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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a pink amplifier
according to the present invention. Description of main reference numerals, 1 ...... stylus, 2 ......
feeling E · · · lead, 3a, 3b ...... metal layer, 6, 7, 8 ... .... Adhesive layer. 1-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present discussion relates to the quality of
pickups for disk drives. And <1: conductive "are designed so that pressure-sensitive elements 圧
two electrical and mechanical can be reliably connected to provide the next pickup. In this type
of pickup, a comb having a tambour action is interposed between the pressure sensing element
and the pressure sensing element so that unnecessary vibration from the holding member is not
transmitted to the pressure sensing element. In order to reduce the number, one lead uses a
conductive comb as the comb to substitute the holder. The conductive comb and the pressuresensitive element were constant in height with a conductive adhesive, in other words, one based
on Epo-Naka-shi gift and one chain or conference powder. . Since the wetting dimorphism
(friendliness) of the agent ζ j 砿 j コ ム j com is hired, it is a fine-0.2-0.2 謔 4 castle # side of the
O O distribution # side The electrical connection between the two was not necessarily sufficient.
In the case of this O 4 turtle injection comb · 1st order is heat resistant conductive fluorine comb
(resistivity 50 m 2-1) t コ ム The comb is a serious meaning pot with 4 hands As the adhesive
layer [the forming friction, the surface of the comb is 4 tortoise adhesive and the rubber 沸 no
boiling point of boiling water is formed into the insulation bar of one tank in the dark of the 5-5
kick portion It is because there are n times and 4 而 Y ± becomes very stupid. In addition, the
lifting platform: Yotsu C may have a strong bond after bonding, and a crack n # of the wire layer
I- may also be produced by one river shoulder, and in any case, the front treatment of the 16
front opening And 炸 J) N thermal conditions and so on, if not nd well. In view of the above
points, the unthinking is 4 @ type j, the iBc is destroyed, 4 well-charged materials such as
sparrow are used, and the followings are used to electrically connect this comb and the pressuresensitive element. Pickle mechanical ≦: also provided. FIG. 111I is a perspective view of a tatami
mat portion perspective view 5 of a pickup according to the present invention. (1) shows a stylus,
(2) shows a pressure-sensitive element, (3) shows a four-jump, a Hp holding body, and a sixteenwaxed box. Style electrode and one electrode (2a) of the reed @ & i pressure-sensitive element 1:
glued with an adhesive. + 61i indicates the contact S layer. The other Wm (2b) of the sense 8E
confection is the gold jE'ill (Sa) f deposited on the 配 1f pillar jjm: 4i% Tl knee vr; if '? '! Thus, the
carrier is bonded to the self-deposited metal layer (5b) of the conductive layer j by means of a
conductive ## adhesive.
C7) and 181 are the respective adhesive layers 1). In addition, conductive com! Deposition of a
metal layer on 31: A well-known deposition method can be adopted (the deposition conditions
are, for example, the surface of a 411 comb is wiped and cleaned with a 4 @ solvent and
thoroughly dried while heating to about 200 ° C. while being heated It is sufficient to thermally
fix the soot vapor as a layer of several thousands of Am on the surface of the j. In this manner, a
uniform adhesive agent is applied to the metal layer covered on the conductive layer 1 to
measure the FE element or holder straight: 11 &, when it is determined, the conductive adhesive
is easy to be applied to the metal III. , I * fm biconductive I # B is a partial bond: electrostatic
particles and their aphids and (the effective of the adhesion layer in two parts, even if the term 4
is reduced, one of the comb O metal layer The pressure-sensitive bulky electrode → or → of the
support is completely eaten (: 4--; and t'LnVi scorching, its lead MI! In fact, one reliability of
electrical junctions is great. * In addition, from the point of ga degree <a mechanical class
completion association) of arrogantly watched, the metal layer is imported carefully; Cracks in
the skin layer caused by the distribution L of the outer layer oH- of the j-th layer can be
prevented by the gold layer provided on both sides of the layer.
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