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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a loudspeaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention. 1a, 1b · · · · · · · · Fixed pole plate 96 · · · · ·
diaphragm S7 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · coil device. −85−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic device
such as a flat m diaphragm type speaker, microphone or the like. Conventionally, a +1) acoustic
device such as an electrostatic quantity microphone or the like that forms a capacitor with a
diaphragm and a fixed electrode and takes out an electromotive force by utilizing changes in the
pressure and pressure due to the vibration of the diaphragm is used in high temperature and
humidity places Then, it is easy to generate appropriate sound, LBh iLl and 1m are immediately
scattered V- 2-important, between the moving plate and fixed pole] ll 1 Kb) 7. That the extreme
source is inevitable,-that the dust is attached to the diaphragm, the bond changes by noise,
generates noise and has an entry point of this issue. The sound of such a 5 の electrostatic
microphone etc. 久 久 (2 1 1 (1 (・ ・ ・ 成 成 成 成 成 −1 −1 −1 L -1L; It is intended to itk XT
a flat diaphragm type acoustic device in which a # tube can not be removed by dust or the like.
Let's talk about an uninvented single-shot abstract i1: A [1i. (La) (l is a fixed value plate formed of
a magnetic material such as iron in a disk shape, and is concave toward the center of each of the
fixed pole plates (1a, 14) 5 (2) is formed (2), and a plurality of acoustic holes (3) are prosperous
e- in this four part (2). In the fixed magnetic pole plate (la) (1- (1), the inner recess of the pole
plate 1 (1 The two annular magnets t41 + 5) joined by making the outer surface S 憧 are
described. And, between the joint portions of the annular magnets f41 and 51, a vibration & (6)
made of a gold @ film coated with a magnetic material film or a magnetic material powder is
interposed. That is, the diaphragm (61 rt,% indicated pole plate (1,) (1 甚)) is disposed opposite to
the pair with an original (7). Then, two fixed magnetic pole plates (la) (14), a vibrating plate (6)
and a gap (7) are formed, and the vibrating plate (6) is fixed to the fixed pole plate (la) (14). And
the N pole for the magnetic pole possessed by Then, coil devices ···, 8 that generate magnetic flux
tn perpendicular to the diaphragm (6) are distributed around the fixed magnetic pole plate (la)
(1- and vibration (3) plate (6) To this input signal ladder +91 tll1 of this coil straight line 18), an
input signal source 1) for generating an audio 1 g number is connected. Next I will go into action.
:: '' '= m pole plate (1cL) (14) and diaphragm (6) are excited 5 respectively to the N pole and the S
pole respectively by false arsenic stone 141151+. And, when the signal current flows into the coil
-ie [t + 8] (when the signal current flows from the 1st coil, the coil device, 8), -t1 100 No.
magnetic flux (4) orthogonal to the ball work plate (6) according to the ME flow Occurs.
Since the fixed pole plate (1,) (14) is magnetized by this magnetic flux t161r, the attraction force
between the fixedly magnetized diaphragm 16) and the fixed pole plate (1,) (11) changes. The
diaphragm (6) will vibrate. Therefore, the vibration of the diaphragms (4) and (6) becomes a
habit and becomes sticky. Note that, in the case of the fatigue failure, two fixed magnetic pole
plates are provided to the 1T6C diaphragm, but one fixed magnetic pole plate may be used. In
addition, a book (Ground example, i speaker, f 匹 し た 町 町 町 、 、 、 、 、 侠 侠 侠 侠 侠 侠
侠) It can be used. According to the present invention, even when used in a hot and humid place,
noise can be efficiently converted without generating noise, and noise can be generated even if
dust is attached to the moving plate, so that it is possible to The polarized source 4 required for
the electronic type printing apparatus is not necessary, and in addition, when used as a
microphone, it is not necessary to provide an output takeout circuit immediately. (5) An
illustration of one aspect of the lA 圃 plane is a cross section of the-← at + i + speaker of the
present invention. (Soil a) (1 薯) · φ fixed magnetic plate, (6) · · · diaphragm, (7) · · · gap, 18) · · ·
coil device. 本本 ロ ー July 13, 48 inventor inventor Kobayashi Fumio utility model registration 1
[people's water sleepiness Inc. representative Serizawa m? 11 樺 N 6 (6) β N 1 (6 n n 1 \ rt% +
i;,. 2913θ & List of documents attached (1) 1 statement (2) 1 drawing (3) 1 proxy (4) request 1
copy 2 copies, 1 agent other than the above (3) agent Shinjuku 4 Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Dingh 11322 (Ando Building) (〒 160) 6276 Patent Attorney Minoru Serizawa. The same office 6366
patent attorney Akira Serizawa
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