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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
an automatic sensitivity switching device of a microphone according to the present invention,
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along a line-of FIG. FIG. 6 is a configuration explanatory
view showing another embodiment of the present invention. 11 ······ Side plate, 14 ·······
Microphone holder, 22 E ··· External microphone. 1 1 59 1 54-82425 (2) FIG. 2 FIG. 3-60-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an eye-sword-like
switching device for a microphone used in a tape recorder. As an application of microphones in a
tape recorder, there are an internal microphone and an external microphone. The external
microphone uses the sensitivity K to record the target sound quality, and the internal microphone
has a high sensitivity to the sound source. 1え。、□、イ、。 s%yfテープ、。 The '54') j's
microphone holder is aimed at the right handed eye to make the function as an internal
microphone wait, but the complement used as an internal microphone has an eye-magnitude, A
There was a big fish that couldn't be a good edge. The above-mentioned defects were made in a
state where the external microphone is held by the microphone holder. The self-consciousness of
the microphone makes it possible to make the feeling of the microphone high. B: The screamer is
a slave. In the following, we will make a 4μ round of this figure and make a correction to this
paper. 411A & b: g2 Fig. 2 V 2 and 11 is an artist of the arp recorder woody, and this 1 j lll board
I J has a function of making a J 1 recess. These four parts 4+ have the above-mentioned + mj J
IJK = * holes f 'Bn, and this 4 holes no 411 Ilt- make the plate 13 face the side 3 and the -3 side
so as to close the dust 1)' II It is formed by screwing off, and alN. On the other hand, the sheet? It
is a microphone holder comprising an arm 17 projecting from the listed capital 1) of the base 15
and 4) from the listed capital 1) of the base 15 and having a microphone fork hole 16 inserted
therein. And Hishi foundation 15 is lfc in the upper row recess U? P)-'7-7 angle, f け f · · · · · · · · ·
support leg J 8 V that protrudes from the plate 13 so as to be freely movable There is. In
addition, a hole 19 is used in the central part of the Ageo-base 8v15, and a hole 20 == 9 in the
front plate 13 so as to correspond to 101 of 8MJ5, j-curve VCn or 1) 19 in this. It is broken.
Then, the actuator 22 is driven by the bottle 21 leached to V-3 (company) of the four holes 19 of
the upper T-α substrate 15 by the actuator 22. : 11 @ Freely held. The actuator 22 is energized,
for example, by means of an iron-type Q (not shown) to the chassis arm. Then, with this
additional cooperation, the actuator 22 gear portion q> -4 is in contact with the arm y 17 of the
arm 17 '01 @ shaped in April.
In this state, the upper part of the actuator 22-the rest of the-14-14 of the actuator 22 t projects
from the microphone V of the r-m 17, the F-curved portion of the hole 16 p, the actuator 22 ' The
end is raised in the through hole 20 of the scraping plate 13. In addition, 1iil Δ]] rule WJJ's Ichi
Illi '、, switch U is viewed, D switch, 7 の 1 ■ auxiliary piece 24 · tip, @ 4 temari' 1, c 丞 ˜ 150
times Acted early 22actor 22L ') 9 face part 5 (iJJψIll 鵠 = 上 た り ett ett l ettl JQ part · · 司 司 司
ム ム ム 、 ム が 1 t25, "裟 · j j-、, top 140嗟 -J to 嗟 -piece 24-1) 司 V 1 ° C. layer follower 26 is
used as 41a]. And, on his own switch 23 bar r pre-recorder book 1 j 9 this length was a miter
trap cut portion 1 A place (pa small r)] 4 were killed, this time · 4 hanging switch 23 Rion The
sword is used to cut down one piece of music, mike and beri, to cut or crush them. According to
the hsd microphone's self, no, according to the cutting device, the microphone holder of the FJ
section of the external microphone (42, bad 27), and the microphone 7 plus / minus 16 VC beast,
the actuator 22 is The M-4 part is pressed by the microphone 270F4 and is rotated about the pin
21 so that the field and the height of the switch 230 are connected to the product fixed contact
piece 26. Since the switch 23 is turned on by β, and the microphone sense and 琥 洛 t1 is moved
so as to damage the microphone sensitivity, the microphone microphone 27 is stable. When
Temple 111 I! IC acts as a circular microphone. ! 2 can be changed in the same way, 7
microphones mentioned above, 4 microphones as described above, by making a master J1 earn ·
1 merit along the microphone holder 14 □ and the IJT Jξ plate 13 / c in the upper side.・
Striking, self-recouping 15 and @ iJ 虻 虻 フ レ フ レ ー レ ー ト 13 着 Click on 着 28 λ, 9 ζ 9
ζ ≠ ≠ 0 150 150 + 41 41 41 41 − ε 肩 shoulder meat Among them, Ll), Si mountain j = i $ lx
which one set, to parlor to the priest, @ can be so I can * re 杆) S great things and one. / Xp, 央 央
-eye, niece, daughter 炙 Q1. Practical switch 23 桶 · microphone d-4 turn @ all tape recorder, $:
not within j, or can not be installed in an external microphone. し 48 48 48 小 48 小 48 外部 外
部 外部 外部 外部 30 外部 Kr Kr エ エ エ エ エ エ エ エ エ エ 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一
一 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 48 Kr Kr 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一.
An oil cukoil 32 is disposed. In the microphone coil 32, a back 41 tap 3, 1 is embedded. In this
microphone coil 320, the switch 34 is 4 self. In addition, the microphone (1 rule 1 l is received
111 and the microphone 4 core 1 · 1 1 self father 1) free edge can be cut to the f-lever, 75 Lj,
this microphone 35 outside the microphone t-b point Associate · Ma Omiya Yu Mic L 115 songs
are out running FIJT field. In addition, buckwheat-35Q ') My lid: 1. 7; I-2 [-iT sword of U-switch
74-Bit 71 is a hard bit. This switch Q47) 虜 1f I solid, built-in point 37 A 11 inside the
microphone coil 72, 司 A 33 1-5 5 +1 · ° C to one end of コ イ ル A δ 1-5 5 + 1 ° C It is. -Also
on, l self switch,? 4 9-car 4 H 3 g-1 microphone cord 40 1 A go-41. 42 million (The port of the n
capture of the n%, the line of the capture microphone coil 32 is in the wire. It is projected and
deceived. Bent to the above external microphone; o 7 = 1 microphone holder 44 not held in a
regular cap 4, m 41 heart of mike cord 40 → mike coil under, r r, 32 1 32 m 瑞 p ひ 中 (司 司 3.
1 '+ aj-> switch 34' ^ I 媚 1) ) E fire point 38, town hall (piece 36. An 11 tally circuit of the
heart 42 of the mike cord 40 is formed. At this time, the microphone coil 32 used for packaging
is in the form of negative sensitivity because it is not / J). Tape recorder wood 1 tree 43 · lll + [[ll
ll microphone holder 44 microphone P slot 46 (see above total 9 · 6 microphone? In the case of
the eye j, the lever 35 abuts on the inside 1 of the microphone--44 and the inside of the
microphone is turned off. This is a strange Sui I · 34 · I 侠 1 、, microphone cord 40 ru 41 →
microphone coil 32 body → switch J4Q チ "79% town a ψ piece 36I-n '+ → The II-I signal circuit
of Ru 42 of the microphone cord 40 is reversed by Sugi f. At this time, since the number of
microphone coils 32 being used 11 · is large, 楠 t the m R = @ is cut off and set #. As described
above, if there is no presence (If not, the state where the 9167-child 11 key i = circle is held by
the microphone holder used for the tape recorder main body is virtually external by the switch
for laughing) In order to spread the feeling of the microphone, 4fl + 11a is used, and even if Ij-n4
in which the external microphone is mounted on the microphone holder, the external t can be
well axialized.
41 <i Mountain 1 inside the car @ 1. My invention ν This microphone holds the self-phased ・
峨-羨 vc: t of -4- 謄 1 j. 2 is a view along TI's 11-1 + 1 to 1 TI's figure, FIG. 3 is a side view
showing the other back artillery steel 1 of production 4. No-1 til I, I4 Mic holder, 22 Actuator, 23
switch, 27 External microphone. Deputy 5 [one agent patent attorney Suzue Takehiko piece 1 @
m-1, yo-? R m 1 1 1 Y 2 1 4 "\, 16 16.1. 1, ..., 1-1-19", F 28-23 ε
1 、, applicant Tokyo Shiba
A 'tij ba (stock Company □ \ 1 /) agent Suzuo Takehiko 讐 m · 1, Si chip 3 @ 2nd @ 327 rice 1 n
doo 1 'color 28 "rice Shiya Iyao 172 237 12121 51181 11513 111 □ j 43 bow back! 446-1 →
■ Applicant Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Seshi Susuke Co., Ltd. substitute agent Takeshi
Funa (H, z μ no 1 j 5 list of attached documents (·) power of attorney) 8 q ツ τ 7 晋 2) (2)
specification (3) drawing Applicants (1) (4) Requests 1 2 6 Applicants other than the above,
utility model registration person or agent. (11 Creator: 88, Shinsuji-cho, Yokohama-shi,
Yokohama-shi, Yokohama Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd., Gold Company, Sound Factory, Masao
Takano) Agent Address: Shibishi Kubo, Minato-ku, Tokyo 2: 17th Mori Building 4. -5 Name
(5743) Patent Attorney Takeo Miki '4. ;:? 1 · · · · ε ε 一 first name (6694) patent attorney
Yuki Komiya-1:: j "-Sesame 7 wife address same place η corner 奔 name (6881) patent attorneys
tsuboi irori-name (7043 ) Patent Attorney Masayoshi Kawai 9-r-no, 4 '42 ":' -4 ...: Length:
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