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。 No.1 after the patent application @ B No. 1, the name of the invention 2, the inventor's
address, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Odamon 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
3.41i "6" I applicant's zip code 571 address Osaka Prefecture Mon L ' 1 City Oza Kadama Address
1002 Name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Address Kitajima-ku Doujima, Osaka
City Address-2-1139 (Daily Industrial Building) Detail Ca [Fa] Japan Patent Office ■ Opened JPA-51-323200 Japanese Journal 51. (1976) 3.18 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. IA '/ -10
Ω00 Office serial number 2! '8 times in the equalizing board 1117 plate (7) to face the
surrounding vibration /, the title of the invention /, the title of the invention Hospice strength 2
special system d water range exclusively' 屯 屯 振動 and , The electrical contact between the
conductive coil and the coil is electrically isolated, and the pressure applied to the small coil is
electrostatically applied between the conductive diaphragm and the conductive coil. Apply to 印
加 & & & & & 待 励 シ ス シ ス-System C-Force. 3) The 1i-1'-axis description of the invention The
screw 64 is small--in relation to the force of /). In the conventional example, the upper plate (1),
Magne 1 site, etc. is provided as shown in FIG. (2). A small chair coil (6) or a small chair coil
bonded city of a dome-shaped wJ board (7) to the magnetic air gap (5) of the air-conditioning
circuit (4) combined with a ball attachment rate (3) The pedestal, and n hold. Zhao I # Buddha (7)
of the capital city (the target is the capital city 足 シ Shik (至) F F 11! lII) The upper plate of the npiece has a spherical surface equal to the zero-sized (7) dome sphere which is arranged on the n),
and is arranged in close proximity to the vibration value (7). In this ball, four or more holes with
a fixed area ratio are provided in the ball surface four cities of this equalizer circuit, through the
equalizer circuit, a plate with holes ( 3) Small part VC & only one small hole, 7 open to the U hole.
If the voice coil terminal, screaming 父 信 et et et et す す す 、 、 振動 振動 振動 振動 振動 振動
J J J J J J J. Equalizer opening (2) money to hoshi t L31 or n, to radiate the sound to the outside.
But generally, on. When the conventional small-cis force like your own radiates a phlegm, the
equivalent diameter of the four holes in the equal-pore opening is much smaller than the
vibration value of 11] nucleus, so the back pressure of Ikola dossier (JAF3's back pressure Is not
'iK high o The strain of W 喝 by itself caused by the non-linearity between air pressure and
volume, in this part a brother, through the center of Hocee in Figure 3-( This g is emitted to the
outside along with the random noise shown by 1!
No wonder "Harmonic distortion due to linearity is the second? The higher the frequency is, the
higher the frequency is at EndPage: 1, which is indicated by a provisional line U in the 1m3
diagram, which is the most frequent in the 4th-word technique, and it is a very serious defect on
Hl-"1 reproduction. This% light eliminates the above-mentioned fault without the influence of the
second still l wave by the above-mentioned horn speaker, and a good ratio-1 'soil remaining
provides a great Hyosis level-r The purpose is to The present invention below? The #UiD
mischief and principle figure of seven troubles are shown in 0 second factor 1a Jibl described in
detail in one embodiment. In the example of the present example, Z is the same as a conductive
11 gold of aluminum and titanium, its end identification link (G) is also formed of 4 ′ ′
material, and it is formed on the upper plate ill. Place on Therefore, the upper rate (1) and the
analogy 'are formed of an electrically conductive 0-sword, equalizer .sigma.7). The electrical
connection with the holed plate (3) is made by using a 6't-c top plate (11 and the holed plate (3))
which is 6t on the ball. If you apply a voltage between the time and the equalizer, the space
between the time and the equalizer is a little pebble, and this part is a condenser? It forms and
works as a good game. In this case, Macnet's resistance is significant. Both plates ill (31it,
isolated. In addition, this kite does not add a direct bias immediately, is it an electrostatic weir
operation? Most of the sound pressure that occurs even if the sound is generated is the second
speech tone component. Therefore, Fig. 2 (to be shown in the season). Voice coil (tl) C applied f
6-air pressure? Extraordinary V this both plates H1tA) power U brother! LL, (C, ′ 切 − 績 − −
と 同時 に と 同時 に と 同時 に と 同時 に と 同時 に と 同時 に と 同時 に ラ イ ラ イ ラ イ ラ
イ ラ イ ラ イ?? ?? Do. = つ 、 空 気 先生 先生 先生 先生 先生 先生 9 teacher T 2nd pan chest 胸
t, 靜 '-type simultaneous a L 2 teacher 1 1 topological V V J Chi t 8 can be, the first fire company
(in Ha T show 、 、 、 調 、 市 少 な い 市 小 市 小 シ ス シ ス 一 シ ス シ ス シ ス イ ji ji ji ji ji ji
ji ji ji 'ji It is big. The present invention is electrically insulated from an electrically conductive
equalizer in contact with a nail, and electrically insulated from an electrically conductive
equalizer which contacts with a nail. Since one is electrostatically connected to the sex equalizer
and the other is electrostatically coupled, the second fight is caused by the non-lI edge aK of the
air from the one-time excitation as well as the force * m. The effect of being able to be canceled
by direct 3-phase in% 2 in the case of Takara-han, which is generated by the movement of the
2nd electric-type 19 o'clock, can be obtained by using an nl-1'18 live with a very small amount of
second harmonics. It is
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 fal is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
example, FIG. 1 (principle view on 1 ′ ′ J in season, FIG. 2 i) is a structure of one embodiment
of the present invention: IiLWtm diagram, Fig. 2 (l is a principle diagram of the same, Fig. S is a
conventional example and the present invention! FIG. 6 is a distortion characteristic diagram of
Example A, in which [Phase] is an electropositive 勧, αα is a conductive equalizer, and (6) is a
voice coil. Agent Patent Attorney Stone 1) Length 7 ′ ′ 4-EndPage: 2 (Fig. 3 喝 畷) lx) 6 + iif
Inventors other than the list-Address' Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma 1006
Address Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Internal address In-house company EndPage: 3
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