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Title of the Invention Pickup Cartridge
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a damper-up
damper, and more particularly to compensating for temperature change noise of the damper.
Generally, in a cartridge that uses a viscoelastic material such as rubber as a damper, the damper
hardness easily changes with temperature, and the hardness increases at low temperatures and
braking is effective. The distortion and skewing t-It becomes easy to occur, and at high
temperature, the hardness decreases and the braking is insufficient, and the needle point's coshooting etc. is suppressed <(becomes the sound quality t-aggravated, high frequency such as
CD-4 record etc. In the case of tracing the trace, the braking EndPage: 1 causes anomalous noise
from the needle jump due to lack of isothermal temperature based on the change in temperature
due to the change in hardness, change and visco-elasticity (change in visco-elasticity). It had
become. The present invention solves these problems by improving this type of cartridge
(orthophone type cartridge) in which the strength t of the damper is adjusted by the suspension
wire. The drawing shows an embodiment of the present invention, wherein a cantilever (2)
having a needle point (1) fixed at one end is fixed to a plate-like magnet (3), and a suspension
wire (5) Are assembled to the wire support (6) via the damper (4) made in The wire support (6) is
a material which is easy to expand and contract due to temperature change, for example,
synthetic m fat or the like is used as a material and has a length sufficient to change the tension
of the suspension wire (5) according to the total tension temperature. The wire stator (7) having
a set screw aO is engaged at this end with a sufficient length in the tension direction to allow for
the change of. 9. One end of the core (8) wound with the coil (9) is configured to hold the
minimum air cap on the outer circumference of the magnet (4). (3) Case 1, similar to the
conventional cartridge. The material of the suspension wire (5) may be a synthetic resin such as a
metal wire such as a piano wire or the like, or a synthetic resin such as a nylon wire having a
relatively large temperature change. The damper (4) is made of a hardness that allows the
cartridge to fully perform at normal temperature, and is further fixed by a set point of the tension
wire strength of the suspension wire i5) ' It is always 1; Therefore, at normal temperature, the
performance of the child treasure can be exhibited, but at temperatures other than the normal
temperature Q curve, the hardness of the damper (4) changes and appears as various
performance deterioration as described above. In the case of using vias / 1 fllf for the suspension
wire of the present invention, the damper (4) increases the hardness at low temperature first.
し75. The length of the wire support (6), which is easy to stretch depending on the
temperature, is also collected, and it is necessary to use a small amount of Va but the wire stator
(7): bEf / bar (4) to move substantially to the suspension wire (5). Because the tension f)
weakens, the compressive force applied to the damper +4) is reduced, and the damper hardness
can be apparently maintained at the same temperature as the normal temperature. Also, if the
temperature is high (4), the Dun 6 hardness is decreasing, but the μs of the wire support (6) is
Vt1. As the wire stator (7) moves to the opposite side, and strengthens the tension of the
suspension wire (inner), the 8E contraction on the damper (4) The force is increased, and the
damper hardness can be apparently maintained at the same level as the normal temperature. The
same applies to the case of using synthetic resin such as nylon wire, which is relatively
susceptible to temperature change, in case 4 (seventh year), and in this case, it is easy to stretch
if the material of the wire support (6) It is better to have a length in the tensile direction, so that
the hardness change of the damper (4) due to temperature change and the length change of the
suspension wire (5) are totally absorbed, Similarly, the apparent Dan-Hard IW can be kept
constant regardless of temperature. As described above, according to the present invention
according to the present invention, the apparent damper hardness is not influenced and always
kept approximately constant at all times so as to always maintain the pinpoint motion in the
proper braking state, always Good cartridge performance can be exhibited. It is characterized in
that it prevents the distortion due to distortion by a woman, low temperature, needle spikes and
high temperature, and can provide a cartridge which is not always influenced by temperature
Brief description of the drawings
The figure is a detailed route map of the present invention. In the figure, (2) is a cantilever, (3) is
a magnifier, (4) is a damper τ, (5) is a suspension wire, and (6) is a wire support. 4? 頒 出 頒
Japanese Columbia Floor Type Company EndPage: 2 Procedure Amendment October 1955 日
Date Showa 481 Patent Application No. 10086.9 No. 2, Name of Invention Pickup Cartridge 3,
Person Who Amend 4? 頒 出 頒 Japanese Columbia floor company EndPage: 2 Procedure
Amendment October 1955 no ノ day Showa Patent No. 10086.9 No. 2, name of invention Pickup cartridge 3, person with correction □ case Related patent applicant 6, number 7 of the
invention to be increased by correction, target drawing 8 of correction, and contents of
correction Correction figure procedure correction 1, indication of the case Patent application in
relation to the 1974 patent application No. 100869 case Patent applicant. 6, the number of
inventions to be increased by correction EndPage: 3 correction Figure EndPage: 4
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