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Patent Office Director 名称 Name of Invention 2 Inventor Patent Applicant the same 3, Patent
Applicant 4 List of Appendices (1) Description W 1 (2) Requests Subsidiary 1f1 '2 ■ ■ Japan
Patent Office 0 Open Sho 52-664190 published Nissho 52. (1977) 6.1 Internal No. 1alt, ff, the
name of the invention and the name of the invention the diaphragm for the speaker
Yokunn Dauban Loudspeaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a
speaker in which the physical properties of the silicon carbide fiber are skillfully utilized to form
a mixed sheet with excellent vibration characteristics. The silicon carbide fiber obtained by
bonding silicon and fiber has a Young's modulus of 3 × 10′′Dine / Qm ′ at a thickness of 1
to 10 microns, and the Young's modulus of paper pulp fiber is 0.98 × 10 A speaker diaphragm
having a Young's modulus much larger than that of the conventional product can be obtained by
mixing the paper valve fiber with a nail having a size several nails larger than dyne / cm. And the
speaker incorporating such a fine movement plate can obtain high radiation efficiency with little
distortion. Since the specific gravity of silicon carbide fiber is z 92, it is larger than the specific
gravity of paper valve fiber 0.2 to 0.3, but by appropriately selecting the mixing ratio, the mass
of the diaphragm product is increased to the left Without it, the Young's modulus can be
increased significantly, and the loss factor can be chosen to be 7 degrees Celsius. Then, silicon
carbide fiber is blended with 1 paper pulp fiber by using an inorganic adhesive such as epoxy,
polyester, melamine or other molecular compound such as melamine or an aqueous solution of
sodium borate as a binder, and a firm tangle is completed. Thus, a speaker diaphragm is
obtained, which is composed of a mixed fiber layer having excellent vibration performance. Since
such mixing of fibers and mixing of a ligating agent can be carried out simply by one in the fiber
beating process or in the paper making tank, the manufacturing cost of the # 1 & Ax is almost
the same as in the past. . In addition, the layer of paper valve fiber and the layer of silicon carbide
fiber are doubly stacked, or a sandwich structure of three layers is made as a diaphragm so as to
increase the rigidity of the end page as a diaphragm, to divide the speaker. The vibration
frequency is high, and the diaphragm's vibration range is expanded, so the reproduced sound of
the speaker is. The sound quality is very good with no distortion and no peculiarity.
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