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Sakafi, Yasawashinitsu Shincho + tsr 〒 5 'yp Osaka Prefecture criminal · house for the city IEIS' ji
town 2-1 name 1) Onkyo Co., Ltd. representative 1 fye 5 '+ role five generations Takemon brief
notes [phase] Former home patent office ■ JP-A-51-3361.70 published Japan. (1976) 3.22 / gu
(To obtain high efficiency of Vf, f, f, the magnetic gap should be as narrow as possible.
Loudspeaker assembling method 3, detailed description of the invention) The present invention
is a bonding portion of voice coil bobbin with diaphragm The present invention relates to a
speaker assembly method capable of easily assembling a high precision speaker by providing a
protrusion in the vicinity. It is necessary to arrange as much as possible not to contact the
domain wall with a limited magnet and voice coil. In the conventional cone type speaker, the
voice coil 2 is disposed and attached to the magnetic gap 1 as shown in FIG. 1 (5), the gap gauge
3 is inserted between the domain wall and the voice coil bobbin 7 After the support portion 4
and the cone paper 6 were adhered to each other, the gap gauge 3 was extracted upward, and
the voice coil 2 was held in the magnetic gap 1. Since the bin 23 is adhesively fixed together, it is
impossible to use a gap gauge structurally. Therefore, conventionally, a counterbore hole 25 is
provided concentrically around the center hole of the plate 24 by a method of finding and fixing
the best point while actually inputting a signal, and the outer peripheral support portion 22 and
the side wall of the counterbore hole 25. The method of engaging and positioning was taken.
However, the former method is not suitable for mass production because it requires a great deal
of skill and time EndPage: 1 for adjustment. In the latter method, since the dimensional tolerance
of the counterbore 25 and the outer peripheral support 22 is large, it is necessary to widen the
air gap 26 to arrange the voice coil 27 so as not to contact with the domain wall. In addition, this
has resulted in a decrease in magnetic capacity. Also, in order to reduce dimensional tolerances,
precise processing is required, and thus the manufacturing cost is increased. The present
invention i is an assembly method that eliminates the disadvantages of the conventional
assembly method, and makes assembly easier. It is. The present invention will be described in
more detail with reference to FIGS. 3 and 4. The voice coil bobbin 33 has a diaphragm 31, a
peripheral support 32, and a plurality of projections 33a provided in the vicinity of the bonding
portion with the diaphragm 31; The voice coil bobbin 33 in which the voice coil 38 is wound is
inserted into the magnetic gap 35, and the peripheral support portion 32 is placed on the plate
36 '. The diaphragm support 34 and the plate are attached 36 is semi-dry bonded, or temporarily
fixed with screws or the like and held.
Next, the diaphragm 31 is pressed to engage the projection 33 a on the upper end side surface of
the center pole 37. At this time, since the peripheral support fixing portion 32b is in a raw
anchored state, the peripheral corrugation 32a extends, and the peripheral support fixing portion
32b engages with the projection 33a and the upper end of the center pole 37 so that the
peripheral corrugation portion 32a is engaged. The diaphragm 31 is moved to the nigger so that
the protrusion 33a of the voice coil bobbin 33 is separated from the upper end side surface of
the center pole. Thus, the voice coil bobbin 33 can be disposed so as to hold an air layer
corresponding to the height of the protrusion 33a between the magnetic gap and the domain
wall. 5 to 8 show the shape of the voice coil bobbin of the embodiment of the present invention.
Fig. 5 shows a step 51, Fig. 6 shows a protrusion 61, Fig. 7 shows a bulging part 7 Fig. 8 shows a
center pole and a certain air layer by engaging the protrusion 81 with the end face to the end
face Can be arranged exactly concentrically. Also, according to the assembly method of the
present invention, the voice coil 38 is accurately fixed within the magnetic gap 35 with the
magnetic wall 35 according to the assembly method of the present invention as described above
after providing the above-mentioned protrusion 51.81. Because the magnetic air gap 35 can be
made as narrow as possible, the improvement of the magnetic efficiency can be measured. In
addition, since assembly is very easy and can be performed in a short time, it is suitable for mass
production, and parts such as gauges and the like are not required, so it is possible to save time
and labor for parts management and reduce production costs. It has a great advantage in
practical use.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional assembling
method in a cone speaker, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a dome speaker, FIG. 3 is a sectional view
of a dome speaker according to the assembling method of the present invention, FIG. Sectional
view of the dome speaker according to the assembling method of the present invention (in a state
where the central portion of the dome diaphragm is pressed) Figs. 5, 6, 7 and 8 are sectional
views of the voice coil bobbin of the embodiment of the present invention. Reference numeral 38
is a voice coil, 31 is a diaphragm, 33a is a projection, 33 is a voice coil bobbin, 32 is a peripheral
support portion, 34 is a diaphragm support, 36 is a blade, and 37 is a center pole.
)EndPage: 2
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