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Patent Office official officer: Saito Kakadon 1 · invention name 3D sound generation device 2,
invention 1 person 4, agent 〒 [phase] Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application LaidOpen No. 52-153010 Japanese Patent Application No. 52. (1977)2. -4 ■ Japanese
Patent Application No. Jg [phase] Application date 50. (197G) 7, 2r examination request (all three
pages) Office serial number number specification 1, name of the invention stereophonic sound
generating device 2 sets of 2 sets of speakers in a row at the same location, each set of speakers
A three-dimensional sound generator characterized in that it is connected so as to operate in
opposite directions to each other, and cuts off part of the generated sound that is emitted
forward from the speakers at the left and right opposite positions of each pair of speakers.
2, the scope of claims
6. Detailed Description of the Invention The three-dimensional sound generating device of the
present invention sounds as if it were generated from the left and right distant positions by
placing a plurality of speakers at the same place and generating the sound, It is necessary to put
the speakers apart in the left and right position, ie, two pairs of speakers are arranged in a row at
the same position, and each pair of speakers are connected to operate in reverse directions, each
pair The speaker is characterized by blocking a part of the occurrence of coming out from the
speaker at the opposite position of the left and right of the speaker. Next, referring to il and FIG.
2, the speakers 1, 2 and 1 ', 2' are respectively arranged in the lateral direction and placed at the
upper and lower positions. Speakers 1.2 and 1. The ', 2' wire rings 3.4 and 3 ', 4' 'are connected
in the reverse direction to the input terminals. Sound insulation plates 5 and 5 'are provided on
the front of the speakers 2 and 1' to block part of the generated sound. The positions of the
sound insulation plates 5, 5 'are made variable so that the sound insulation performance can be
adjusted. The filaments 3, 4 and 3 ', 4' may be connected in parallel or in series. Even if the
speakers 1, 2.1 ', 2' are attached to a common speaker box, the speakers 1.. Alternatively,
speakers 1, 2 and I 'can be attached to a common speaker box for each I' and 2.2 '. Each 2 'may
be attached to a separate speaker box. Next, the operation will be described. The output terminal
of the left sound source is connected to the input terminal 6.7 of the speaker 1.2 along with the
speaker, and the input terminals 6 'and 7 of the speakers 1' and 2 '. Similarly, connect the output
terminal of the sound source on the right side to EndPage: 1. Since the rings 3 and 4 of the left
and right speakers 1 and 2 are connected in the reverse direction with respect to the input
terminals 6 and 7, the cone of the speaker 1.2 shoots in the reverse direction for the same audio
current, The sounds produced cancel each other, but the sound is produced although the volume
is actually reduced. And, as a result of blocking a part of the sound generated from the speaker 2
by the sound insulation board 5, the sound seems to be emitted from the position further to the
left than the position of the speaker 1. Similarly, the sound emitted from the speakers 1 'and 2'
sounds like it is emitted from a position further to the right than the position of the speaker 2 '.
Thus, the sound recorded at the left position toward the sounding body and the sound recorded
at the right position are farther to the left and to the right than the positions with the speakers
1.2.1 ′ ′ and 2 ′, respectively. The sound is heard with a three-dimensional effect because it
can be heard from a distant position of the person.
Fang 3 is a front view showing a state in which four bass speakers 8 and four treble speakers 9
are used. Since the stereophonic sound generator of the present invention has two sets of two
speakers arranged in a row, and the speakers of each set are connected to operate in the reverse
direction, the sounds emitted from the speakers of each set cancel each other out. To produce a
sound with a reduced volume, and to block part of the sound emitted from one of the speakers,
so that the sound source is farther to the right or to the left of the position of the speakers It can
be heard. Therefore, it is easy to install because it is not necessary to place the speakers at the
left and right distant positions, and one speaker box is enough, which is inexpensive. If built into
a radio receiver or television receiver cabinet, stereo broadcasts can be received without the need
for separate speakers. In addition, it is particularly convenient in a narrow space such as the
inside of a car.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings Fig. 1 is a front view of a three-dimensional sound generator
according to the present invention, Fig. 12 is a wiring diagram, and Fig. 6 is a front view of
another embodiment. 1.2.1 ', 2' varnish beaker 3.4.3 ', 4': wire ring 5.5 ': sound insulation board
5-o 1 figure 2 end page: 2 fan 3 figure 6. Other Agents EndPage: 3
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