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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing the use means of the present
invention. E · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1 sound signal interconversion device, 5 · · · · · · · · · · insertion part.
Figure 1 Figure 2 1 Figure 105
[Detailed description of the invention] Ear 41i which will be a transmitter lid @ as it is inserted in
the earhole of the invention. ! Type handset. In general, devices that convert electrical signals
into sound waves (receivers) Representative devices of devices that convert heavy sound waves
into electrical signals (transmitters), regardless of crystal type, dynamic type, or capacitor type,
are mitarophones, speakers, Headphones, earphones, etc. exist. こ1ig+さ、′l□−。 □-'(It
is not preferable to use the handset and the transmitter together as they are for the sake of
reducing the efficiency. Especially in the case of a transceiver etc. that you want to use it as an
earphone t-transmitter while it is inserted in the earphone hook hole for the handset, for example
0 when both hands etc. can not be used for the other works Because having a microphone is an
inconvenient case, if the earphone is used as a microphone, the earphone can be used as a
telephone handset by switching the electric circuit. However, when the ear display is used as a
transmitter, the sound wave propagating through the ear canal is extremely small, so external
noise can be detected, the sensitivity is poor, and the sensitivity is poor, or clarity Has the
disadvantage of causing In order to eliminate the defects of the upper eyelid, the present
invention integrally forms the insertion portion and the main body inserted into the external
auditory canal of the bowl-shaped handset by means of a medium excellent in sound wave
propagation, Since the sound wave-electric signal interconversion device is installed, the sound
wave transmitted to the insertion part can be transmitted well to the air conversion part of the
conversion II yellow, and it is possible to grow in the shooting @ part and the tiger sound wave is
also good Can be propagated to the ear canal and also Kll! The purpose is to provide a typetamper t--to a very simple and secure t-ear #, since the operation can be done using a medium.
One real tIa! -Explain. In FIG. 1, the bag is an II 'bowl-shaped transmission / reception device, and
the body of this * t 4 is formed of a medium 3 capable of transmitting sound waves well, for
example, a deformable member such as silicone rubber. A sound wave-electric signal
interconversion bait is embedded inside the body. ! Is O insertion port because it is inserted in
the ear canal. In addition, you may make it attach pre-delivery repacking injection ¦ spray-$ and 2 'to the exterior 11 of the main body. Here, the insertion S of the upper ear ring type
transmitting and receiving ring! Is inserted into the ear canal, and an electric signal is given from
the amplifier 4 shown in FIG. 111 to the converter-and the electric current is switched to the
electric sound by the current load. In this reading, the medium J is transmitted and the tympanic
membrane is different, and the reception can be performed without any problem. Next, when
transmission is performed, the switch 7 is switched to the contact in the upper side in the figure
by a control 1111 circuit (not shown).
On the other hand, part of the voice is bone marrow when emitting voice for transmitting.
Muscles, skin, etc., reach the ear canal, insane part! The mobile unit of the conversion device Hiro
is photographed via the medium J of the above and converted into an electric signal. This
electrical signal is supplied to the stationary amplifier tvC and increased to a predetermined
value. As described above, since the present earlobe-type transmission / reception pair does not
have a fee for producing the main body with the conventional body formation tree, etc., it is
made with the medium J for transmitting the sound wave well and carrying 1) It is extremely
easy and inexpensive to manufacture, and moreover, transmission and reception can be
performed without any problem. As described above, according to the present invention, the
phased insertion system inserted into the ear canal is integrally formed of a medium excellent in
sound wave propagation, and the gold film As a matter of fact, the sound wave at the time of
transmission and reception can be well transmitted to the ear canal and the conversion device,
and furthermore, the production can be made extremely simple by the north wall to the
conventional device, and an inexpensive earlobe-type transmission cost speaker can be obtained.
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