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Patent Director General Hideo Saitoh Hall y y y 璽 V V 重 V V VyF パ パ 発 0 "0 name
Electroacoustic transducer diaphragm address Tokyo Akishima City 512 address Miyazawacho
Address 布 182 Tokyo Chofu City Kojimacho No. 261-6 Chofu Coporus Room No. 205 [Phase]
Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 52-427190 published
Japanese Patent Application No. 52. (1977) 4.2. Japanese Patent Application <; o − // 7 乙 / f /
It is necessary to increase the serial number 2 May 04 in the office. This is the name of the corn
paper invention
Electroacoustic transducer diaphragm
The present invention mixes and fabricates a fiber produced by spinning and firing an
organosilicon compound into a natural fiber 1 synthetic fiber or metal fiber, has high elasticity,
and has a desired internal loss. The electroacoustic transducer diaphragm (2). Heretofore, in this
type of diaphragm, natural fibers are often beaten and formed by paper forming. However,
natural fibers have low tensile modulus of single fiber, and in order to increase the stiffness as a
cone paper, the freeness of the fiber (Schopper-Riegler method (2)) is increased, and the density
of fiber consolidation increases. There is a drawback that the internal loss is reduced and good
frequency characteristics can not be obtained. In order to ameliorate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, it has been proposed to incorporate glass fiber with high elasticity, fired graphite
fiber, aromatic polyamide fiber in corn paper. All of these have a tensile modulus of 23,000 "/"
KM "or less, and as fibers having a tensile modulus of 30,000" / I or more, vapor phase graphite,
silicon carbide quisker or the like. Although there is boron and the like, these have the
disadvantage that the diameter 9 strength of the fiber becomes uneven. The present invention
has been proposed to ameliorate these drawbacks, and spinning and baking an organosilicon
compound having a molecular weight of about 1500 to 4500 (= cutting a continuous fiber
produced thereby, natural fibers such as pulp, Alternatively, it is an object of the present
invention to aim at a diaphragm for a speaker having high elasticity and suitable internal loss, as
compared with synthetic fibers and metal fibers C.
Electroacoustic transducer diaphragm
The following will describe the present invention in detail. End page: 1 degree high solvent (2
high viscosity viscous liquid and spun) polycarbosilane having a molecular weight of about 1,500
and viscosity is obtained by baking (for example, heat treatment at 1500 ° C.) A 15 μ fiber was
cut into about r 51 111 length C and a bifurcated fiber, weight ratio C: a binder of 5% rubber
latex type and 3% aluminum sulfate were mixed, paper was made, and it was molded and dried
by heat press. A comparison of the modulus of elasticity of the corn paper thus obtained with the
conventionally used carbon-containing aromatic polyamide fiber-containing corn paper and
100% kraft pulp corn paper is shown in Table 1 (;; TABLE 1 Elastic modulus E (G content 10%
carbon fiber content 2.0 present invention product 2.5 aromatic polyamide fiber lO% content L6
Kraft valve 100% LO As apparent from Table 1, according to the present invention Carbon fibercontaining corn paper (= a relatively large elastic modulus is used. The molecular weight of the
organosilicon compound used in the present invention is practically limited to about 4,500, and
when the molecular weight is increased from this, it can not be used for dry spinning or melt
spinning because it is liquid or rubbery. The product of the present invention is slightly smaller
in internal loss and brighter in sound quality than those using carbon fiber and aromatic
polyamide fiber, and has preferable properties as a diaphragm for an electroacoustic transducer.
Patent applicant Foster Electric Co., Ltd. Attorney Takayama, Toshio Takayama, husband '6,
address of inventor other than the above address Tokyo Miyazakicho, Akishima-shi, Tokyo No.
512 Foster Electric Co., Ltd. EndPage: 2
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