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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a loudspeaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional
view of a main part showing another embodiment of the present invention. E between E · support
E · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · lead wire, 13 · · · · · · supply line. Fig. 1 Fig.
[Detailed description of the invention] 考 案 O device a Moss eyes null feed-butter (hereinafter
referred to as MFII and abbreviation fA) t7 @ "etas exchange 1 exchange related. In general, the
cone of sceaker has a conical shape, and when the cone is driven at the apex of this cone, the Wc
whose vibration is transmitted to the periphery of the cone takes some time. Cone OIl-Varying
depending on the length of the line wavelength, but the cone semi-semigram is shorter than 1 /
4m 灸-and 1 the cone and integral K11ailk h is more than it (if it goes to the periphery of the
cone The phase where the phase is shifted is +) 3.1-1). The above-mentioned vibration is
generally ho that is reflected around the cone, so that the self-oscillation S is generated by the
cone 4 with a specific wave, so that the excess liquid characteristic is deteriorated. In addition,
there is% O due to non-linear distortion as a cause of the performance of the speaker in the
function of the above-described hyperbranch 41I. This distortion occurs 40 when the input
voltage or the 紘 current and the sound pressure have a linear relationship f L-and when the
cone is largely displaced due to the cone O fork 謄 O 直 method. So, the above transient habit!
There is also an OKMF 11 system to try to improve 1 and distortion. In the conventional ζOMFB
method, the cone 011m of the speaker is detected by a detection coil previously provided as a
cone, and the detection voltage is returned to the amplification SO 曽 stage to control the cone O
vibration. Although this OMF 1 system can be used to improve the treatment solution 4111 and
strain, it is essential to attach a detection coil to the speaker cone, or 69, and a little technical
skill is added to the inspection-koi zlD mounting cylinder, and the coil The mass sjlim L, the
production is -m, and the product becomes expensive% O. Also,-)-2-In addition, dust and other
materials get into the speaker between the voice coil and the electrode, and a dustproof screen is
installed to prevent @ V%, but it is also very difficult to attach this screen. When it is folded up,
there is a defect. The present invention has been made to solve the above O defect, and its object
is to provide an electro-acoustic transducer which is extremely simple and has an AKMFB device
attached. In addition, this invention O and others will provide an electroacoustic transducer that
can omit a dustproof screen. In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, the present
invention is equipped with a voice coil in the vicinity of the i. Please refer to the following picture
11 and use it for the speaker. Light up. Fig. 111 is a cross-sectional view showing the design of
the 111th strain c, and shows the same. Ru.
ζOS @ is to be held at N pole for monumental fishing through York 1B. 1 in a bowl, cao-yu 2. II)
11) The relationship between 4-iy and the N pole is Naked KM through a small amount 114. The
voice coil 5 is interposed at 01m 114. The O voice coil S is attached to a cone-shaped cone @O
apex formed of a section, cloth or the like. The cone @ is placed on the front end of the support
10 which is placed on the upper end of the front arrangement-task 3, 3 through a soft and thin
support S. Since this support 8 is formed of a soft and thin material 4, the cone 6 can move even
with a weakening force, and the contrast is increased. Further, a plurality of concentric O
waveforms are formed on the support IK. − Is a central support i, a damper, and Dino S, with its
voice carp #S not touching the pole between E 1 m-rich pole spaces 40 ‒ moves in the 10 axis
direction of Kari E A stone (as Have the ability to give the cone @ an adequate resilience. The
center hole of the O-damper s is attached to the core 76 in the vicinity of the voice coil S, and the
outer periphery S is attached with the support TKjl. From the top of the cone S to the direction of
the cone opening;-The inner periphery of the film-like piezoelectric body 1 for the detection of
MFB @ is fitted with the outer periphery S of the film-like MFB @; The substantially central
portion S of the piezoelectric body 1 is supported by the support 11 embedded in the permanent
stone 1). The MFBli obtained from the piezoelectric body 1 of the kernel is supplied to one
unnecessary amplifier via the lead m11. 13 扛 0 supply to supply voice current to voice coil 5
Now, when a voice current is supplied to the m supply line 13, this current is supplied to the
voice coil SK. The O voice coil 5 has the gap 4 as an axial direction of the permanent magnet 1
due to the voice current, the pole and the O effect. O が が タ 振 コ ー ン a 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴
可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴 可 聴. Note: The cone, which shoots, and
the damper 9, the piezoelectric body 1 also vibrates along with this. Since the damper Iri cone IK
is given a suitable restoring force, it is made to restore to the cone 6 紘 万-10,000, according to
the piezoelectric body 1 · rat coco O vibration, the good current ME is Induced resistance, this C)
II electromotive voltage is fed back to the not shown additional charge S. 大 O, コ ー 76 富 富 例
圧 電 圧 電 圧 電 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・The amplifier is controlled so that the
voltage is damped in response to the vibration, and the cone @ O self-exploring photography is
Therefore, the transient 4I property is degraded and the performance of the speaker can be
sufficiently exhibited by tvh. In addition, even if the distortion caused by the nonlinearity of the
elasticity of one sister Cor 1 which does not occur when the voltage and the current supplied to
the voice coil 5 and the sound pressure are linear relationship II: similarly to the above, the
piezoelectric body The above distortion can be suppressed by the 1eK IMO. As in the above
embodiment, since the piezoelectric member 1 is attached at the top oms K of the cone 6, it can
be used as a dustproof screen, and another 1cwI dust screen is discolored to make it difficult to
fit the screen. This is a pseudo-O embodiment in which mzsu こ O m is applied to a speaker-a
through hole 14 is pierced in a column 11 and a permanent stone 1 and a piezoelectric material
1 · 09-is passed through a CO through hole 140 It is designed to be able to carry out the feeding
of the pelvis-11 and e6. By passing the lead 12 & passing through 14 as in ζO), the v-wire
12046 can be made up of eight 渚. In addition, the lead wire 11 may be pulled out without
penetrating the permanent wire-, -6, 7 stone 1. The above is an example for the speaker in the
example I! It is obvious that for the microphone this idea can be implemented in the same way.
As mentioned above, this: l! According to the single air acoustic transducer according to J. Ease, a
film-like piezoelectric material is mounted between the voice coil VC and the inner facing surface
of the cone of the near eyebrow so that a motional feedback signal can be obtained from this
piezoelectric material Therefore, the process characteristics and distortion can be greatly
improved in a very easy and easy manner. And it's easy, you can make a piezoelectric body 0 @
蟲 in appearance. また。 Since this invention can eliminate the #i and vi footwear screens, there
are various Oiled effects such as making the volume J6, etc., and an easy-to-use one-shot
acoustical conversion using the moral feed-butter system easily. You can get a pot. 4,--Simple
ringing 111 Figure III shows an embodiment of the speaker according to the invention III Tlji
Figure 2, Figure 2 shows an embodiment of this invention O false O The main l1 m1. O is an
expanded section garden. 7-1) 1 ··· · · · Permanent magnet, 2. s ··· Yoke, 4- ■ · g pupil, s-· voice
coil, $ · fist · · · / 1 · · · Support tool, easy 0 @ support, $ · se Dunber, 1 ··· Fist piezoelectric body,
11 e ··· Post, 12 ··· Lead wire, L 3 ··· Supply line. Utility model registration applicant Nippon
Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Representative Yamayoshi's administration '4-1 1)
based on 8-ll-III III Q 6.1. g13 〒 91, / \ 25/43 '· Fig. 2 o 13254362823 "" ′ ′ Application to
the utility model applicant Nippon Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Daisuke Shiori
Yamakawa (other group 6), the agent other than the above,' jf 'I 〒 100 east 114 capital Chiyo, 1
ward paddy field 1!
l + '2 chome 4-2, 4' 'j 11 crystal 1 n name (6713) patented practice black moon 1,)-(' 1
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