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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the diaphragm of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a partially enlarged view. 1 ······ Foam-containing metal base, 2 ······
Organic substance, 3 ····· Base metal. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 77-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a diaphragm
of an electroacoustic transducer, particularly to a metal diaphragm, and it is an object of the
present invention to provide a diaphragm having excellent frequency characteristics and low
distortion sound. Traditional speakers or! A diaphragm made of aluminum, titanium or aluminum
and subjected to an alumite forming process as a diaphragm of an electro-acoustic transducer
such as an electrochromic plate and the like, and is completely known from Shinsho. These metal
diaphragms are superior in that they have much higher Young's modulus and greater mechanical
rigidity than diaphragms made of various fibers or threat resins etc., but their apparent specific
gravity is large, so the sound output I can not look for (1) Also, the internal loss is extremely
small, and there is a defect that the rounding frequency characteristic is disturbed and there are
many distorted sounds. The proposal is proposed for rounding over the above-mentioned
drawbacks. 1 and 2 show an embodiment of the diaphragm of the present invention. In the
figure, (1) is a perspective portion made of air-permeable metal such as aluminum or iron oxide
having air permeability. This foam metal C) J! The specific gravity is preferably about 0.3 to 0.5.
An organic substance (2) having a large internal loss is filled in the bubbles of the foamable
metal. As the above-mentioned organic substance, latexes of an acrylonitrile butadiene
copolymer, a styrene butadiene rubber, an ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and the like are
released. The type and amount are to be determined by the part to be filled and the structure K
of the diaphragm. (3) A metal layer of steel, nickel, chromium or each copper alloy which is filled
with the above organic substance (2) and plated on the surface of a pike metal in order to
reinforce the mechanical rigidity of the foam metal. Show. In the case of plating, since it is
difficult to directly electroplate on the surface (2) of a foam-containing metal such as aluminum
and an organic substance as in the present proposal, the foam-containing metal is filled after the
organic substance is filled. Then, the organic matter is activated, and the garden is subjected to
electroless plating up to the gold that sounds the child spirit, and then electroplating is
performed until the desired O% degree is obtained. In addition, after metal plating is applied to
the metal substrate (1), an organic compound may be filled. (4) is an edge portion made of cloth,
rubber, dragon foam synthetic resin or the like. As in the present invention, the metal body
having open cells is used as the base material, the organic compound having a large internal loss
is contained in the cells, and the metal plating layer is provided on the upper surface of the iron
base, Compared with conventional metal diaphragms: 0) Lightweight and lightweight with foam
metal as base, (ii) Rounded with organic substance filled in bubbles, large internal loss, (iii) metal
on surface By plating, it is possible to give hardness and strength to any place.
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