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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are a perspective view and a crosssectional view of an example of a conventional speaker box, and FIGS. 2a and 2b respectively
show an embodiment of a speaker box according to the present invention. FIG. 3 is a perspective
view and a sectional view of an essential part, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view of an essential part
showing another embodiment of the speaker box according to the present invention. 2 · · · Side
plate, 3 · · · back plate, 4a ˜ 4c · · · · · · · 5 · a · 5c · · · · · · · · · · · · baffle plate, 6a to 6c · · · · for high,
middle, bass Baffle plate, 7 ... projecting member. Fig. 1 (a) (b)-81-actual practice 51-98534 (2)
Fig. 2 (8) Fig. 3-82-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention is an improvement K11 of the
speaker box. In recent years, with the development of audio technology, the performances of
record players, tape decks, tuners, preamplifiers, main amplifiers and speakers have been
improved in a seamless manner, and it becomes possible to listen to Oranashi O sound
parodyically easily. Rice nine. And each of these devices are also excellent in decorative and
design-many are made by the Emperor-Ha-)), and in recent years, the development for the
speaker box has become remarkable in i Ru. That is, there are many commercially available socalled speaker systems in which a speaker such as a woofer, a squawker or a tweeter is collected
inside a speaker box. 11th! II (轟)-) is a perspective view showing an example of the abovementioned conventional speaker system and a cross-sectional view of the main part-mtllIm by a
flat baffle plate 1 arranged in front, a side plate 2 and a back plate 3 The speaker box is
configured. The baffle plate IK of this speaker box is formed with three large, medium, and small
holes 4a to 4c, and the back side of the baffle plate 1 is a tweeter so that the openings of the
holes 4a to 4C are orange. , Each woofer speaker S ウ ー 5 · · l1ii! 1れて−る。 However, the
speakers configured in this way-each speaker of Teha, tweeter, Skoca, and Woofer! In order to be
fixed to the same image of the same baffle plate 1 to 1 to 5 at IX, the sound emitted from each of
the speakers 5a-se resonates, and the mass effect is generated)-'-produced to deteriorate the
sound quality It will Moreover, in the above-mentioned nine speakers, since the baffle plate
wheel is determined based on the size of the woat, the tweeter which is smaller than the wow · 1
h size, and the baffle surface located around the squawker are It will increase. However, the best
Vhq performance is obtained when the baffle plate size L1 and the size suitable for the speaker
are used, and as described above, in the structure in which the baffle surface is in inverse
proportion to the size of the speaker, all Small enough to get a sufficient baffle effect for the
speakers. Furthermore, as described above, when the baffle direction located around the tweeter
or squawker is broadened, various defects such as a drop in the directivity% injection of the high
sound portion are included in the bowl. This invention is made in view of the above-mentioned
situation, and the purpose is to provide a speaker box which prevented a fall of sound quality.
Another one of the devices according to this invention is to provide a sufficient baffle effect and
to provide 喪 ビ ー J J t j l K k.
In order to achieve such an object, the speaker box according to the present invention has the
buckle plate at the portion to which the middle and high-tone speaker is attached is made smaller
and projected onto the screen. Hereinafter, the speaker box according to the present invention
will be described on a face-to-face basis. FIG. 2 (@-) is a perspective view showing an embodiment
of the speaker box according to the present invention and To31 in the main part 1FIIIi view,
which is the same part employee symbol as FIG. In the figure, i′′c 6 is a baffle plate disposed
on the m-plane of the speaker box), and this baffle plate 6 is divided into a middle high-pitched
baffle plate 1 and a bass baffle plate 6b. In this case, the middle-high-pitched baffle plate a has a
small shape and is cast in the middle-high-pitched speaker, and casts in InJ +, a fold, a middlehigh-pitched O baffle @aa, a speaker box OII plate 2 It is fixed to the tip ■ of the contact member
T that protrudes while being pressed in the direction of jIIIIi. In this case, the baffle plate @a for
middle and high-pitched sound and the baffle plate for low-pitched sound, and the speaker fitted
to the diagnosis device are provided with the fitting holes 4 轟 to 4C respectively), eg-)-"- For
example, the speakers 5a to 5C are fixed so as to prevent the holes 41 & 4C from the inside, and
a sealed speaker system is configured. In the speaker box configured as described above, a bass
baffle plate 6b to which the woofer speaker 5c is fixed, a tweeter, and a medium-high-tone baffle
plate 6 to which a squawker sneaker 5m or 5b is fixed. As a result, there is no interference
between the low-pitched sound and the middle-high-pitched sound, and along with this, the
generation of the masking effect is prevented, and the same buying of sound occurs. Further, in
this case, the middle high and low sound baffle plate 6a and the bass buckle plate 6b are not only
separated in a plane but also are separately separated from the front side of the middle high and
low sound baffle plate 6 In addition, the separation effect is improved to large wheels than planar
separation. Further, in the speaker box of the above configuration, since the middle to high sound
baffle plate 6a is provided on the end face of the projecting member 1 made to decrease by 4
vcJi, the speakers $ a and 5b of the tweeter and squawker are provided. It will be a small shape
that fits. Therefore, the baffle effect in middle and high tone sounds the same, and the directivity
of middle and high tone becomes sharp as the middle and high tone baffle plate 6a is reduced.
The third bad thing shows another embodiment of the speaker box according to the present
invention, and the same parts as FIG. 2 use the same symbols.
In the same figure, the difference between lumps 2 and 2 is that the baffle plate 6m of the
portion to which the high-pitched speaker 5a is fixed protrudes more than the panfull plate 6b of
the portion to which the mid-sound speaker 5bt-i is determined. It is. In the speaker box
configured in this manner, the partial napping plates 6 & 6 C to which the speakers 5 a to 5 c are
fixed are separated from each other seven times (((, i It is reminiscent to prevent the sound
quality deterioration due to the skiffg effect more reliably. In the embodiment described above,
only the case where the baffle plate is shrunk and projected forward is described. However, the
present invention is not limited to this, and the baffle plate area is not reduced without being
reduced. In the size of the front (projecting friends are the same effect. As described above, the
speaker box according to the present invention is configured such that a part of the baffle plate
is protruded forward and the high sound speaker is fixed to the protruding part. There are
stylistically separated n for bass and treble, so that the interference of the sound is prevented
and the sound quality is improved accordingly. Further, according to this invention, a sufficient
baffle effect can be obtained because the size of the baffle plate provided in the projecting nine
portions can be set to be fixed to the fixed speaker. In addition, it has various excellent effects
such as being able to adjust the directivity II% of each sound range by changing the inclination of
the projecting member).
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