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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a telephone transmitter,
FIGS. 2 to 5 are drawings of a fragrance device according to an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view, and FIG. 4 is a plan view, and FIG. 5 is a central
longitudinal cross-sectional view of FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... mounting main body, 2
... spice-containing body, 3 ... lid, 4 ... opening part, 5 ... bottom part, 6 ... protrusion part, (gamma)
... penetration part, 8 ... Side wall portion, 9 ... character, mark, pattern, 10 ... through hole, 11 ...
through portion, 12 ... telephone transmitter, 13 ... pore, 14 ...・ Replacement department. -29Japanese Utility Model Application No. 51-86915 (2) Fang.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a fragrance for
telephone telephone attachment. The present invention provides a fragrance to a telephone user,
and t) to hold a telephone transmitter fragrance having an effect such as an advertisement, a
building, etc. What Next, the present invention will be described according to FIG. The fragrance
according to the invention consists of a mounting body (1), a fragrance-containing body (2) and a
lid (3). The mounting body (1) has a cylindrical shape, has an opening (4) at the upper end, and
has a plurality of protrusions which fit into the pores 03) of the bottom of the telephone
transmitter 02) in the P part (5) Project part (6) outward. In addition, a plurality of through holes
(7) of arbitrary shape are formed in the bottom (5) to allow transmission sound to pass. Through
part m'8 shape ≧ round, square, oval, linear, etc., as appropriate. A through portion may be
formed in the side wall portion (8) of the mounting body (1). The mounting body (1) is just
enough to be accommodated in the space enclosed by the bottom 05) and the inner wall (16) of
the telephone transmitter 02) and is molded in the usual way using plastic Make up. The flavorcontaining body (2) is formed into a disc by adding the flavor to the broom according to a
conventional method, and forms a bundle (a hole having a diameter of 00) through which the
transmitting sound passes in the center. The shape of the through hole is arbitrary, but 13 round,
square, square, etc. may be suitably middle. Letters, wrinkles, patterns etc. (9) are printed on the
top of the perfume-containing body (2). (2) The palate (3) forms a large number of transparent
parts 01) so that the transmitted sound passes through, and also allows the characters, marks,
patterns, etc. (9) printed on the upper surface of the fragrance-containing body (2) Using a
transparent plastic in the usual way. Permeable part (Ill's shape is arbitrary, but round, square,
square, linear, etc., should be inside appropriately. At the center of the lid (3), a transparent
plastic replacement part Q4) is detachably mounted. The shape of the replacement part is
arbitrary, and in the case of a circular shape, the replacement part is fitted or attached to the
through hole provided at the center of the lid according to the shape of the replacement part,
otherwise the lid According to the shape of the replacement part at the center of the hole, fit into
the through hole. In the replacement part, form a letter, a box, a pattern, etc. (9), and form a large
number of transmission links (old part) so that the transmission sound can pass. As the
replacement unit 04), various types of products may be manufactured, and desired ones may be
used as desired. In addition, when a character is printed on the upper surface of a fragrance ¦
flavor containing body (2) and a mark, a pattern, etc. are formed and formed in the replacement
part I, contrast is good. The lid (3) is mounted, that is, fitted or screwed into a 1. back mounting
body fl) O opening (4) in which the flavor-containing body (2) is placed in the mounting body (1).
(3) (To use the fragrance of the present invention, the protrusion (6) of the fragrance is fitted and
fixed to the pore 03 of the bottom (15) of the telephone transmitter 0). The fragrance device of
the present invention is to make the transmitter enjoy the fragrance, and to advertise the
characters printed on the spice-containing body, by looking at the characters, marks, patterns,
etc. formed in the replacement part at the center of the lid. There is an effect such as iron
making, manufacturing method is easy, and large ν can be produced inexpensively. And, the
molding of the replacement part is smaller than the mold and the manufacturing cost is small.
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