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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic view of the mechanism of the
present device, and FIG. 2 is an operation circuit diagram of the same device. Fig. 1-35-Fig. 5-2
correction. . 21 Correct the drawing as follows. Figure 1 Figure 2-36-
Detailed Description of the Invention The invention relates to a zero recording level adjustment
device. When using a bell ringing device for stereo bell sound 碌 When the sound source itself is
in stereo, looking at the level meter = 1 ll ll I is very difficult to adjust, and 0 例 え ば eg stereo
tuner amplifier output stereo State (1) 2 as it is recorded, when trying to adjust the level If there
is an input difference between the left and right channels If you move the volume to move the
left and right by (K) level Kfi this time the same level signal from the recording source side In
consideration of the points that are inconvenient when entering, the record button is pressed to
drive the tape, and so-called, in the case of so-called recording associate bond soda, the input
signal is made monaural and the swing of the left and right level meter is made At the same time,
the left and right unbalances are eliminated by increasing the λ force signal level to a higher
level, and when recording, K is arranged to be in the form of stereo 111. This will be described
with reference to the sugar N121 and FIG. 2. In the conventional recording level adjusting device,
the switch 2 is not provided, and the input signal introduced from the input terminal 8.9 in FIG.
Although adjusting by .5 and swinging the needle of level meter 6.7, the device from the input
terminal 8.9 can simultaneously adjust both meters by simultaneous Km, but the device of the
proposal So to solve this point, Su-47f2t "! When the stereo bell sound device is prepared for
recording, the stereo input signal introduced from input terminal シ (わ 8.9 is recognized by
switch 2 VC and the level meter 6.7 is mono At this time, when the first play button 3 is pressed,
the sap forwarder 8 opens the second movement switch 2 in the direction of the blank A. ここで
1はマグネットとし、スイッチ2の!! One of the contacts of each contact is attracted to it and
both contacts are released. Therefore, by pressing the play button, the switch 2 is turned off, and
this unit can make a normal stereo af. That is, according to the present invention, the level meter
6.7 can be set to the highest signal level of the stuttering high power signal, and the level of the
subsequent stereo recording 凋. Adjustment is easy.
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