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3. Patent applicant '7 published patent publication ■ JP-A so-++ agm'-□ · · · · ·. In the agency's
serial number · · · · '7 / / de 24-* Name of the five-layer written statement * mechanical
mortification and detection device, charge of charge-7, 1, · · 1 light guide- ! lAlIc light 1 光 lightelectric conversion element at the other end! 1), husband, at least two parts of the light
distribution guide-serving as the scattering surface and mechanically displacing the part of s *
ttw-to guide the light and light to be guided Change, and seven kinds of children are made to take
out electricity by means of light-to-electric conversion and children, and a device for detecting
mechanical displacements in winter (and one's, pasa ,,, pasa A commentary, a book, a book, a
machine, a feeding device of a deceiving position (related, for example, a needle g & g coming
from a finger of a record pooler! Mechanical machine-electrical 儒 1 & watch out and play! If
there is, then, etc.-Provide a seeding device with a buzz and good luck. Premixed, things "?,
Composed of l1lKJlt Dzu 1 spirits, but very Ya Te simple comb, Emono, in hh, 1 This 4. -One
theory 4. . -5 # C 些, fe 亨, invention 1. As an example of 嘴-な ら −, 光 そ の し て I I I I I I I I I I I
I j j j j 11 j j j j 、 、 、 、 、 第 第 第 第要 Usually the essentials of the record player of the
knowledge @ @ @ fcII! ! ! 1) 9), 13) 1) Not shown on the daughter-in-law record board · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 図 回 嫁 図 図 罎 罎 罎 罎 罎 嫁 図 図 図. Pivot part (1)-wax on the left
side of the pivotably mounted arm (2), record board. (3) Sound groove groove No., pick, ara,
cartridge f4j # for mounting the head, do and el (51 attached, right end 114c of the nineteenth
arm (2) middle, knee, doparan f (6) is attached. (7) shows the cantilever of the cartridge (4). 2nd!
1) The main part of the cartridge (4) of the l d 喀 − 拭 大 拭)) al al) trz, it * 6 CP ((Pr) H 1 i stone
(1 m each mounting and fixing information at both ends Paul B-S-I, this fL 9 and the free end!
They are folded in opposite directions, and a constant melting field (H) is formed between them,
and the base is attached to the 1st-2nd CC 10 beauty via the dial bees (P)-dame al It shows an
Amazonia, and it is a needle (91〒 レ ー ド l! (3) In order to slide in the groove (3a) on the
surface, partially, alK at the top and bottom (-mark positive). EndPage: 1 reverse direction) WCI
soft damper 31 is used as the shaft, and the maneuvering is performed with the kernch lever (7)
and the hand-arm at the hand, and the magnet * t W + squeeze, pole Pieces (P, ·) (P 巻 巻 逆 コ イ
ル コ イ ル コ イ ル コ イ ル CD CD CD CD 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応 応
応I'm a mler.
In such a record player, the cartridge is not only a harmful bird but also a mediocre bird even if it
is a man as clearly stated. Therefore, the price is high, and in particular, it is necessary to have a
special effect such as an eot patunya 4I 6), which increases the overall weight more and more.
The real 1111 has four throats to eliminate such anti-point tube easy vc. The following describes
one embodiment of the present invention. According to the wax of the present invention, a
flexible light guide, ie, in this example, a light source 1 to -1 of the optical fiber clln, and a
scattering surface QAT-at least a part of the other diode I21t The part of the scattering plane @ is
mechanically or mechanically displaced K11 l fi 1. The amount of light passing through the tbutical fiber is changed according to the amount of displacement <-according to the amount of
displacement of the light and the amount of light is electrically taken up by the transmission
diode tube C23. The above-mentioned requirements are described in more detail. IE3 111 c 11)
Te (8) indicates, for example, the chassis of a record player, and one end of the optical fiber optic
12 m is assumed to be fixed to the chassis (8) K its hole (8,) and fixed K A scattering surface I24
is formed on the entire circumference of a part of the outer surface of the optical fiber Q11 near
the hole (S), ie, the hole (S), to form a part (or a part of it). For example, when an external force is
given, 1i, an optical fiber (21 挺 挺 gi gi gi gi gi gi m m m m m m m m m m m m m). (21m) Force
light y-beam 1221 emits light, and the amount of transmitted light from the other surface (21b)
is taken out as a voltage by a 71-d diode 121. · Generally, the surface is'% A size When the light is
introduced from the light-emitting surface (Us) in a straight-line or 瞠 fIIi curved round state, the
light-wave line is totally reflected in the light-emitting t-butical fiber @ all phases. In addition, the
free end face (! It is well-known that it is well-known that it is small-grained to put some 9 of the
input light under low loss from It). Well nahuna cal fiber etncttwcn '會 provide, 、 tWl? At 41, a
part of the input light and the light from the free end 71 crystal b) are leaked by being leaked to
the outside and the outside, etc. As shown in the fourth @, the reflection efficiency is as follows:
when the incident light (I4) is emitted as the reflected light 41 (L,) and is emitted as a reflected
light, the direction of the scattering surface Wi11 and the incident light resistance (4) = m ′
"The angle θ is approximately proportional to 1ft K" in proportion to the size of the angle θ.
·--ゝ 喀 − fill-Km ** t * 'i カ ル カ ル フ フ t t t t t 又 又 Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi Wi
Wi Wi 示 し 示 し 示 し / /% In the case of field building and b, especially in the case of 5b, the
reflection efficiency company's cap <Me poor bad line by itself, its effect is proportional to the
size of its angle 01, The 6th @ ^ shows the optical fiber of the 9 よ 'j K [@ 0.8rtv'a *-] in a straight
line. , 2 ー ー ー シ ャ ー fl よ り y (((((シ リ シ リ シ リ シ リ シ リ シ リ シ リ シ リ 、 、 竿 竿
イ 透過 為 為 為 為 為-為- Pond ■ generated voltage is φ. End M (! l) It is a light source for
constant Jleth 'input from the lamp @, and it is a light source, which is a part of the dII 7 I'
building. In the case of the turtle Vc-) in which the scattering surface @ was provided to the 6th
仁 6-theory, the light bulb of the black-and-white ′ ′ 12 力 force, 散 散 111 1111 CJ ′ −5 -5
警t Bhujkar j Aipa Qi · · · ·, 'Jlr conflict I *'% 'fold of honor-lifetime voltage (V) for Taka (x) life (V)
IIIill (C) @'! Indication "CVbh * WJ te"! As in the '-a, the'-'line (d)' has 1% when looking at a part,
1%, 1% of IJ Qi and% h% 11. According to the present invention, the term a indicates that the
mechanical displacement is relative to the displacement, the EndPage is a displacement tK in
proportion to 2 and the voltage to be taken as an electrical signal, and邂 小 邂, at whole the
whole simple and small! I can do some work. In the present invention as the cartridge C4 win
shown in @ 71 # AFi 1st r M, the part corresponding to the present invention is used with six
parts, and the parts corresponding to the fifth to sixth to sixth parts are shown with the same
reference numerals. There is. そして@l!! Bfl In the section of the further essential part of
FIG. A, for example, double fold the optical fiber QII and fold it by itself and insert the bent part
into the hole (18 m) of the damper α1 and place it outside (hole (13 m) If the scattering Wie
141 is provided near the optical fiber 121, the i! i The extension is fixed to the arm (2), and the
optical fiber c11) is automatically cut off at the scattering surface @ each time the needle tip (9)
vibrates, while the free end ffi (21 Tortoise from the lamp ■ by the lamp ■, from the other v's
plane (21b) to obtain the transmitted light amount by the light projection, thereby taking out the
voltage 1 from the silicon solar cell (solar) to convert it into voice It is
In this case, the reproduction mechanism of the lev-vII, in particular, the cartridge mechanism, is
simple and light. Since the present invention is as described above, the apparatus of the present
invention may be used as a shell, small plastic III! It is possible to detect it with 9 people in 1 case
with gkIC strange bank. In addition, it is possible to realize the Nobite-I co-ply, the Vitter-up
device of S = =, and it is also possible to receive other electrical influences such as 禅 using
optical fiber. Therefore, the occurrence of-) is less than 3). l! There are advantages that can be
manufactured to commission. □ The main part of the main part of レ コ ー ド-3 which is
applied to the record player. Bei WS. Fig. AB is a cross-sectional view along line K111 of the
same. (2) is an arm, (31 bars;-a board, (4 ト リ is a cartridge, di, (7) is a cantilever, II 3 唸 damper,
QII is an optical fiber, a! sa lamp, mouth 1-) diode 0, (8) in the chassis. 出 出 人-− 轟-Inc.
EndPage: 3
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