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Specification l Title of the invention.
Elek) V-Tot manufacturing method
a) Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing an electret, and more particularly to a method of manufacturing an electret, in
which each part of a V-shaped material is uniformly processed. The conventional electret
manufacturing method is as follows: E / gc-Electret material / ICtm-of polymer material is
attached by vapor deposition or pasting and attached, and the V contact electrode J and the
electrode gauze are connected by DC high piezoelectric @ SK-connection A DC voltage of several
divisions is applied, and at the same time, heating is performed under the above-mentioned
electric) V) F material / @-JOOgG. Above voltage and temperature-/-about J-time-w! Then, cool to
normal temperature and stop applying DC voltage. The lift table of the method of manufacturing
the electret as described above, and the electrode crucible equipped with the current collector J
for uniforming the electric field between the electrode disposed in the pair and the electret
material 1 are uniform as shown in the diagram. Curvature is increased at the edge portion 4
(surrounding) of the electrode な り, and most of the computer calculation or its edge portion AC
is concentrated. As a result, the edge V V portion jCjl Position of the electret material 4 at the
edge (it is electretized and the central part of the electret material / is subject to the potential
increase V) V is not converted, the defect that electret material / can not be uniformly
electretized I had it. The present invention relates to a manufacturing method of Elect) 1 / Tsu
which removes the above-mentioned drawbacks. EndPage: 1) The manufacturing method of the
present invention 1) is explained. 1) The manufacturing method of the present invention V) The
manufacturing method of the present invention is as shown in FIG. Tat Vt material IDC electrode
l / is attached or attached by a vapor deposition person, and a current collector 13t-attached
electrode-for detecting electric field between the electrodes opposite to the electret material lO,
kada Distribute the electrodes 1 and H and connect the electrodes H and H directly and apply a
DC voltage to the numbers, and at the same time, the Elect material V table material tri table Joo
degree C or more. Heat it down. The voltage and temperature are kept constant for 7 to 1 hour,
then cooled to room temperature and the application of the DC voltage is stopped. In the case of
the manufacturing method of the electret as described above, a conductive material for
uniforming the electric charge # between the electrodes disposed opposite to the material IO and
/ or? In the case of the above, the electric wire with tWI attached has a continuous 8-character
shape having many edge portions 4 as shown in the diagram, and the electric field between the
electrodes is spread over each portion of the electret material 10 as described above. In order to
make the electric field between the electrodes uniform, the electrode 1 / J attached is a
continuous eight-letter shape, but the shape is not limited to 11 but it may be a continuous
square shape. The electric field distribution on the electret material surface is made uniform by
forming small irregularities as shown on the surface mictsm of the 8v secret material 10, which
has a large amount of gelatinous matter, that, f fineness, and good. 1 can be made more uniform,
and electretization of the electret material 10 can be further promoted.
Since the method for producing the electret of the present invention has the above-mentioned
configuration, the electret material can be formed into an electret in the form of 絢 over the
respective portions, and this is a defective product when cut and used. , It is possible to improve
the yield.
Figure 1 is a diagram of the conventional Ereta) manufacturing method of V-t, jJ figure is an
enlarged explanatory view of the main part of the O L figure, tJ figure An illustration of
manufacturing decisions, end page:2
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