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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side cross-sectional view of a conventional
diaphragm made of natural or synthetic fibers and having a homogeneous structure, and FIG. 2 is
a partially dense / dense structure using the alumina fiber of the present invention. A side
sectional view of the diaphragm, FIG. 3, FIG. 4, FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 are plan views showing an
arrangement example of alumina fibers in the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a speaker using the
diaphragm according to the present invention It is a frequency-response curve figure of the
speaker which used and the conventional diaphragm. Reference numeral 1 denotes a diaphragm
edge portion, 2 a diaphragm cone portion, 2a a natural or synthetic fiber layer, 2b an alumina
fiber layer, and 3 a diaphragm neck portion. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 107-real open 5l48043 (2) Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7-
[Detailed description of the invention] Honmizo Dormitory has high lyophilic habit and
mechanical loss is thick Alumina fine-fine-grained aluminum oxide (11, o) is formed, and contains
a part of silicon dioxide (810s) The ceramic fiber-which is used for the convenience of the
speaker 4i IFI board for the convenience of the speaker 〇 Among the requirements of the
person as a speaker, it is also possible to make the JI wave number-response characteristics flat.
In particular, it is thought that the sound fii should be a good condition (a power, a power, a
power, a necessary condition, etc.) to carry out the co-image of the co-image generated by the
dividing machine 1 of the frequency of the MK area 7 frequency band 1 plate of the bird area.
Your heart. Pulp fiber JI as one plate material after conventional ri! % Synthetic fiber conversion
11 such as ett nylon, rayon etc. alone or overly mixed, t one is made into a shape of a copper
plate and made into an i-type to change the thickness density of the structure τ horn plate by
the same material By doing this, I was holding back the collusion by the divided 分割. However,
in this way, i (? If it is easy to make the warmth or squiggle heart rate characteristic in the
variable zone in a flat state easy to do · the honmoku dormitory, the shape of the prediction force
· · · · Arru IIk 轡 (i -Hardened with an appropriate synthetic resin, Al Al fiber is machined into a
sheet shape, and placed at an appropriate position of the inner wall of a natural or synthetic
carpet layer and molded and withdrawn 1; Partially to a sheet In order to reshape the sparse and
dense structure and to make the layer wave number-response characteristics flat by this sparse
and dense structure T, the slider of the present invention in the following will be compared with
the conventional tremor 1 +, Do □ Fig. 1 6 natural or 硼-right 轍 自 · 黴 自 構造 黴 黴 1. There is
a fall of the plate 1 Figure T, and a 111 plate # 1 plate processing flange portion, a 2 plate 1
plate cone cap S% S is a 1-plate λ · Tsukuko O O the cone plate of conventional No. 1 It is a selfpraised structure to j'1 shown in 2rim. Fig. 2 is a section 8 using the alumina defibrillation to be
used in the present invention. The smelting is a uniform cross-sectional view of the structure and
1- & 1 plate. b 11 plate cone 11 plate cone plate 2 not processed into B, natural or synthetic fiber
l 111-2a, and partially 61 61 in the combined modified fiber layer 2a! In the present invention,
the alumina fiber 2b is sailed in the form of a cedar-like structure 0 in the form of a full-scale
view of FIG. A natural fiber V fixed with a synthetic resin such as epoxy yarn, comb yarn 8 or
acrylic resin, and milled into a plate shape as shown in Fig. 2 of mu alumina fiber. Position (a step
which is not shown in FIG. 15 to FIG. 6), 1 (in which a modification is made to form a sparse /
dense structure in a small j with 黴 -1 i.
11 Figure 7 r J 寵 本 寵 板 就 ス ヒ ー ス j j I の m ス ポ ス ポ ス ポ ス ポ ス ポ ス ポ ス ポ (− 央
す と と ケ と ケ と と 征 用 用 用 FI FI FI FI lFI plate tk for ± Loudspeaker Loudspeaker of
Speakers-Response Song! According to the invention of 0X, which is a comparison of the dotted
lines (shown by dotted lines), it is the same structure as the conventional one, and the structure
of the same material is poor. JI! The 従 来 1 mode which occurs in the propagation of uniform ItR
# I or the uniform T9 <split vibration 1 ··· which is stacked in a densely packed and dense
structure is also different from that of the conventional 壷 plate, so that the resonance 〈<<, so
resonance Also, as shown in Fig. 7, the wave number-response curve is a case where the
mountain valley of the forest is flattened. * The support of alumina fiber # fiber can be freely
adjusted according to the required properties, and it can be easily arranged in the direction of
single fiber, and further, in X device, alumina fiber is fixed with synthetic FIL resin It is possible
to easily obtain desired characteristics because it can be easily arranged on the natural or beast
fiber layer and its shape can be simply manipulated. For starvation, alumina fiber small height #
@ @ degree η · large El ('also because the mechanical loss is large as shown in Figure 5 m
alumina fiber 6 [! Work to put in place, work against the resistance of the outer circumference ◇
Do you have a resonance in the middle? (4) It is possible to flatten the surface and spread it as
shown in ol 'fc 隼 6 which can be made flat by combining the Young's modulus of alumina fiber
with the high one, and expanding the high frequency reproduction pigeon band. t-can. Since the
inside of plate 1 is formed of alumina fibers in a dense / dense structure as described above,
since the inside of plate 1 is formed into a dense / dense structure, it is combined with the
physical properties of alumina fibers to carry frequency a frame @. Since the operation is good,
any special @ can be obtained on one occasion. In the example, the synthetic resin for fixing the
alumina fiber * is any resin that can bond with other fibers as well as bonding of the alumina
fibers, and any resin may be used. 4 、 Diagrams of a Figure 1 d of the conventional WtwJ board
of natural or synthetic fibers or of the same structure with a uniform structure @ Cross section ·
Figure 2 γ Lumina wk of the present invention in FIG. Then, the cross-sections of Fig. 11 and
Fig. 10, Fig. 6, Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 in Fig. 6 show one example of an alumina plate 1 in accordance
with the present invention. ! 1r shows a plan view, and FIG. 7 shows a speaker according to the
present invention for convenience and a conventional gear 1 & t-Tsukawa spi, bl-power of
frequency-response quadrilateral figure □, 1r1 1j plate Etsuji capital, 2 Nin gimmee Park corn
certificate. 2a is the same natural or synthetic fiber, 2b is the same alumina fiber, and 3 is the 1st
neck of the neck.
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