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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a connection diagram showing a conventional
key switch device, and FIG. 2 is a connection diagram of the key switch device showing one
embodiment of the present invention. T21 in the figure! t22 is a tone signal input terminal, Tll to
T22 are MOS type transistors, INV1. INv2 is an inverter, S1 and S2 are key switches, F is a filter
circuit, 21-22 is a push-pull amplifier circuit, 31 and 32 are key switch elements, 4C42 is a key
switch circuit, and 51 and 52 are MOS transistors. . Fig. 1 53 1 開 50-18222 (2) 晃 2 一 1 54-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, the key switch mounting
IC in the pasting of a child is attached to select the instrument # 1 of "# line f et al." And transmit
it to the rear stage of a bamboo color hz circuit etc. In 11 of the 4 cities of Jin, conventionally, the
first line is shown by II. Ay! Even when r-ra leaf sound signal is received, each performance
signal input terminal t, 1. External transmission path LL, which has been researched into t. In
conjunction with L2 ···, key press F · · 1. i "close key switch S 2. S 工 ·································· (('+ ° 11 ζ
p l p7Fl-1 ら et al each transfer path "ill" 1! The "+11 Power of the" "-伺 19 (a Lido · · · · 1! i ′ フ
ィ ル タ ー 匠 filter 18 'I] μF 411 input 411: l KW + 4 @ hv 7 has. In this case, resistance -1, R
work, ... is general! In the 1OOK ohms, the filter [path F, input impedance of 10K ohms and its
impedance ratio is approximately O to 1]. These resistances R1. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · As key switch SL · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · ·. By setting the resistance M of R process 2 ... so as to be an extremely large value with
respect to the impedance 'of filter 1111 path F process, the key switch simultaneously
determines by a factor of 11 simultaneously. Filter circuit of M value 1. In order to stabilize the
circuit operation by reducing the ratio of change to the impedance of. However, such a high
resistance makes it easy to pick up the noise angle band. · The shield l must be applied, and there
is a drawback that the arrangement # operation becomes troublesome. The present invention
solves the above-mentioned drawbacks, and its purpose is to provide a key switch for electronic
musical instruments in which the shielding is irregular and the wiring operation is easy. The
following is a detailed description of the present invention by a single military case shown in FIG.
In Fig. 2, t3 □, tIl, ... are * f @ large input terminals * only 2 are shown in this example), and the
#f calendar power of the rectangular wave output from the sound source It is given. 21. − Is
a push-pull tIR width circuit provided corresponding to each bamboo signal input terminal t11 +
t @@, and these are two MO8 type transistor T-shaped transistors serially connected between
military source ladders P and N. 1. T. "TmlI'1m. Said push-pull amplification rating 2. , 2. While
each of the transistors that make up T, and ry,? , And the gates (quantity control W pole) of the
corresponding musical tones (Δ number input terminals t2t and t □) are connected to the page
one by one, and both transistors IC1 and j1 + j are connected to each other.
An inverter NVI for inverting the gate of the gate T of T □ and an inverter NV2 are connected to
a signal input terminal t □, t32 with a width J. 30.3 □ key switch surrounding 4. , 4. The form
bottom nabe <each agency C note each juice signal input ka tako tg, + tas in the inside with the
gee switch ten thousand child, these inside-an chance) key switch rope child 3. For example, the
key switch 1000 S work to be closed in conjunction with the MO 8 type transistor 5 L and the
press up of the guard '! -Saturation i1 The drain% + '+ of the transistor 5L: I note 7 amplification
amplification number # l! , -2, both transistors T1. Connect to co-fabricated junction H of T-,connect the source to the common line 6. 1 キ ー key switch S を デ ー that day 111 source
terminal t. And the gate 7 of the transistor 5. The switch elements 32 on the four sides are also
constituted by the rc1 MO8 type transistor 52 and the key switch S2 as in the first cycle. Then,
the input ladder (C-C) of the filter circuit F is used. According to the invention disclosed above,
the key switch element of the key switch element 3 @@ is closed by pressing a key. Is turned on
and the key switch 4-circuit 4. Are closed, the tone signal input terminal t7. 2. An easy-to-use
butterfly No. push-pull amplifier circuit as given in 1. Both transistor JT in ,,. At the same time
(when applied to each gate of TLm (cognitive when applied, each gate at this time) TC input is
easy, the official numbers are in opposite phase to each other by the inverter INVI. Therefore,
push-pull amplifier circuit2. The push-pull operation and its amplified # signal both transistors T
and L @ TLl's switch element 3.0 transistor 5. To the filter circuit F. As apparent from such an
operation, the musical tone signal is an III signal transmitted to the circuit by the key switch
element while being amplified by the push-pull amplifier, and a transistor constituting the pushpull amplifier Impedance (especially when conducting), for example! Can be made thicker than
that of the transistors in the drain follower circuit or the source follower circuit, and therefore
the high resistance provided in the transmission path as seen in the conventional example can be
simultaneously (C-closed key switch element The filter circuit can reduce the rate of change of
the combined resistance value determined by the number of. In addition, since the high sweat
resistance is improved by eliminating the need for the high resistance, the shield of the
transmission path is not necessary, the wiring operation becomes easier, and integration (C is
also suitable).
As described in detail above, the present invention has various effects, and its practical effects
are great.
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