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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show one embodiment of the device
of the present invention, respectively. FIG. 1 is a schematic side view of the driver's seat of the
vehicle, and FIG. 2 is the driver's seat of the vehicle. It is an external appearance perspective view
of. 1 ... vehicle, 2 ... driver's seat floor, 10 ... press talk switch. φ Fig. 2 1 57 1
【Detailed description of the invention】 Advance I! The press daughter switch O mounting
device KM of the company's in-vehicle wireless device. Conventionally, in-vehicle wireless devices
usually use a press daughter system in which the breath-to-talk switch is closed for transmission
during transmission, and the breath-to-talk switch is incorporated in the hand miter. It is
necessary to transmit in good condition with one hand, and there is a drawback that i, L and i
have a problem of 111, and especially, there is a danger that there is a danger during driving. 恨)
The present invention is to install the above a, ace and 3 solid machine press daughter switch on
the vehicle O driving floor plan K), using the left foot which hardly performs the operation
exercise at the time of energization running, with the ζO left foot Press 1 タ ス Tascuit selfoperated, as compared with the case where the press-to-talk switch is operated by hand as in the
prior art, it is not broken and the danger due to one-hand operation can be avoided. The purpose
of the present invention is to provide an eyeblink for the embodiment shown below. In Figures 1
and 2, a 1.1 rL solid machine (not shown) is mounted on the inside of a car, for example, a car
with an automatic transmission. 2 is the floor of the driver's seat of 1 car 1 · 3 is an accelerator
pedal, 4 is a brake pedal, bkl hand A /. The operating lever of 6Fi automatic change machine (not
shown), 'FFi forward win gafuss 81, driver, 9 is a driver's seat, 10 is a radio which is kept in the
driver's seat floor record Brest talk switch and its mounting position diik seat screaming m27 ·
left! That is to say, the left leg 8 of the left and right hand of the player 6 is placed in one
position. According to the above structure 1, the Brestok switch 10 is at a position where the left
foot a & of the driving document @ L60 driving II 8 reaches (the motion of the press daughter
switch 10 does not cause the operation motion so that the left j! It can be done with la ・ It can
be done by hand like in the past, but it can eliminate the frustration of the operation compared
with the case, and there is also no flimpse due to the one hand slowing of one hand. In the abovementioned O embodiment, the self-propelled vehicle is equipped with a self-designed vehicle, and
it is not necessary that the vehicle with a self-designed vehicle is necessarily 1 <'t as well as a
vehicle with one clutch. In this case, the left foot of the vehicle is normally used for driving, and
when the vehicle is operated with the left foot, the car's aging condition is changed rapidly (when
changing it. In this case, the driver also controls 11 cars. There is a round of unpaired
communication + if it concentrates on one's nerve + if it does not take place.
In the case of ninety-seven, the wireless O communication is temporarily interrupted. If you have
a car with U Kuftutchi car 屯-屯 A J machine s car and 1 Tll! To the mosquito / "" Restoru switch
10 /: 1 his operation-1 λ) (-and 7 in). (Sj as described above, since the wireless device O press
talk switch is attached to the driver seat apology of the vehicle, the operation of the breath
daughter switch is not performed at all while driving the vehicle jll. It can be performed using the
left foot. · Compared with the conventional case where the Brest Talk switch 1) 9 is performed by
hand as in the conventional C, it is possible to eliminate the frustration of the operation, and the
danger due to one hand driving at the Bless Talk operation. There is an excellent effect that it can
be eliminated.
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