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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part
showing a diaphragm of a conventional Sbica, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an
embodiment of the speaker of the present invention, and FIG. It is principal part sectional
drawing of. E diaphragm 13 ...... rising portion, 14 ...... corn, 15 edges, 17, 7 ... engaging recess 19
...... voice coil. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-ioi-real opening 50-75644 (2) Fig. 3 · · -102
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is a speaker using Fliege, Ziging &
moving plate [% C, ensuring the connection between edge and Ko I, and a reinforcement of 41t +
of Kono village, quality aspect °° To try to stabilize the As a speaker of 15I #, a large number
of speakers are used, such as those made of fiber-made paper, or those made with a skin shield,
and those with low R and low mRI wave numbers are used. Many things are being used. 1The
swing plate of this 7 Lee Etsu Jig is a circle! 1! In addition to the shape, a free edge made of a
flexible material is pasted on the circumference of one side of the crucible 2... In the case of pros
and cons for this reason, the strong change of some pigeons of corn is not enough, and it is said
that it is easy to cause construction and commuter streets. As shown in the 1st district, the 3-710
lap #! It is considered that the J1 part 2 is provided in one part to increase the production of the
corn 1. However, in the prior art, 7 lead edge '3 and cone 1 are pasted together with flat (2) Kd *
agent 4. Therefore, when one head is stuck as a speaker, In addition, the rising part 2 is damaged
by external force, and it is broken by the external force, and the original 'purpose' can not be
reached during use. The present invention is to remove five conventional defects AYE.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to one practical example of
the figure IjIJ chestnut 2 by 1 by 3). 6 is a city of the world a, and the field exit part 6 shown here
is an external magnetic ′ ′; -Great 7 with pole 6; Rick-like Magne, To a,: composed of a dog-like
upper Great 9; A frame 10 is connected to the small field portion 6, and a diaphragm 12 to be a
Poinoto of the present invention is connected to the peripheral portion of the frame As
shown in FIG. 3, this diaphragm 12 has a nine-corner 14 with a rising portion 13 at its
circumferential edge in the form of a cliff in the shape of a cliff in the shape of a paper with one
thread of papermaking or oiling. It is constituted that a tiger edge 16 is bonded by a
thermoplastic resin impregnated with Fh butter. In other words, the edge 15 is configured by
providing a corrugation 7 ° 16 at the center, and an inner radius 11 R 117 of the inner flange
11 of the corrugated flange 16, and the engagement recess 17 is formed with a raised edge of /
14). The part 13 is inserted and joined by a cocoon pave 18.
In the central part of the peristaltic plate 12 with the voice coil 19t ** t, the coil bobino 20 is
lowered), and the coil bohink 20 of this' □ ll 51! lIは、ダンノく−21て ′;、、7. %. :
Original J4 · · · ° ° is supported. Furthermore, dust on the central part (2) of this km board 12?
ヤッ7 22が11けられている。 As described above, the speaker of the present invention
combines the cone and the edge so as to break the standing portion J provided on the peripheral
portion of the cone with the engagement concave portion of the edge, and takes care of 7tm,
When there is no eccentricity in the connection between the cone and the edge, and in the case
of a speaker and a tiger, there will be no more than nine occurrences of a hit when there is a hit,
and there is a favor that both faces and C of the two will be larger, It will be possible to measure
the same with jlirk. -Since the erect soil portion of the 9 th co-no is completely protected by the
edge, the rising portion may not be damaged by the external force. 'The strength can be
maintained at any time, blackness in engineering, pregnancy, etc., flat in the midrange, and the
same in terms of inertia can be measured, which is of great practical value. is there. 4, 1 point of
the drawing 1 '□ scratch 11 is the main part N 示 す showing the diaphragm of the speaker of 疵
6) 6 · · 三 3: face, I! 2 is a cross-sectional view 1 showing an embodiment of the speaker of the
present invention, and fi 3 is a cut-away view of a portion of the hand grip of the speaker. 6 ......
field portion, 10 ... ... 7 frames, 12 ...... vibration tsw, 1s ...... rising multipartite, 14 ...... Kono, 16 ......
Engineering, di, 17 ...... stoppage recess, 19 ... - ... the voice coil. Name of agent Attorney Nakao
Toshio Nakao 11 or 1) 1) llI2? 1 to 21! 12 '220 / 2μ / '01, H, /,' ,, θ5 / I9 and 71311 / 6I7. 1 2
s = Name of AA craftsman Valve 7 Nakano Toshiyu m 1- 1-j-buro 6 Agent address other than the
above Osaka Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial
Co., Ltd. 429 (6152) patent attorney Shigeno Ogino-")
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