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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a use example
showing an embodiment of a speaker according to the present invention. 1・・・キーヤビネッ
ト、2・・・パッキング、3・・・スピーカ、4. ... field part, 11 ... diaphragm, 12 ... voice coil,
15 ... vent valve. -59-. −30526(2)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to obtain a
speaker which is used in a waterproof akira sound machine tie and which has the function of
adjusting the internal pressure of the cabinet and the external pressure. is there. Since the
spinning water type 1w machine has a closed cabinet, it is easy to create a pressure difference
between the internal pressure of the net and the atmospheric pressure K or 1 due to changes in
air temperature and air pressure. The speaker sound pressure level is lowered due to the
pressure difference of the tongue, and there are cases where the speaker's II bulk @ is broken
and the speaker's volume is good. For this reason, recently, ventilate the air and water, and write
the i-microporous O resin resin)) -2, 2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · part of the cabinet with a vent
valve, Methods have been developed to adjust the internal and external pressure of the cabinet.
The present invention is intended to provide a speaker which is biased by adjusting the internal
pressure of the cabinet and the outside 111E by the peristaltic movement of the diaphragm by
utilizing this differential valve. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. A cabinet 1 is a closed cabinet 1, and a speaker 3 is
provided via a housing 1 such as an opening 1-ha rubber 1 of the cabinet 1. This speaker 3σ
reverse speaker is referred to as a configuration, and the configuration will be specifically
described. The reference numeral 4 denotes a field section, which is a plate 7 provided with a
center pole 6 having a central hole 6, a ring-shaped magnetor, a ring 8 and a ring-shaped upper
plate It is comprised by 9, and each is adhesively bonded. A flat horizontal frame 10 is coupled to
the upper surface of the field section 40, and the peripheral edge portion of the frame 10 is
coupled to the opening 11 of the cabinet 1 via a ring 82. tた。 This frame 10011alllKtl, circle-
shaped one 5111cvl casting part is now stored. This diaphragm 11 is now excellent in water
resistance such as vtll film! R is the central part is outward Kl! In the middle IBK, the center IBK is
connected to the lower part of the Pois coil 12 and the coil 13 is connected to the lower part of
the Pois coil 12 and the Heus fill 12 is positioned in the magnetic gap 14 of the field 11 4 . A
nine ring, a hole in the central part of the 4IIB # # # 11 of the kernel, with a fine hole that allows
air but not water ** ring, & To 'ha, Poliko Doraful M-Loe thousand thousand A gas-permeable
4P15 made of a porous, non-porous fluorine rubber is J-sized. This vent valve 1! Sr! , Dust 1-J,
also plays a role as a tube. By making the speaker 3 like a cocoon and attaching it to the 6-one
tide 1, the temperature of the x 2 g changes, so that the pressure inside the cabinet 1 is changed
to the pressure 4 in the cabinet 1 V sky?
The outside air flows into the cabinet 1 and the internal pressure and the external pressure
become equal. At this time, the speaker 3) 4 sound is being emitted. The seven-wave willow 11
changes the woman 1 between the back surface of the moving 01 diaphragm 11 and the face
direction to the capital and #. Because, pass 4P18 pass! 2 sweating quickly becomes 15 vines, 4
internal pressure and 1 internal pressure 1i speed quickly. Even in the above exfoliation example,
the speaker rat * m of the present invention has a vent valve made of a microporous synthetic
resin that does not allow water to pass through nine airs to a part of the plate as in the case of
heel peeling, The ratio of the cabinet of the waterproof-type gastro-sound generator 6 can be
carried by 1 to the external pressure, and the cost of I1 can be increased, and the ff1 m 嶺
operates with t% stability. Even in 4I tragedy! It is very useful, such as being able to form a very
crystal-like, crushed grain. Brief description of the 4th, 1111th order is a cross 1 view of the use
case showing the-* train of the inventive speaker. 1
············ ··········································································· · Chair coil, 18 · · Self · Over g L valve. part. 4 '31s 2 f
32 21 1 Chi Chi □ 7 q; · Bi) Name of the ring member Toshio Nakao (Maka 1 person (〆 · · 9
children · 黛 6' '-and agents (1 residence i : I Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma 1006
Yutaka , - , 6 gate TNN & * V '; i ′ ′ F house Wr co-location Takeda 2121 name Takeda
address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Company name, name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Kuwano: F よ 47S-λ 1 1 Procedure
Amendment 4 1975 10 Sword Voice 11 Patent Office Secretary ■ Display of the Case 1949
Utility Model Registration ■ No. 943 111 Name of the No. 2J5 proposal 1 Speaker 3 sleeves of
the old ': ball,'-application model registration applicant Assignee J "Osaka rff Kadoma city Oji
Kadoma 1006 address name 2. (5h2. Matsushita Shiki I. 1'- Industry Co., Ltd. "I. Y. Name 10 D. I."
Shoji 4 agents 〒 571 (.1. Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oza Kadoma 1006 Address 1
Matsushita 'City Industry Co., Ltd.' 6 (5971) Principles Toru Kaminakao · (Other 1 [,-1-1) 13 $$
111 "one minute 'go" 6 correction of考 案 m1 fT 某 4i 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 禰 禰 禰
禰 実 用 実 用 実 用 碌 碌 碌 ・ 碌 a a a part of the magnetic gap located in the magnetic gap and
coupled with a coil A speaker which has a vent valve of a structure which allows air to pass
through a part of the royal board to be done and which does not overcharge water.
26. Correction contents (Remark j11114 stripe 1 member, lines 6 to 8 of the practical claims of
the new patent registration request in the full text of the claim is corrected in a separate sheet.
(AI J 2 jjll! 20'q] r ydpyfJ is corrected by No (t King) K . 〜
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