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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing a conventional
mixing apparatus, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of the mixing apparatus of
the present invention, and FIG. 3 is an input section of FIG. It is a block diagram which shows
another Example. 22 and 23 ...... input section, 22 ', 23' ... the river jack, 220, 230 ...... load, 21 .....
Fushimi Kishingu circuit. 1 1 89 1 開 50-80340 (2) Fig. 2 I Fig. 3? f7−90=
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The "preliminary" is, for example, a mixing device
KII which mixes the outputs of a plurality of microphones and adds them to an amplifier. One
example of a recent audio device is a tape recorder or a receiver unit provided with a mixing
device. This mixing device has a plurality of input parts, and each output is added to the output
of each human-powered sK microphone or player) to mix each signal and supply 1- + C to the
amplifier. Then, by adding the output of this amplifier to the recording circuit of the tape
recorder or the output circuit of the receiver, the signal from the In number of signals can be
recorded or recorded. By the way, the conventional mixing apparatus has a Km configuration t as
shown in FIG. That is, the output end of the plurality of input sections 12.13 °... Is connected in
common to the input end of the first mixing path 11, and each input section 12.13.
········································································· KFi, jacks xz ', x, 1. Each of the jacks is connected to the
input terminal of the mixing circuit 11 via a resistor, with its cord terminal connected to ground.
This mixing circuit 11Fi mixes and outputs the signals from the respective input sections J2, 13
°... And this output is applied to the amplifier 14 connected to the next stage. The abovementioned conventional mixing apparatus has an external apparatus, for example, a microphone
of the output mixer which is inserted into the jack of the one-man power unit, and does not
operate in the ri no. There is a drawback that the input impedance of the kissing circuit 1 is
changed. For example, when plugging in the microphone plug of the jack 12 'VC line 1 of the
input unit 12 and using it, if the plug of the microphone of the jack J3' Kf2 of the input unit 13 is
plugged in The output level lIK of the circuit 1 path 1 has a drawback that the signal level by the
microphone of the line 1 which has been obtained so far is lowered, and a signal of a constant
level can not always be obtained. The present invention has been made to eliminate the
shortcomings of Wang Wei 4 so that the output signal level of the kicking circuit in response to
the signal being applied to the input is not affected by the operation of the other inputs of this
circuit. It is an object of the present invention to provide a mixing device that can be used.
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to
the drawings. In the present invention, a signal of l is added to an input of a mixing circuit having
a count input. When the output is obtained, the level of the 1'F1 output does not fluctuate even if
another signal is added to the other input of this mixing circuit, for example, as shown in the jPB
diagram. Configured as.
2Jtfflll [(7) input 11 Jz, zs,-· == mixing is a mixing (R) path connected to the input end) ······ As a
connector for an external device (for example, a microphone, a player) that outputs a signal from
a signal source, eg jack z1, xs ′,. , Zs ',... #' I The cold as child to be connected and the hot 1 II j 1
child connected to the input end of the mixing circuit 21 via a resistor respectively. And a load
equivalent to that of the outside S device to which a hot terminal and a cold terminal terminal K (l
each f′L are discarded) 220.230. A pile is provided, which is released when a plug is inserted
into the jack at one terminal of each load. Chest, each jack's hot spring terminal a) elastic
material, and usually connected to one terminal of the load. When the plug of the external device
is inserted into the measuring jack, the electric charge is disconnected or disconnected. If, for
example, the plug is inserted into the shutter 22 ', the hot lll! Terminal b1 is biased away from
one terminal c of load 220. In this case, the other terminal of the load is connected to the cold
terminal. The output of the mixing circuit 21 is applied to an amplifier 24 and the output of the
amplifier a124 is applied to an output circuit of a recording circuit or receiver of a tape recorder
(not shown). Wang Jing's mixing device by t'L 11 example ジ ャ ッ ク jack 21 as an external
device 矛 1 m microphone n カ ブ ラ ブ ラ 差 し 込 差 し 込 使用 使用 、 、 ジ ャ ッ ク 他 の 他
の 他 の 他 の 他 の 他 の 2 Even when the output plug of the microphone is inserted, there is no
level fluctuation in the output of the switch 1 due to the microphone 1 output to the output side
of the mixing circuit 2I. The reason is that when the output of the microphone 1 is applied to the
input 1 of the jpl, the input 1 iirzsK of the input 2 is connected to the load 230. Even if a plug of
a microphone of the second type having an output impedance equivalent to the impedance to the
mixing circuit 21 by the load 230 is connected to the jack 23 'in this state, the impedance of the
load 230 and the impedance of the second microphone are input. j It's just a meander, and there
is no variation in the equivalent impedance seen at the mixing section # 21 force, etc. Therefore,
the signal level of the device (microphone, player, etc.) K connected to the desired jack of the
previous iIr is affected by the operation of the other input unit, and the output of the
conventional snake <, mixing circuit 21 is changed. There is nothing to do.
Temporarily, the input when not used even if the output impedance of the m1 microphone
connected to the m input section 22 and the output impedance of the m20 input section JJ [@
continued Since the m1 cri pre-load is connected, the fluctuation of nuclear signal level 1-1 is
extremely small compared to the prior art. As mentioned above, the unused input part Kri
balance is connected, and when used-Jn, the input part is used by making KIR the electric trv Kf J
series to be separated. The signal level from the unit is always kept at the constant level of F
without being affected by the operation of the other input unit and the operation of connecting
and disconnecting the player's output cab with the ILI and microphone. It is possible to perform
balanced mixing. As described above, the mixing device according to the present invention can
prevent the output signal level of the mixing circuit according to the signal applied to the input
unit from being influenced by the operation of the other input unit of the mixing circuit. Can be
provided. The present invention is not limited to the above-described first embodiment, and when
the output plug of the microphone is inserted into the jack in the tenth F embodiment, it is
possible to electrically connect from the hot 伽 1 terminal or one terminal of the balance.
However, the configuration for performing this is not limited to plug and di-t ': P, "Yack". For
example, as shown in Fig. Jp8, a switch 25 may be used. That is, when a microphone is not
connected, a load may be connected to the mixing circuit, and a switch may be used which is
electrically disconnected when the microphone is connected. However, in the above embodiment,
the load was broken as being always constant, but if the load can be repudiated and set in
advance according to the external S device to be used, various external devices can be used. The
device can be used.
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