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3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Bold Kadoshin Address 1002 Name
(582) Representative Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Representative Matsushita Masaharu
4 Agent 〒 517 Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oza Kadoma Address 1003 (Contact telephone
number 1 Kyo) 453-3111 Patent Division] ■ Japan Patent Office 0 JP 50-574230 Published
Japan 50. (1975) 5.19 Japanese Patent Application No. 1g106B! , 1 [phase] filing date. (1973) (1,
1 (1: Internal Code No. 61 Lb S 55) Specification 1, Title of Invention
Speaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the use of a graphitized
A fiber for the diaphragm of 9s beaker, which is intended to provide a very high modulus of
elasticity. As a diaphragm for mechanical force applied in the prior art, the fiber is bonded with a
resin using Norug fiber, glass fRta or the like as a base material, and I {a lube fiber and a resin
fiber are mixed and formed, Heat treatment is performed to partially dissolve the resin fibers to
bond the fibers together. However, a vibration plate using such a material as a base material, the
moving plate is the diaphragm I of the speaker There is a limit in the required strength (Y2 2
Bough Hug rate), which adversely affects the performance of the p2 Sbica, especially the sound
pressure characteristics9. The older brother, vI, is the one to eliminate the above-mentioned
conventional defects, and in particular, it is intended to provide a speaker diaphragm that dances
by measuring the improvement of the elastic modulus. That is, the present invention is intended
to obtain an al dynamic plate of extremely high elastic modulus using graphitized IIa # 41 having
a specific elastic modulus 8 to 10 times that of the glass fiber base material. Rayon fiber,
polyvinyl, alcohol fiber. Pitch fiber, 7 enol resin fiber #a. This graphitized fiber is made into a
predetermined shape by using graphitized fiber such as atalil fiber, or it is adsorbed in vacuum
and shaped into vibration 1 [shape], and organic or inorganic substance is adhered to the fibers
to make it lightweight The speaker diaphragm with excellent rigidity is obtained by using the
To4. Next, a specific example of forming the speaker diaphragm of the present invention will be
shown. 與 Example 1 acrylic graphitized fiber 100 parts EndPage: 13-1-azo epoxy resin 10 parts
oxidising agent small amount part collecting example 2 acrylic graphitized fiber 100 parts
methyl, meta, acrylate 166 parts melamine 3 parts by such composition It can be configured.
And, as shown in FIG. 1, the speaker diaphragm using this graphitized fiber is made of pulp fiber
and acrylic fiber, that of a / I / electricity, that of glass [t and epoxy resin. It has a significantly
better specific modulus by comparison, and as shown in Figure 2, there is almost no distortion
due to the passage of time when a static load of 100 K9 /, is applied), and it is extremely
excellent in durability. There is. From such a thing, since the speaker diaphragm of the present
invention is composed of the graphitized fiber and the adhesive of organic and inorganic
substances, the high durability of the graphitized fiber is utilized, and the sound due to the
fatigue of the diaphragm is obtained. The variation in pressure is all '% <' 0. 0 and 0 and 0 and 8
and 9 and leaded fiber Figure 1 by selecting the type, thickness, and length], any elastic modulus
It can be obtained and has excellent performance in heat resistance and weather resistance at
2000-5 ooo'ct, and is of great industrial value.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a comparison diagram of the specific elastic
modulus and the conventional specific elastic modulus in one embodiment of the speaker
diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is the static load of the speaker diaphragm in the
present invention. FIG. Name of Agent Attorney Nakao et al. 1 person 70-10'fo '10'6 Agent other
than the above EndPage: 2
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