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Brief Description of the Drawings Fig. L ''! FIG. 2 is a cross-talk characteristic curve diagram of
the 4-channel stereo reproduction apparatus, and FIG. 2 is a circuit connection diagram for
explaining an embodiment of the apparatus of the present invention. 1 is an amplifier, 2 is a
resistor, 3 is a matrix circuit, and 4 is an amplifier. 1 1 lθ θ 5 O 1 1 1 1 N ˜ / 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1
C 7 \ ˜ i ・ 1 − 1 −-1 L 1; 7'A1 // i: D, / a ////////////////// / / /-----1-1-1-1--? ++++++-one I1-11- {circle over (1)} {circle over (1)} 0 1 5 0 5/2 σ 1 1
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is a 19 □ that carries a fourchannel stereo brass tone number. fh。 We have obtained an encoder signal of 2 channels
according to the east 4 [next 4 dannel stereo 慟 慟 倉 11] formula 0 式. IL 瓢 L f + I js + α nail
IR-pseudo + noodle + α L f ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ t t ′ ′ 畠 ′ ′ ′ ′ (1) where Lf: left on
one side signal from Rita miter; @ No. Lb: Left at 皺 信号 signal from 9 mita & b: Right side set は
signal from 9 mita α: Constant O O encoder signal as a working sound comprehension [Reproduction is performed by providing a predetermined value, for example, at four corners. LP
atmosphere LRF 寥 B---(龜 LB L L-α BRB 舅-α L where LF; left key-JKm speaker 041 B) ": Right
ear ILB: left Im back 8B: right side I but not From the 4 deyannel stereo to the sound (2 + 1 stoke
is very strong, now the sound of the 斌 + O sound etc is not good enough to make a loud noise). If
you want to reduce cross talk between the front and the left in the body of the body is considered
to be a turtle in the above point, you want to reduce the cross talk evening of the 2 channel
encoder signal Kll left and right to combine the No. 91 It offers a four-channel stereo recording
flaw that reduces the number of star-stokes and offers a superior fitt. If you want to reduce cross
talk in m'bs ++ dark right, first, if you want to reduce the cross talk from the four sound noses,
for example, Q coupling by m power to 4fc 2 channel encoder remarks After this, it is a wax that
is superior to the recording signal of which the coustok is reduced by further combining the
wound from the f- which wants to reduce the crosstalk to this faith. The purpose t of this device,
2 C, do not use Ceparate 3 in Nayannel regeneration C, or t4 Dyan table # 生 生 t そ そ そ そ セ
セ セ セ セ セ セ セ セ 奮 奮4) yannel reproduction, lines other than four vines and noses J)
standing-if sound is left and right, 13) 1 砿 is to provide a timeless recording method. When
considering the crosstalk between each speaker in the reproduction of 4-channel stereo, it was
revealed that the characteristic is such as small as the first cause. 11i 41 is also · D in which the
cross talk turtle is made smaller by 蛙 of 1 α of equation 11) on the horizontal axis. In other
words, the cross talk characteristics of the common ring from the left and right speakers of the
real man # 'i punishment, 夾-8 is the left and right speakers v-I-) uncentered sound of the same
color cross Y-refreshing, real gun C41 AIlh h Speaker Cross 1-Cross 1-Real @ Dr vs I #] How to ICross 箒 箒 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ド ー ド ー ド ー ド ー 丁 丁 丁.
rL? , It is a crosstalk stick when playing the point Ja 2 channel stereo record certificate on 4
channel ヌ 壽 壽 壽. Age 17, point) ·; fu7 = stone is 1A · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · j 穐 j −1 穐 穐 穐
j j j j j j j h h h h h − h6 h-) J riff -J stalk, 輛, 5-ha is forward (++ t, <, s-one arosto h of a force,
point-two ha vs. 41 t is a taro-stalk characteristic of the speaker darkness in the negative
direction. It is clear that this is 0 轡 輪 輪 輪 テ テ ネ ル ヤ ン レ コ ー ド 2 2 2 ヤ ン V レ コ ー
ロ ス ク ロ スVery small. Also, it can be seen that the 4-channel stereo noble system with the 4dane stereo recording board has a considerably large crosstalk weight. So reduce the coustator
and want the desired tone or separation! In the case of a company to work with, use the moment
of dotted line Ha, ij! Taking advantage of the characteristics of the rat ・ A good 4 deanner stereo
that has been blessed has been produced A / i7 came out. Next, an embodiment in which the
present invention * wit is applied to a 4-delephone stereo record-sound 4 FI generator will be
described. For example, let us say that the melody is a case where the singer plays the
companion and the orchestra plays the musical tone with four solutions. In other words, the
singer's melody is a separation t-fold and a seek zero). (5) Oh first singer voice for recording for
4-channel stereo from Ik + /% ninety-four microphone ll phone output value number! Make a
dedicated encoder signal of Chan. For example, make it by the method of d 蝿 ll01l1 formula.
Take the voice of the singer who is required to seberaneon to 2 Tejanner Tech n Co. f-numbers
obtained like Jin by the left and right two O microphones I 11 Hon-on! Outgoing Kyuchang signal
to meet CaC1tm. This 041 can be used as an output for the 4-channel stereo recorder
compensation code and the nighttime K g g) 4A lane 3rd's turtle number. If a concrete example is
shown, it will be configured as shown in Fig. 2-. In other words, the output signals Lf and 1fXab
from four miter singlets, an amplifier 111 and a resistor (2) O series circuit! Configure the output
circuit 13) and hold the output KIl1 formula O & and L6 compensation. Hitoshi 04 @ 4141. The
C, C and O signals, each of which requires a separator, are respectively compensated and
compensated through an amplifier +4 to obtain a large signal as an output. N) In the above
collection example, the navy separage cayant is made a nintege first part 2 and the 2 channel
encoded signal is created or not, if it is not, it is made a 2 channel encoded n number including
May be
Mix the remarks to spend 4L valley scene to enrich 2 channel No. Encode 4 I respectively Fi 2
Teyanne ★ Production of encoded signal Even bare hands may be like this. Produced in 9.4
Deyanners Nareo Reproduction Tortoise, C. C1 signal is localized in the position of the other four
0fll and in another position, for example Lively, it is possible to reproduce the friend sound field
0 richer in La Baque Dei than the conventional one. If you are alone, you can make a sound
image of a good dragon valley in the middle of the bad sound of a dragon valley in Goei. 11 By
changing the CoC1v inflow rate, change C @ ct from four sources of -9, change the injection rate
by K, and apparently change the arrangement of fixtures, and so on, etc. Mining area ·
Furthermore, in the case of the above-mentioned example of the above-mentioned example, it
was explained with respect to the signal to which the code fiK is disliked, but even if it is bell
sound No. 1 ri tape 1 '? -It may fall over with a radar. According to δ et al., it is possible to
simply mix another t source signal into it using a 2-channel version of an am-encoded 94-channel
tape according to S. et al. The No. 1 itself of the 5-channel n 92 channel tape may be mixed with
each other as C · (11 to change the change or residual sound of the soda. Furthermore, another
signal may be added at a time to vAK, which cuts the disc with a 2 channel tape j 'encoded from a
4 channel tape of a persecution.
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