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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a top view of a conventional ultrasonic ceramic
microphone, FIG. 2 is the same side) a plan view, FIG. 3 a top view of a composite resonator of
the same microphone, FIG. 4A is a top view of the composite resonator of the ultrasonic ceramic
microphone according to one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 4B is a side view thereof,
and FIG. 5A is another embodiment of the present invention. Top view of composite resonator,
FIG. 5B is the same side view, FIGS. 6A and 6B are the admittance characteristics and reception
sensitivity characteristics of the conventional example, and FIGS. T and A are ultrasonic ceramic
microphones of the present invention. FIG. 16 is an admittance characteristic diagram and a
reception sensitivity characteristic diagram of FIG. E: metal plate or resin plate, 4: piezoelectric
ceramic plate, 9, 9 ': notched portion, 10: protruding portion. 1, FIG. 12 = 175-real open 5l-37
876 (2) FIG. 3 (4) 68, .. chicken u "FIG. 4 (A) 38,-two" U 'FIG. 6-(A) ) F (B) to f176-real opening 5l37876 (3) Fig. 7 (A) □ f (B) □ f 177-
[Detailed description of the invention] There is one to provide an ultrasonic wave that can be
used in the present invention. Fig. 1 ˜ Starch smA, one company conventional ultrasound sera ε.
A microphone (hereinafter referred to as a microphone) is used to describe the operation when
using an Oi microphone for reception, 11 譬 energy as a compression wave of air coming from
the outside is III in Case 1! Enter from II Sekiguchi @ 2 and impress on metal plate or Fi resin aS.
When this and the plate, the resin, the combination of the work 3 and the piezoelectric plateplate 4 and the resonance frequency of the 32 ° pendulum, and the frequency of the incoming
sound wave run one after another, the composite resonator is AJIIL, Piezoelectric plates as
electromechanical conversion elements generate electrical signals of s # I 歇 equal to several
frequencies. The signal output from the terminal bin 70 via the lead rod 6 is received at ws
degrees. Next, an image layer in the case of using a microphone for transmission will be
described. The 4I constant frequency electrical signal applied to the pressure electromagnetic
plate 40 both jl through the terminal bin 7 and the lead wire 6 is converted into the "C
mechanical signal" by the pressure electromagnetic #I plate 4; Sparse air by complex resonators
vibrating at a specific j1 wave number. A sound is generated which is emitted from the opening 2
of the gate 1. This is the transmission sound pressure. The admittance physical properties and
reception sensitivity f% characteristics of the composite resonator used for the microphone are
shown in FIGS. 6A and 11A. The reception sensitivity of the acid microphone is an anti-# &
Square point 8 scale, and the selectivity is low and the selectivity is low. I will wait for you: l /. At
94 gk, the horizontal axis indicates frequency, vertical axis at latitudinal axis, and at 4 mB, the
horizontal axis cross section count and horizontal axis spread reception sensitivity. When the
miter is used as a remote control device for a television set, when the on-oll switch, switch-on-one
switch, multiple channel select switches, and multiple functions are flooded, the high sensitivity
band can be used. The frequency is limited. In the ζ 几, a compound writing compound of the
writing hand is made in the KM heart circle shape as shown in m5sa, and the 節-mode can be
used as a 鋤-mode bending deflection node # # I ya ceramic heart circle shape Because there are
no other threshold resonances, the high sensitivity region defined by this common INK is O′′C.
The present invention eliminates the disadvantages of the upper age passover and extends the
wide band miter p, hereinafter called the first line of the present invention, j * 1lIK, II, arlJA, B
and so on. The real woven g% shown by chicken 4- ^, BK is notched around the metal plate or the
weir-wetting plate 3 '$ 9. ・ 'The set is nine things), in this way set the [email protected] e, e' is a good
place バ ラ # y バ ラ バ ラ collapse of yx, basic 111m0jlfflK, secondary valve m as shown in
lArmh I will use what is produced.
Since the mirror 1 ′ ′ \ 4 has high sensitivity near the antiresonance point 8 of each
resonance, by providing a large number of resonances, broadening of bandwidth can be realized.
(J17 FIG. B) The embodiment shown with 11 s mA, BK is the one provided with the central
portion 1 o at the outer edge of the metal plate or Fi resin plate 3 ′ ′, and the operation order
m is the same as the embodiment shown in FIG. The shapes of the projections 100 of the real
j1ip4 may not be all the same. As is apparent from the above embodiments, the ultrasonic
ceramic micro-phone of the present invention is provided with a notch on the outer periphery of
a metal plate or Fi resin plate on which a pressure electromagnetic WI plate is applied, and the
father has a central portion. According to the plan, it is possible to increase the bandwidth by 6
to 101 Ji from the conventional one.
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