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3. Patent applicant address 22-22, Nagaikecho, Abeno-ku, Osaka Name (504) Sharp Corporation
Representative, representative, Hakuasai, 4 agent, Address: 5452, Nagaikecho, Abeno-ku, Osaka
5-5, catalog of accompanying documents (1) Details! 1 Customs clearance document [Phase]
Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 52-389170 (1977) 3.25
Office serial number number mememe 111 reluctance and degree of decay of water repellence)
is its treatment j1 order L name of the invention
Method of manufacturing speaker diaphragm
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a speaker capable of simultaneously imparting the flammability
and the water repellency. Heretofore, methods of imparting flame retardancy to speaker
diaphragms made of natural cellulose such as pulp and the like, and methods of treating with
water-soluble flame retardants are generally known. However, when processing the stock by the
above-mentioned method, there is a drawback that the water resistance is greatly changed
because the water repellant treatment is often performed before the flame retardant treatment or
after the deflagration treatment in order to impart water repellency to the stock. That is, in the
case of l, after the difficult water treatment. When the surface of the stock is covered with the
water repellent molecules, the flame retardancy is deteriorated, while the water repelling
treatment is carried out on the other hand. It is very difficult to treat with water-soluble flame
retardants and it is difficult to cause uneven processing Jt! The water repellency of the rosin-size
paper stock fixed by the L acid band almost completely loses the water repellency after the flame
retardant treatment, and the treatment with the synthetic polymer water repellent agent [the
water repellency is also greatly degraded There was a drawback. Since the present invention
does not eliminate the drawbacks described in the above, the present invention provides a
method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm that simplifies the processing steps and
simultaneously obtains desired flame retardancy and water repellency. is there. Hereinafter, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described along with processing steps. First, an
aqueous solution EndPage of a water-soluble organophosphorus flame retardant: 1100 parts and
50 parts of an aqueous solution of a silicon-based water repellent are mixed in a ratio of 2: 1.
Adjust the processing solution. 11. Impregnate the dried stock composed of natural celrose such
as pulp with this processing solution 11. It heat-molds and manufactures the diaphragm for
speakers. Does the silicon-based water repellent used here react with the components of the
flame retardant found in other rosin-based synthetic / polymer-based sizing agents #?
Chemically stable, The gelation of the mixed treatment solution does not occur at all. Further,
since the releasability of the stock at the time of ripening is improved, the heat tackiness of the
flame retardant containing the phosphorus component is particularly reduced. In the present
invention, since the flame retardant and the water repellent agent are uniformly coated since the
flame retardant and the water repellent are coated like a 叙 P, the% water resistance is improved
along with the flame retardancy and the t speaker Get a diaphragm · (3) EndPage: 2
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