o4oid °″
This is advantageous in the case of 6, and an efficient speaker can be obtained. That is, in the
present invention, a synthetic resin film 27 excellent in chemical resistance, water resistance, and
flame retardancy may be provided between the flame retardant-treated diaphragm 22 and the
lead wire 26. As described above, since the speaker of the present invention is configured, even if
there is a pinhole or the like in the insulating film of the lead wire, it is not corroded by the flame
retardant of the diaphragm, and the connection with the relay lead wire It is of great practical
value, such as the protection of the department and its ability to be used for long-term use.
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