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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a plan view of a player, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are enlarged views of essential parts. ・ In the
figure, 1 is a motor boat. Denoted at 2 is an arm panel, 3 is a pick-up arm, 4 is a mounting
portion of a cartridge, 5 and 7 are shells, 6 is a cartridge, and 8 is a heater. J1 Fig.-19-, Japanese
Utility Model Application No. 59-44109 (2) Yaa (company) -20-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention comprises a number of pickup cartridges in a record player. X: Keep temperature at a certain temperature, for example,
about 20 to 25 ° C, and keep the whole arm of the pickup at a constant temperature with lii +
temperature in one history. -3. It relates to what you have done. The cartridges of high-grade
pickups, which are generally used widely, are N.alpha.2 which is roughly classified into moving
magnets (irons) and moving coils, and most of them are mainly rubber-based in their vibration
system. 1 'n! Using supporting wedge or damping material 'Jl 1. + D-wave number characteristic,
1 characteristic at braking, 1 characteristic such as shoulder t 1 etc. is configured, and its
cochlear noise 'j' t 5 tf; The physical properties of the rubber have the effect of ==; in the IJ wave
resistance property etc .; in the tearing of the cartridge, the setting of the properties of the face
recording rubber is given considerable consideration It is generally known that Despite such
considerations silently it has been recognized that changes in the reproduced sound quality may
be manifested by changes in temperature during its use, such as winter and q light, particularly
with advanced audio systems, When used as a personal touch, the change in sound quality due to
the difference in temperature is noticeable, and the user's dissatisfaction is large. In the history of
pick-up arms, especially those with advanced mechanical structures or those utilizing damping
action due to the viscosity of oil, which is generally referred to as oil dump type, etc., the
difference in ambient temperature during use Dynamic characteristics, for example, changes in
the vertical flk latitudinal interlocking ability or braking characteristics of the arm, etc., and the
dissatisfaction is further increased with the change in the life of the cartridge and the
reproduction. The present invention is mainly intended to remove the change of the regenerative
characteristics of the cartridge and di according to the temperature change as described above,
and also remove the change of the kinetic characteristics of the pick-up arm along with the
history, always maintaining the good regenerative characteristics. The purpose is to do. The
construction of the present invention and its function will be described below with reference to
practical example drawings. Fig. 1 shows a plan view of a record player equipped with an arm
panel (a plate for mounting an arm, also referred to as a sub panel) which is not included in the
present invention. · 1) motor board, 12) for example Arm panel made of metal etc. 1) pick-up arm
attached to the panel · 2), 5 (a shell which is closely fitted to the arm, 14) indicates a mounting
portion of a car tangle .
In addition, illustration of the opening-closing lid covered on the upper surface of the player is
omitted. N (14 Figures 2 and 3 also show an enlarged V-diagram of the main part of the arm
panel (2), so (4) in the plan view of Figure 2 is a square recess, for example. Place the cartridge ·
6) on the shell with the shell (7). 3 shows a cross section 1 断面 1 along the line A-A in FIG. 2,
and 18) is a heating body, and suitable: a heating element such as a heating wire W or a
semiconductor resistor etc., for example i & Placed on the outer surface of the cloth part 4) in
close proximity / intimately contact or in the appropriate cylindrical part of the panel 2). (3) The
heating body may be, for example, a thermostat or a temperature control unit (not shown) or a
semiconductor heating element such as an iF or a characteristic thermistor whose heating
element itself has a control function. In this case, by means of the current control function, in
other words, the self-temperature control function, the most effective and reliable means is taken
to always keep the surface temperature of the entire arm panel 2) at, for example, about 20-25
° C. Make up (it's something. In the embodiment configured as described above, even when the
heating element generates heat by the current constantly applied to the QO heater (not shown in
the drawing of the electric circuit) and the outside temperature is low, The entire arm panel (2)
always maintains a temperature of, for example, about 20 to 25 ° C. ! When the outside air
temperature becomes higher than the above temperature in vertical lighting or the like, the
supply force of the current supplied to the heating body 81 by the temperature control action or
the self current control action by the thermostat or the like 3. j! There is no need to explain what
is broken. Since the arm panel 2j is always kept at a predetermined temperature by the
configuration as described below, some cartridges are shown on the mounting portion 4), for
example, according to 21'4. The rubber that is kept warm at a suitable temperature by the 'g',
and therefore used as a damping material for the support of the imaging system, is the one that
maintains the most desirable physical properties by is there. Also in the river, the arm panel 2 (Pi,
Qua, Purm (3) attached to its shell (5) and its shell 1 (in direct and indirect heat conduction from
the panel 12j, cough arm · 3) And the cart IJ'y (not shown) attached to it is also kept at the
desired temperature, and the dynamic properties of the Nα 6 and hence of the arm are always
kept in the same good state, The arm is capable of fully performing its function, and when the
record is recorded by the cartridge, the arm and the arm 1 in such a state, the best [1) soil
characteristics, The stable operating characteristics of the arm make it possible to obtain π with
extremely excellent sound quality.
In the history of the present invention, since the cartridge is stored in an atmosphere of a
constant temperature X, it gradually becomes 11 (the deterioration of the rubber which is going
to go out remarkably due to the temperature change over a long period of time) It is possible to
do something, and to maintain good reproduction characteristics over the light. The drawing in
Fig. 4 shows an embodiment of the present invention. The first drawing r4 is a plan view of the
player. Fig. 2'χI and Fig. 3 are enlarged views of essential parts. In the figure, f1 + is a motor
board, (2) is an arm panel, 3) is a pickup arm, (4) is a mounting portion of a cartridge, 1'5) and 7)
is a shell, and 6 is a cartridge. No, 7 di and (8) show a heating body, respectively. Utility model
registration applicant 1, 7 亮 亮 -771 Fig. 7 ヰ 卑 7 ヰ 卑 2 ;; 20 74 j 74 7 7 AA AA 屯 4109
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