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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of a cartridge according
to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view. 1: Base, 2: Arm, 3:
Needle, 4: Shutter, 5: Floodlight optical pick-up, 6: Light exit, 7: Lamp, 8: Light receiving optical
pick-up, 9: Light receiving hole, 10: Photoelectron, 11: Electrical wire. / I) 3 (¥ '+ 2 9-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a cartridge. In the figure, reference numeral 1 is a base, to which a flexible arm 2 with a needle
6 is attached. Further, the light exit port 6 which is one end of the light projecting optical chip 5
for introducing the light of the rung light and the light receiving port 9 of one end of the light
receiving optical chip 8 are oppositely fixed to the base plate. The other end of the light receiving
optical sensor 8 is mounted so that the photoelectrons IO receive the light in the light 8 so that
the light from the lamp 7 passes through 5 and enters the light receiving port 9 from the light
emitting port 6 and the light receiving optical sensor 8 is 41 enter photoelectrons 10 and cause
the photoelectrons 10 to generate an electromotive force. It is an opaque body fixed by an arm 2
so as to block the half of the A path of the light from the light exit 6 to the light exit 9 in the
middle between the light exit 6 and the light receiving opening 9. If the total 6 is a) vibrate in the
mouth direction, the arm 2 vibrates and the needle 4 also vibrates in the same direction as the
needle 3 and this is emitted from the light emission port 6 toward the light reception port 9
without change from the lamp 7 The light is transmitted to the cap 0 through the light receiving
port 9 in response to a change corresponding to the vibration of the needle. ffD ゎ 9, 3 °, □□,
19 □□, the change of vibration, which can be taken out from the vibration of the electromotive
force and the electric wire 11 from the electric wire 11 in the photoelectron 10K. The present
invention separates the light emitting part which changes the mechanical vibration to the needle
3 into the vibration of the change of the light quantity by the shutter 4 as described above, the
lamp 7 for supplying the light without constant change thereto, and the photoelectron ILI.
Cartridge- 1- □□, f, which is characterized in that the oscillator unit and the lamp are connected
with the oscillator unit and the photoelectron with an optical chip which is thin and easy to guide
light. In, B. 1) Conventional recording □ Converting mechanical image pickup into electric signal
□: The cartridge of the DE is limited to the small form X1: The invention has a safety that the
lamp 7 and the photoelectric 10 are not affected from the outside It is possible to select one that
is sufficiently free from the transmission part and yet has a wide range of characteristics, etc.
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